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Chomzy BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Car, House, Endorsement and Net Worth 2023

Chomzy BBN as she is popularly known, is a famous Nigerian celebrity. She came to fame by participating in the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija, where audiences fell in love with her for her wit, her beauty, and her carefree attitude. Over the years and various editions of this reality show, many participants have come and gone.

Chomzy has stayed on in the hearts and minds of the people because her character, and of course her beauty are hard to forget. She remains closely associated with the Big Brother franchise; she continues to attract audiences to the show, and her guest appearances on TV are always celebrated with some buzz. Chomzy has done well for herself by creating a brand, and monetizing her popularity.

In this post we delve into the hidden angles of the life of Chomzy; we want to discover who she is when the camera is not there, and what makes her tick. Join us.

Chomzy BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Car, House, Endorsement and Net Worth [year] 1

Chomzy BBN Profile

Real Name: Esther Chioma Ndubueze

Date Of Birth:    June 12 1999

Place Of Birth: Lagos State

State Of Origin: Imo State

Occupation: Dancer, Entrepreneur, Model, fashion designer

Chomzy BBN Biography

Chomzy’s real name is Esther Chioma Ndubueze. She was born on June 12 1999, in Lagos State Nigeria. Chomzy was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ndubueze, who hail from Imo State. She is a Christian; as is her family. Chioma is from a large family, although she has not stated how many children the family has. She did state that her mother and siblings are all in Nigeria, while her father is in Gabon. He is a businessman, and he runs several businesses in that country.

Chomzy has always been a carefree and playful person; she is fortunate to have been born into a family that encourages everyone to be themselves and to explore their talents. When she was growing up, she was the liveliest of her siblings. In fact, she stated that she is everyones’ favorite in her family.

Chomzy naturally fancied herself as a dancer; from her childhood she was always in a party mood, and kept the house busy with the sound of music. Even now, she stated that twerking is one of her hobbies.

However, she mesmerized audiences at school and at parties with her well practiced dance steps. This further encouraged her parents to allow her pursue a career in entertainment because it was very clear that she has the natural flair for it, and that she could make something of herself with that dream.

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In school, she discovered something different about her personality; and since she naturally enjoyed the attention she got, she discovered how to put her beauty to good use. Chomzy discovered that she could make a good model. She therefore started participating in shows and events as a model.

Chomzy participated in, and won the Miss Eloquent World 2018 beauty pageant. She also participated in the Nigerian Queen Pageant in 2020. She has also participated in several other fashion shows of different magnitudes.

Career Development

Chomzy hit the limelight when she participated in the BB Naija Season 7 titled level up. That was the turning point in her career because it gave her the platform to build her audience. Chomzy caught the eye because of her blunt and straightforward character; and because she is very beautiful and charismatic.

While in the Big Brother House she never missed an opportunity to show her eloquence by quarreling and debating with anybody that needed quarreling. She also never missed any opportunity to display her twerking ability; and she was always the first to hit the dance floor.

With her tall stature (she is 5ft8); she was also quite intimidating; which led people to see her as somewhat domineering and arrogant.

However, even though she did not win the BB Naija, she was able to build a brand for herself; he has established herself as a social media influencer, a fashion model, and a humanitarian. She now works with fashion brands as a runway model, and also as a poster-girl; showcasing fashion items on magazines, billboards, and also on social media.

As a humanitarian; she is working on a pet project called “Feed the Street Project.” She has done this type of charitable work before, but on a lesser scale. Now she wants to do it in a lasting, and more efficient way, so that she can touch more lives. She wishes to get corporate organizations involved so that it can become a self-sustaining franchise.

Chomzy is also an entrepreneur; she is working on creating a fashion and beauty brand with her own name. She is planning to use the fame and celebrity she has attained so far to build this fashion brand; therefore becoming the face of her own beauty brand. She is an avid designer, and she designs and makes her own dresses.

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Chomzy has so far managed to successfully handle her work as a fashion designer, model, humanitarian, social media influencer, and content maker. She has therefore displayed all that is needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

How Old Is Chomzy BBN?

Chioma Ndubueze AKA Chomzy BBN was born on June 12 1999, that makes her 23 years old as at the time of filing in this report.

Chomzy BBN State of Origin

Chomzy BBN was born in Lagos, Nigeria, however, she is from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. She is therefore Igbo by tribe.

Chomzy Boyfriend

Interestingly, this beautiful, driven, and articulate woman does not have a boyfriend. She did state in an interview, however, that she has not closed the door on love. She said is wishes to be successful, and to find love at the same time. One of the housemates once said that she would get along with fellow BB Naija star Chizzy, but it seems that the recommendation was to little effect.

Chomzy BBN’s Car

Chomzy definitely owns a car, however, at this time we are unable to pinpoint exactly what kind of vehicle she drives. As soon as that information becomes available it will be brought to the public notice.

Chomzy’s House

Chomzy lives in Lagos with her family; however, the exact location of their residence has not been made public. Furthermore, there are not enough photos of the house to give an idea of the living conditions. However, we can infer from the interview she granted that the building in question must be spacious enough, and also conducive enough for her to engage in her daily activities. It must also have a fashion studio within.

Chomzy BBN’s Endorsement

Chomzy, despite not winning the BBN season 7, has done very well for herself as a celebrity. She has received N300,000 from Munch It- leading to brand promotion, and she has also received N2.5 million from Supa Komando- leading to brand endorsement. Chomzy also received N500,000 from Guinness for promotional purposes, and she also received N2.5 million from Pepsi.

Chomzy BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Car, House, Endorsement and Net Worth [year] 2

Chomzy BBN Net Worth 2023 – 50Million

Chomzy is estimated to be worth around N50 million naira. The money has largely come from her winnings at the BBN season 7, as well as from the brands who gave her these monies for promotional purposes. She also works as a model, and she is a fashion designer, with her own fashion brand.

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Chomzy is also rumored to have received lots of gifts in cash and kind from her numerous fans within the country and above. She is also partnering with brands, such as The Lagos Continental to promote her “Feed The Streets” initiative. It is very possible that the 20 million estimated net worth is a very conservative amount, and she may very well be worth much more than that. 

Chomzy Contact

Yes, it is very possible to contact Chomzy of the BBN fame; she is very active on social media. Some of her social media handles include:

Instagram: @thechomzy

Twitter: @thechomzy

Facebook: TheChomzy

TikTok: @thechomzy

Chomzy can also be contacted via email; However, it must be stated that communications are likely to be received by a third party, before being passed along to her. Communications considered not important are likely to be binned.

Chomzy’s Hobbies

Chomzy has said that she enjoys dancing and twerking; she also enjoys sewing and making beautiful clothes. She also enjoys travelling because it affords her the opportunity of seeing new things, and meeting new people. She also mentioned that she hates snitches and betrayers. She sees herself as a hard working and resourceful person; and she has so many goals she hopes to achieve in life. Her dream is to be successful and touch lives.

There is what you need to know about famous Big Brother Naija housemate for the season 7 titled Level Up; Chomzy as she is popularly called. Aside from the reputation she has gained; she is quite simple and down to earth. She started out as a dancer and model, and after the exposure and fame of BBN; she has settled to life as a celebrity, and is gradually building her fashion brand, and working on her humanitarian initiatives.

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