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Doyin BBN: Biography, Age, State, House, Cars, Endorsements and Net Worth 2023

Doyin BBN as she is popularly known, is one of Nigeria’s latest celebrities; she found fame and fortune by participating in the popular Big Brother Naija reality show, season seven which was titled Level Up. Doyin was much beloved during the show; she was the epitome of beauty and grace.

Doyin BBN is also one of the most researched housemates of the recent Big Brother; maybe because the audience loves her so much, or maybe because she had this mystic about her, leading to many people wanting to find out more about her.

Whatever the case may be, this post is designed to be an expose about her, her life before BBN fame, what made her tick in the house, and what she has accomplished with all that fame and fortune which she gained after participating?

Doyin BBN: Biography, Age, State, House, Cars, Endorsements and Net Worth [year] 1

Doyin BBN Profile

Real Name: Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David

Also Known As: Doyin BBN

Date of Birth: 3rd of August 1996

Place of Birth: Lagos State

State: Ondo State

Nationality: Nigeria

Occupation: Celebrity, Social Media Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Radiographer

Doyin BBN Biography

Doyin BBN was born Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David was born on the 3rd of August 1996, in Lagos Nigeria. She describes her family as very Christian, and she also stated that she has siblings. Doyin attended a private secondary school in Lagos, and for her secondary education she attended Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary (BMJS) in Ikorodu, Lagos. When it was time to decide upon a career she chose radiography, which she studied at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

On a personal note, Doyin BBN describes herself as a mix of Michelle Obama and Cardi B; she explains that she has had a hard time making friends; most people cannot deal with her straightforwardness. For example; as girls, they have to smile in front of someone, and then talk about them behind their backs.

She was also expected to join her peers in shunning girls who had done her no wrong. Her straightforward nature never allowed her to participate in such foolishness; and she would often straighten out whoever attempted to challenge her for not joining her fellow girls in such behavior.

All of these mean she never managed to be popular with her mates; and she never managed more than a few friends at the same time. However, she is not a snub; she stated that she is very grateful for the few friends that she has.

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Career Progression

Doyin practiced Radiography at a private hospital in Lekki. She earned quite handsomely because she was able to buy two cars, and live in a well furnished apartment in the Chevron area of Lekki. Then she chanced upon the Big Brother Naija house, and took her confidence and high sense of self worth there.

It is difficult to imagine a medical professional leaving her profession for something many would consider petty. Doyin stated in an interview that she found medicine incredibly boring, and it is possible that it was this boredom that prompted her to look for fame and celebrity through Big Brother Naija.

At Big Brother Naija

At the Big Brother House; Doyin was assertive. There is very little doubt as to why she must have been so self assured. There was hardly anyone among the housemates who could match her for achievements and status going into the Big Brother House.

She had several run-ins with other housemates, where she stood her ground, showing that she is has not lost her touch as a straightforward and assertive person.

She had a very intelligent conversation with Big Brother, despite having a cracked voice; and she showed her qualities and mental capacity. She tactfully asked Big Brother to reduce the AC output, as it contributed to her voice being cracked. She also explained to Big Brother her own point of view regarding the run ins she experienced with her fellow housemates.

Doyin managed to win over a lot of fans from her time in Big Brother’s house, despite not winning the competition. She has gained a lot of followers on all social media accounts; this increasing her potential to build a brand for herself.

On life as a celebrity after Big Brother Naija; she said that she found medicine very boring, and wanted to see what she could find for herself within entertainment circles. Already, she has become a social media influencer, and has also done brand endorsement jobs.

Doyin has also showed her potential to work as a model; she is already quite passionate about fashion, and now that her face is famous, brands are surely going to be falling over each other.

Doyin BBN: Biography, Age, State, House, Cars, Endorsements and Net Worth [year] 2

Doyin BBN Age

Doyin BBN was born on 3rd of August 1996, which makes her 26 years old as at the time of writing this report.

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Doyin BBN State of Origin

Doyin BBN was born in Lagos State, but her parents, Mr and Mrs David hail from Ondo State, Nigeria.   

Doyin BBN House

Doyin BBN is known to live in the Lekki Axis of Lagos. She was already living there before she went for the BBN. The house is located at Chevron, which is where the big boys live. There are no further details available about Doyin BBN’s house at the moment, but that could be for security reasons.

Doyin BBN Cars

Even before coming to join the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Doyin already had two cars for her personal use. There is no evidence that she used any of her winnings from Big Brother Naija to purchase any additional vehicles; there is hardly any need for that, considering the fact that she already has two.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility of her receiving a car as a gift either from fans or from any brands that wish to identify with her. Doyin BBN is not someone taken to vanity; the cars she has are to take her to work. Her job as a radiographer is a very important one.

Doyin Endorsements

Doyin has bagged two endorsement deals with skin care products makers. The interesting thing is that both endorsement deals were sealed within a fortnight of one another. She is also rumored to be closely working with a Nigerian fashion designer to bring out some fashion items into the market.

Doyin BBN Net Worth 2023 – 70 Million Naira

Doyin BBN is estimated to be worth around 70 million naira as at this time, although it is expected that she will make much more than that in the near future. From her radiography job she makes around 4 million naira every year, and she also makes a lot of money as a model and brand ambassador.

Furthermore, Doyin BBN also makes money as a social media influencer, in which case she posts promotional content on her social media accounts, whether or not said content includes her in the presentation.

How To Contact Doyin BBN

Doyin is an avid user of social media. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to get across to her may be through social media such as:

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Instagram: @officialdoyin_

Official fan page: @doyinsdeelights

Twitter: OfficialDoyin_

TikTok: officialdoyin_

However, please be aware that any communication that is not a booking for an event or promotional work is likely going to be ignored.

What To Note About Doyin BBN

Doyin BBN is a strong and independent woman; she is a qualified medical professional who was already established at a 4 million naira per year job, and already had two cars before joining BBN. After finding fame and fortune in the Big Brother Naija reality show, she has decided to find opportunities for herself in the entertainment industry.

Doyin may come across to some as a demanding and unapologetic person, but she is just being herself; a strong and assertive person who is straightforward, and does not cheat others.

As a medical professional she was very thoughtful and kind towards her patients; she said this was because she understands the curves that life can throw at people at different times. She is also passionate about helping people; she has reiterated her desire to keep on reaching out to the less privileged in society through her celebrity status, and through her earnings in the industry.

Doyin BBN Husband

Contrary to speculation, Doyin of the Big Brother Naija house season seven is not married. Yes, she had a nice and friendly relationship with Chizzy, but that does not seem to be anything but an act to keep the audience entertained. It is even rumoured that she has a boyfriend outside of the Big Brother Naija show, and that one is something she guards with fervor.

Doyin BBN Hobbies

Doyin is an introvert who enjoys reading, playing around on social media, and watching movies.

That is all you need to know about Doyin BBN, one of the most self assured participants at the Big Brother Naija show, who has gone on to build a celebrity status for herself, despite already having a good and fruitful career as a medical professional. Perhaps the medical profession will miss her too much and make overtures for her to return; the country certainly needs more medical professionals.

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