Saheed Osupa: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography (2024)

Saheed Osupa is a Nigerian musician, actor, and social influencer. His real name is Saheed Akorede Babatunde Okunola, and he has over the years been one of the two most important Fuji Musicians we have seen. Saheed Osupa’s music is deeply rooted in the Yoruba culture; his songs include proverbs, parables, and sayings of old, and he promotes Yoruba history and heritage as something to be proud of.

Saheed Osupa is an iconic personality; he has toured around the world; singing to large audiences and showcasing his talent; but he has won even more admirers among those who have investigated his music so as to understand the lyrics. Saheed Osupa has been in music for over 20 years despite his young age, and even younger looks.

He is a force to be reckoned with; he wields a great deal of influence among the young people of Yoruba origin; he always has a great throng of supporters wherever he goes.

Saheed Osupa

Saheed Osupa Biography

Saheed Osupa’s real name is Saheed Akorede Babatunde Okunola, and he was born August 7, 1969 in Ajegunle, Lagos State, Nigeria, but he spent his childhood in Ibadan. His father was a Were (a kind of Yoruba music, identical to Fuji) musician, and this inspired Saheed Osupa in his kind of music, as well as the deeply cultural origins of his lyrics.

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Saheed Osupa attended Amuwo Odofin High School in Lagos, where he graduated in 1987. He then completed his National Diploma programme at The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 1992. After more than 20 years, during which he had a glittering career as a pillar of fuji music, he graduated from the University of Ibadan after studying political science in 2022.

Saheed Osupa has released several albums and has taken his music international. He is an icon of cultural liberty, and a rallying point in defense of Yoruba culture.

He has taken part in several roles in a few Nigerian movies where he has shown the diversity of his talent. He has been a fearsome juju priest, a powerful hunter, as well as many other roles in movies.

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Saheed Osupa Net Worth 2024 – ($3,000,000)

Saheed Osupa’s Net worth is estimated to be in the region of $3,000,000 although he is probably worth a lot more than that. His sources of wealth include royalties for his various records, payments for his shows, salaries for his acting, as well as brand endorsements, and other streams of income.

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Remember that he has a widely successful career which has seen him sell hundreds of thousands of records, perform at sold out venues both in Nigeria as well as Europe and America. Saheed Osupa could very well be worth several times the figure that is quoted here.

Saheed Osupa Wife

Saheed Osupa is married to Olabisi Minat Yusuf, and the pair was married in 2010. They have 8 children.

Saheed Osupa Age

He was born on was born on August 7, 1969; making him 53 years old.

Saheed Osupa House

Saheed Osupa lives in an opulent mansion befitting a king. His residence is located in the Ajao Estate area of lagos. He is rumoured to have other properties in the Ajah area of Lagos, and even one in America.

Some of Saheed Osupa’s Songs Include:

Fuji Fadisco

Fuji Blues

Fuji Demonstration

Hot Shot

Master Blaster

Fuji Boggie


Shuffle Solo


Stainless Fuji



New Edition (Shuffle Solo 11)


Big Daddy


London Delight under Marvin Giwa Promotion

African Delight

American Fuji Slide

World Tour

London Extra

Respect and Reliable – 2 in 1

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Fuji Icon

Endorsement – 3 in 1

Mr. Music – 4 in 1

Marriage Affair


Euro Splash

Time Factor


Turn By Turn

The Main Man

Non Stop 2018


Tested and Trusted – 2 in 1


Lord of Music – 2 in 1

Transparency and Transformation – 2 in 1

New Dawn – 2 in 1

New resolution

Pacesetter 2017

Dynamism (Monday 13/8/2018)

Integrity (07/08/2019)

Permutation (23/12/2019)

C Caution 2019

Special request-2 nd 1(05/07/2020)


    Ero Sese Koowe

Ese Mefa Laye

Ose Maami

Eni Eleni

Ashiru Ejire

Onibara Ogunjo

Iku Oba

Oloju ede

Igba Iwase

Agbeere Oju



Osoro baba ojo

Adigun olori odo


Saheed Osupa has been a pillar of the Fuji Genre of music in Nigeria for over 20 years. His rivalry with Pasuma Wonder (the other pillar of Fuji music) has been an exciting one to witness. He has climbed to legendary status, even though he is still a young man. He has featured in over 30 Yoruba movies, as well as performed to sold out venues in Nigeria, England, America, and so many other places.