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Phyna BBN: Biography, Age, Brother, Houses, Cars, Endorsements & Net Worth 2023

Phyna BBN is the most famous housemate in the popular Big Brother Naija reality show for the season 7; which was titled Level Up. She is a certified celebrity; having won the show; she is head and shoulders above her peers in terms of recognition, finances, and all the doors that have been opened to her.

Phyna was a real show stopper in the house; she was blunt, straightforward, and uncompromising. She was not the brightest, but she never claimed to be what she was not. Her pretty face, and uncompromising nature made her the fan’s favorite, and with their massive votes, she went ahead to win the contest.

Phyna has now settled down to life as a celebrity; with the power of the love of the people, brands have lined up to associate with her, and she has now become quite rich and powerful.

Phyna BBN: Biography, Age, Brother, Houses, Cars, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 1


Phyna BBN Profile

Real Name: Josephina Ijeoma Otabor

Also Known As: Phyna

Date of Birth: June 1997

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

State of Origin: Edo State, Nigeria

Occupation: Hype Woman, Singer, Social Media Influencer

Phyna BBN Biography

Phyna was born Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, in Lagos State, Nigeria, in June 1997. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs Otabor; from Edo State, and Delta State, Nigeria. Shortly after birth, she went with her family to Edo State, where she grew up.  Phyna is a very interesting personality; she is very gracious and confident; although she did not come from an affluent home, she still stands her ground against all odds.

This is not an act; she has been like this ever since she was born. When she was growing up, Phyna was bold and daring, and never backed down for anyone. This endeared her to some, and estranged her from others. In some respects she became a kind of ring leader among her friends. One can therefore say that leadership goes back a long way for her.

Phyna attended the local schools in Benin City, and when it was time for higher education, she went to Auchi Polytechnic, where she read Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering Technology. She stated that she never imagined that she would have been able to further her education.

Career Development

Phyna BB Naija had always been a jovial person; she had taken the stage to perform as a standup comedian, and as a singer on previous occasions. During her time in school, she had anchored events for fellow students as an MC, and a Hypewoman. She was also a model; in fact, during her school days she worked with a modeling agency, and she did promotional work for advertising. It was based on these antecedents that she went to the BB Naija house for the seventh season of the show titled Level Up.

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At the BB Naija house, she was assertive and straightforward. She showed her talent as a singer, dancer, and comedian, and she was really friendly with everyone, most of the time. However, she did not tolerate any form of disrespect, even any perceived disrespect.

This brought her into loggerheads with other housemates, particularly Chomzy.

Nevertheless, the superior talent, or rather the more appealing personality won the show at the end of the day, which is why Phyna got the superior number of votes, and was declared winner of the reality show.

Having won the Big Brother Naija show; she became an instant celebrity; with brands lining up to be associated with her. She has now built up a brand for self and leveraged on the power of social media to sell herself as a model, singer, and hypewoman.

She now hosts parties, events and such things as a hypewoman, and she also works as a content creator; posting her work to her large audience on social media. She also works as a brand ambassador; brands and companies use her image to promote their products and services. Phyna also works as a social media influencer; she posts promotional content on her social media handles, and she gets paid by the brands and promoters.

Phyna BBN Age

Phyna was born in June 1997, that makes her 25 years old as at the time of writing this report. She usually posts beautiful pictures on her birthday to celebrate, and she usually gets plenty of good wishes from fans and followers, as well as from fellow celebrities, especially those with who she was in the Big Brother Naija house.

Phyna BBN: Biography, Age, Brother, Houses, Cars, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 2


Phyna Brother

Yes, Phyna has siblings of both genders but there is not much information about Phyna’s family available at the moment. There are pictures of herself and her mother, and then her father granted an interview to a local newspaper, but there is nothing available about Phyna’s brother.

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Phyna Houses

Phyna recently acquired a luxury apartment in the Lekki area of Lagos. That was in October 2022. The apartment in question is in one of the fully serviced estates in Lekki. A short clip of the apartment went viral, and people could be heard in the background singing praises to God while she showed off the place.

She is also rumoured to have bought a house in Benin City, in her native Edo State, and that is in addition to the won occupied by her family, which is owned by her father.

Phyna Cars

Phyna went home with a brand new Innoson SUV after winning the Big Brother Naija Season 7. After that she also received other gifts such as a Lexus SUV car. Phyna also gifted her father a red SUV to match her Innoson SUV which is of the same colour.

Phyna Endorsements

Phyna has really broken the bank since winning the Big Brother Naija Season Seven. She has received endorsements from several brands, including; Rixari Skin Secrets. Of course, having received a brand new Innoson Car worth 50 million, as well as prizes from Knorr and Guinness, she is a defacto brand ambassador for them as well.

Phyna Net Worth 2023 200Million

Phyna is estimated to be worth somewhere around 200 million naira. The money comes from her winning prize at the Big Brother Naija, which is around 100 million naira. However, the money did not all come in cash; some of it comes as the grand prize which is the Innoson SUV; which is worth about 50 million.

After that, she also won N500,000 from Guinness and another N2 million from the Knorr task. She also has about 2 endorsement, deals; one of which is with a skin care company.

How To Contact Phyna

Phyna is an avid user of social media; this is therefore a very good way to get in touch with her. One can therefore contact Phyna through:

Instagram: @unusualphyna

Twitter: @unusualphyna

Tiktok: @unusual_phyna

Official Fan Page: @phynation_

If you are contacting her, it is better to go straight to the point; she is a celebrity, and any communication that is not considered valuable will be ignored.

Phyna’s Boyfriend

Phyna is a single woman; however, she is rumoured to be in love with Groovy, with whom she was romantically involved when they were in the Big Brother Naija house. This brings up the question again as to whether Big Brother Naija is an act or not. This is because there is no evidence that she maintains any good relations with him outside the big brother naija house; in fact, in an interview she said her relationship status is “na mumu dey fall in love.”

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Phyna’s Lifestyle

Phyna described herself in an interview as being “allergic to malice.” She is short-tempered, but a jovial and caring person at the same time. She says she can fight with a person one minute, and then talk to them the next like nothing happened; which is exactly the way she behaved at the Big Brother House, especially with Chomzy.

She is a born entertainer and a leader of people; this unfortunately has led to people seeing her as a bossy kind of person, although she insists that is not the case. Even when she is not at an event, or in front of a camera; she makes jokes, laughs and shakes her body to the slightest sound of music.

She stated in an interview that she hates gossips; anyone who intends to be her friend for the long term should better be aware of this; she says that nobody dares gossip about someone else to her. She is a retrospective person who thanks God for the grace that has seen her rise tremendously, and the gift of fame that has changed her life.

Ijeoma as she is called by family and friends, values hard working and motivated persons, because these are the kind of people that can keep her at the top.

Facts on Phyna BBN

Phyna is the glamour girl who won the Big Brother Naija Season Seven, titled; Level Up. She started as a hypewoman and model before entering the BBN reality show. Presently, she is a model, singer, brand ambassador, content creator, and actress. Phyna is also a social media influencer; a trend setter, and a purveyor of beauty.

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