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Christy O BBN: Biography, Age, State, Cars, Boyfriend, Endorsements & Net Worth 2024

Christy O is another one of the newly famous celebrities who have found fame and fortune through the popular reality show Big Brother Naija, in the season seven of the show titled “Level Up.” Christy O certainly made a splash in the show because of her beautiful face and charming character; she is the epitome of the Brown Skin Girl.

Like many before her, the show has launched her career as a celebrity personality; now, Christy O is a certified big girl; one that influences people’s decisions. She is a CEO of a beauty business; and a leader among her peers.

In this post we will delve a little deeper into the personality that is Christy O; we will talk about her life before fame; her time at the Big Brother Naija house, what she has done with the fame she has attained.

Christy O BBN: Biography, Age, State, Cars, Boyfriend, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 1

Christy O BBN Profile

Real Name: Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu

Also Known As: Christy O

Date of Birth: 1998

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

State of Origin: Ondo State

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Beautician, Celebrity, Entrepreneur

Christy O BBN Biography

Christy O BBN was born Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu, in Lagos state Nigeria. She was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ojumu, who are Christians from Ondo State. Christy O has four siblings; two boys and two girls. She attended private schools in Lagos for both her Primary and Secondary education.

After her secondary education which she concluded at an early age, she went to Afe Babalola University, in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. She graduated in 2017, with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics.

Christy O discovered her talents while she was still in university; she started working with a modeling agency, participating in Fashion shows, and working with cosmetic companies to advertise their products.

Shortly after university, Christy O became quite successful; she launched her beauty line called Christy O Cosmetics which sells custom lip-gloss and lip sticks to women of all shades.

Career Progression

As mentioned above, Christy O was already a successful entrepreneur before coming to the Big Brother Naija house; it was based on her antecedents as a model and a beauty entrepreneur that she went to the Big Brother Naija house; as a springboard to launch her to greater recognition.

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In the Big Brother House, Christy immediately caught the eye as a woman of great beauty. She was also playful but somewhat reserved, as if she did not feel comfortable engaging in lengthy conversations. This is not at all in conflict with the way she described herself: she said she was “funny, smart and a hardworking extrovert.”

However, as someone who is already achieving great things, and who describes herself as a perfectionist, she had her sour moments with some housemates, although not really on a personal level.

In an interview, she explained that it was her perfectionist mindset which made her pay attention to the details whenever doing any task. She would rather take her time and look at the aspects which most people would have ignored; and that even though it usually means that her pace is slower than most other people, but that is the only way for her to be happy with the results.

She further explained that many of the fellow housemates did not understand her, and that is why they took offence with her, whenever she tried to ensure that things were done properly.

Fans will always remember that she had very good dress sense while she was at the show. She was almost always the center of attention because of her stunning good looks, and the way she carried herself. This was most likely as a result of her years of experience as a model and an entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry.

After Big Brother Naija

Christy O has settled quite well to life after the Big Brother Naija show; she is back to Ondo State, from where she runs her beauty and cosmetics business.

However, her stature as a model has certainly risen; she is now very much sought after by brands who wish to sell their products using her beautiful face.

Christy O has also become a social media influencer; she has somewhere around 180 thousand followers on her instagram alone; and these are engaging users.

Perhaps her biggest achievement remains the fact that Christy O Cosmetics has become a lot more popular now than it was before she went to the show. Now, Christy O also pays other models in order to use their beautiful faces to sell her products- such is the stature of her business now.

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Christy O Age

Christy O was born sometime in 1998, which makes her 24 years old as at the time of writing this post. Unfortunately, she has not shared much information about her birthday, but hints will come from her social media; which we are already watching.

Christy O State

Christy O is from Ondo State, although she was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She presently lives in Ondo, from where she controls her business.

Christy O BBN Cars

Christy O broke the internet after her eviction, when she bought a brand new Mercedes G Wagon worth ₦100 million. Said car is the most expensive among the cars bought or received by her fellow Big Brother Naija season 7 “Level Up” housemates.

Before the G Wagon she had been spotted in another car, also believed to be hers, although, it was not clear exactly what type of car it is.

Christy O BBN Boyfriend

Whether as a willful act, or as a coincidence; Christy O of the Big Brother Naija Level Up fame sparked controversy when she was spotted going out with Khalid, also a housemate in the Big Brother Naija Level Up reality show. This sparked controversy because Khalid was known to be attached to Daniella when he was in the Big Brother Naija house; and Christy O is also rumoured to have recently broken off a long time relationship.

The pictures show Christy O and Khalid dressed in matching outfits; it is quite safe to reason that the pair are now lovebirds.

Christy O BBN Endorsements

Christy O already has a cosmetics brand to her name, so it would be a conflict of interest for her to represent other cosmetics brands as a brand ambassador.

However, she continues to work as a model for both fashion and cosmetics. She has endorsed her own self by being the face of Christy O Cosmetics; and the stock of her business has risen sharply since her participation in the Big Brother Naija season seven show titled Level Up.

Christy O BBN Net Worth 2024 – $50,000

Christy O of Big Brother fame is estimated to be worth at least $50,000. The money comes from her earnings as a Big Brother Naija participant, her work as a model, and her business as an entrepreneur. Christy O has also been receiving lots of gifts since she participated in the Big Brother Naija show; it is suspected that the G Wagon she bought was a gift from an admirer.

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How To Contact Christy O

Christy’O is active on social media. Therefore, Social Media is one sure of getting her attention. In order to get in touch with her, please any of the following social media handles.

Instagram: @officialchristy_o


Twitter: iamchristyO

Business page @christieocosmetics

Christy O BBN Hobbies

Christy O stated in an interview that she enjoys outdoor activities; she likes to go hiking. Luckily there are plenty of hiking trails in the mountainous regions around Ondo state. She also enjoys going on picnics with her loved ones; she loves singing and watching nature.

Christy O enjoys writing poetry as well. She says that whenever she is not having fun on a picnic with her friends, she is likely writing something on her notepad.

Christy O Family

Christy O’s Family is mostly in Lagos and Ondo State; thankfully, her parents are still happily together. Counting her parents; she is from a family of 7.   However, at this time, nothing else is known about Christy O’s family, except that they are united, and all in support of her dream to make an impact in the beauty industry.

Christy O Controversy

Firstly, Christy O broke the internet when she bought a Mercedes G Wagon. Fans started questioning whether she has a money printing machine in her house, especially as no juicy endorsement deal was announced.

Christy O was also seen in matching outfits with fellow Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate; Khalid. That sparked another round of controversy because if indeed she is involved with Khalid then it means she stole him from Daniella who was romantically involved with him during the show.

That is all you need to know about Christy O; the Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate. She is certainly one to watch because she knows her way around; without necessarily making noise. She is a merry person; an entrepreneur, a model, and fashionista. Christy O is one of those who has many big ideas up her sleeve; time will tell what impact she will have on her generation.