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Ilebaye BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Instagram, House, Endorsements & Net Worth 2023

One of the earliest contestants to be introduced to the house, Ilebaye BBN as she is known, has always been an object of curiosity perhaps as a result of her name, which many people find strange. Ilebaye is one of the most searched out contestants of the Big Brother House; the audience wants to know more about this rare beauty- whether she is truly Nigerian, what part of the country she comes from, what she does, and so on.

During her time in the Big Brother Naija house, she was confident and very funny; she was a joy to watch. As expected, her time in the Big Brother Naija house has made her famous; giving her celebrity status.

We want to know what she has done with her new found fame, as well as talk about her life before the Big Brother Naija house. We also want to analyze her time on the show; discuss important talking points.

Ilebaye BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Instagram, House, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 1

Ilebaye BBN Profile

Real Name: Ilebaye Precious Odiniya

Also Known As: Ilebaye BBN

Date of Birth: 2001

Place of Birth: Kogi State

State of Origin: Kogi State

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 21

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Reality TV Star, Brand Ambassador, Model

Ilebaye BBN Biography

Ilebaye BBN was born Ilebaye Precious Odiniya, sometime in 2001. She was born in Kogi State to the family of Hon. and Mrs. Odiniya who are originally from Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State. As the child of a politician; she lived a sheltered life growing up, so it is difficult to see where she picked up her outgoing and fun loving nature.

She attended a private primary school in Kabba, Kogi State, and then the Federal Government Girls College, Kabba. Ilebaye then went to Lagos where she became involved in acting; she was one of those who featured on the popular kids show “Nnena and Friends,” which is produced by Wale Adenuga Productions. However, she had to shelve the acting career for the time being; she turned her attention to obtaining some more academic qualifications. For her higher education she went Salem University, Lokoja in Kogi State, where she studied Criminology and Security Studies.

Ilebaye BBN then turned her attention to the world of looking good, and making people look good. She established O.I Clothings; a fashion business, and she also started work as a model; most of her modeling centered around the fashion industry. It was based on this love for looking good, and for helping people choose the best wears, that she ventured into the Big Brother Naija house as a contestant.

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In The Big Brother Naija House

Ilebaye was on the Big Brother Naija show, on the season 7 titled “Level Up.” She was even one of the earliest housemates to be introduced to the house. Ilebaye caught the eye because of her beauty; after all she is a model. As a note of warning, she already said that she came to Big Brother to have fun, and to explore. She further stated that she could not stand boring people.

Ilebaye lived true to her words; she was funny and lively; always among the first to hit the dance floor whenever it was time to party.  She demonstrated her intelligence by completing tasks, and was often the center of intelligent conversation.

However good she is at denying her feelings for Brian; fans of the Big Brother Naija show are not going to be easily convinced that she did not fall in love with him. She was romantically involved with Brian during the show, and that showed her caring and emotional side.

However, Ilebaye was involved in a few confrontations, at least one of which became physical. Ilebaye fought with Bryan over the fake housemate Modella, and she also fought with Beauty on another occasion, although it was later decided that she had only defended herself; it was in fact Beauty who attacked her. Beauty was subsequently disqualified after that altercation.

Controversial though that may be; drama is one of the reasons why fans tune in to the show.

After Big Brother Show

The first thing Ilebaye did when she left the big brother house was to grant a series of interviews. She is much loved by the audience; and people just wanted to know about her experience in the Big Brother Naija house. In one of the interviews she stated that was very confident in her abilities as a person, and with her experience as an actress she expected that she would do very well in the show.

She also stated that she understood how her straightforward attitude may have been of putting for some housemates because she was not the kind of person to mince words, and that most people cannot cope with that kind of straightforward character.

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As a professional, she has been very busy building her brand identity. She said that she is focused on building an empire; “I don’t want to build something that will collapse in a few years, I want to build something that will be known all over the world.” She is an actress; and she is building her career. She is also expanding her clothing business, which by the way was not doing poorly. Then there is her modeling career, which she wants to do more fully.

To cap everything, Ilebaye wants to establish an Orphanage; it is her dream to be the reason why someone has shelter.

Ilebaye BBN Age

Ilebaye Precious Odiniya was born in 2001, which means she is 21 years as at the time of writing this post.

Ilebaye BBN State   

Ilebaye Precious Odiniya hails from Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Ilebaye BBN Boyfriend   

Ilebaye Odiniya presently has no boyfriend or husband. She also does not have a child. About the intimacy she shared with Brian, she said in an interview that he was a nice person, but not what she considered to be husband material. She said for one thing he seemed to be confused because one minute he was with one person, and then the next minute he is with another person. She declared that it was a turn off for her, and that she did not see a future with him.

However, she considered Brian to be a good person; “Whenever I am down he is always there; in fact it affects him because he doesn’t like to see me sick or sad. He is just a friend I like to keep outside the house. Nothing deep.” Therefore, fans should not be surprised to see Ilebaye and Brian having fun now that the show is over; but it should not raise any eyebrows because she has already stated that he is a good friend, but there is nothing deep going on.

Ilebaye BBN Instagram      

Ilebaye BBN’s instagram handle is @ilebayeee; and she has somewhere around 139 thousand followers as at the time of writing this post. Her instagram account is mostly used to make personal announcements and to showcase fashion and style. Don’t forget; Ilebaye is a model.

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Ilebaye BBN House       

Ilebaye lives in Lagos as at the time of writing this post, however, there is no information available about the exact location, or type of the house, or the ownership.

Ilebaye BBN Endorsements 

As at the time of writing this post, there is no news about Ilebaye working with brands to promote their products. However, this may change at any time; she is very beautiful.

Ilebaye BBN Net Worth

Ilebaye BBN is estimated to be worth somewhere around N20 million; the money comes from her time in the Big Brother house, her modeling work, her social media engagements, and so on. When she left the Big Brother Naija house she received all kinds of gifts including cash from her fans.

Ilebaye also has a thriving clothing business, which adds to her net worth. Furthermore, she is an actress meaning that she has the potential to make a lot of money very quickly.

How To Contact Ilebaye BBN

Ilebaye is quite tech savvy; she is an avid user of social media. Therefore, one of the best ways to contact her is via her social media accounts.

Ilebaye’s twitter handle is @IlebayeOfficial

While her instagram handle is @ilebayeee

Please make sure of the spellings of the accounts above; this is because there are many fake accounts and profiles claiming to be Ilebaye. Those accounts could be run by scammers and impostors; it is therefore better to avoid them completely.

Ilebaye BBN Hobbies

Ilebaye BBN enjoys going to parties, swimming, bowling and shopping. She is an exciting person to be with, but she is not typically fond of nature.

That is the true story of Ilebaye BBN; the child actor who studied criminology but found her way back to the camera as a reality show participant. She is blunt, straightforward, and funny, but not the kind of girl who is easily swept off her feet. She stated that she hopes to one day find a reason to believe in love; but at the moment; there is not a chance of that happening.

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