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Sheggz BBN: Biography, Age, State, Parents, Siblings, House, Endorsement & Net Worth 2023

Sheggz BBN will be remembered as the Big Brother Naija season seven housemate who walked around with swag and spoke with a British accent. Describing himself as confident but not cocky; he was full of life and full of masculinity. Sheggz came to the Big Brother Naija show all the way from England where he is based.

Sheggz BBN has raised a lot of questions among fans of the show; why is a British person on Big Brother Naija? Is the show being thrown open to foreign nationals as well?

To answer the questions above, his full name is Segun Daniel Olusemo. If you want to learn more about this handsome young man with a British accent, his life before fame, his time on the Big Brother Naija show, and what he is doing now, then you have come to right place.

Sheggz BBN: Biography, Age, State, Parents, Siblings, House, Endorsement & Net Worth [year] 1

Sheggz BBN Profile

Real Name: Daniel Segun Olusemo

Also Known As: Sheggz BBN

Date Of Birth: 13 November 1996

Age: 26 Years Old

Place of Birth:    Lagos State, Nigeria

Gender:               Male

Nationality:         Nigerian

Marital Status:   Single

Occupation:        Footballer, Athlete, Reality TV Star, Actor, Model

Sheggz BBN Biography

Sheggz BBN was born Segun Daniel Olusemo on 13 November 1996, in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended Grange school, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, and then he moved to the UK with his family. In the UK he attended High School at Skegness Grammar School, Lincolnshire, England.

Sheggz was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Yemi Olusemo of Lagos State. The family is a Christian family, and there are 3 children born into the household.

Segun Daniel Olusemo developed a love for football while he was still in Nigeria, and thankfully, there are opportunities for talent development in the UK, so he was able to develop himself. He has been playing professional football for years in the UK, and has spent his career in low level football clubs such as Royston FC, Eastbourne FC, and Tamworth FC. He has also played for Ware FC.

His profile also includes fitness enthusiast and actor; although there is not much available about how he did this, or how far he had advanced in any of these endeavors before coming to join the Big Brother Naija house. Nevertheless, he looks fit as a fiddle, and he is very handsome. Segun could also have a successful screen career, and it is for that reason that he joined the Big Brother Naija reality show, as a housemate for the season 7, titled “Level Up.”

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In The Big Brother House

Sheggz entered the Big Brother Naija house and did a good job of convincing the people to fall in love with him. He described himself as “confident but not cocky,” and he also said he was the “perfect mix of Lagos and London.” As mentioned above, he was very confident and walked around with a bounce in his step, and he spoke with a British accent.

Perhaps it was this swag that made him a fans’ favorite; the younger generation love to see people who are full of themselves. Nevertheless, Sheggz stated that he considers himself down-to-earth, relatable, and ambitious. He also said that he believes in the importance of hard-work and smart work.

Whether his comments about being down to earth were true is a matter for every fan to decide for himself. Sheggz BBN spoke at length about being in a football club, but being forced to quit football due to an injury. He also spoke extensively about his family; and how he was born with a silver spoon, and lived in London.

He also spoke about his family’s wealth, but never mentioned how his parents became so rich, or what kind of business they do. He stated, however, how much he loved his mother, and how he wanted to make her proud.

Relationship With Bella

Another important talking point about Sheggz’ time in the Big Brother Naija house was his relationship with Bella, which was one of the most important highlights of the whole BBN season 7 show. Fans became glued to the pair because both Sheggz and Bella stayed very long in the show, and they very nearly won the program.

Bella was seen as the quiet and reserved person who could flare up in anger whenever the occasion arose; while Sheggz was the guy who spoke too much, and revealed his identity and personality. At times it could be interpreted that Sheggz was too proud; which raises the question about why Bella tolerated him.  Perhaps she realized that being with him gave the audience something to watch.

Nevertheless, the pair was called Mr. and Mrs. Ikoyi; after Sheggz revealed that he owns a house in Ikoyi.

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It was revealed that Sheggz tried to reach out to Bella after the show had ended; but he was not able to. Sources revealed that Bella’s mother did not really appreciate Sheggz character, and she did not think he would make a good match for her daughter. Bella too stated in an interview: “e no jig,” obviously meaning that the friendship did not blossom into something of more importance.

After BBN Fame

It is not yet clear whether or not Sheggs will stay on in Nigeria, or whether he will return to the UK where his family is based. However, with so many opportunities in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, and with so many endorsements, he could be better off staying in the country.

Sheggz became the subject of some controversy when an old video of his former girlfriend calling him out for being abusive and narcissistic resurfaced. She later said she had nothing to do with the video resurfacing.

Sheggz also topped the gossip blogs when his sister came to visit him from the UK, shortly after the conclusion of the Big Brother Naija season 7 show.

Sheggz has become a true social media influencer; his time at the Big Brother house has helped him become famous, and gain a large following on social media. Perhaps the most talked-about housemate of the season seven of the Big Brother Naija; Sheggz has granted several interviews since departing the Big Brother Naija show. He may be the housemate who continues get all the attention; even if the attention is for the wrong reasons.

Sheggz Age

Daniel Segun Olusemo was born 13 November 1996, which means he is 26 years old at the time of writing this post.

Sheggz State

Sheggz is from Lagos State, Nigeria, although he grew up in London. Therefore, he could claim either Lagos or London as his state.

Sheggz BBN Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Yemi Olusemo are both residents of London, UK. They are Christians from Lagos State. His mother attended the University of Jos, but there is not much else known about them.

Sheggz Siblings

Sheggz has two siblings in the UK; they are called Tomi Olusemo, and Fikayo Olusemo. It was Tomi who came to visit him from the UK. One of his siblings is a lifestyle blogger based in the UK.

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Sheggz House

Sheggz revealed that he owns a house in Ikoyi. Although it is not known the size of the building in question, just a mention of a house in Ikoyi is enough to show his caliber because houses in that part of Lagos are not cheap.

Sheggz Endorsement

Sheggz reportedly bagged an endorsement deal with Lipton, and he has also bagged a deal with a top luxury jewelry company in the country. There are many other rumors of endorsement deals coming for Sheggz; as soon as more information about these become known they will be published.

Sheggz Net Worth

Sheggz is estimated to be worth around N150 million. The money comes from his earnings while an active footballer in the UK. He also makes a handsome amount as a social media influencer, and also as a brand ambassador.

Sheggz Controversies

Sheggz was seen as a person who was full of himself; characteristically proud, and seeking for attention. The way he also spoke to Bella whom he claimed to be in love with was also suspicious because at times he showed a distinct lack of respect for her. Furthermore, Sheggz spoke too much about his family, and about being born with a silver spoon.

This makes it look as though the claims against him by his ex girlfriend may be true; Sheggz may very well be a narcissist, and an abusive partner to whatever unlucky woman may end up with him. However, he did state that the show was giving him a bad reputation, and that he was simply not like that.

She also stated in another interview that he came to Big Brother Naija to mature emotionally.

That is the basic information about Sheggz; the Big Brother Naija season 7 whom everybody is talking about. Remember that he was the guy who was romantically involved with Bella, and who bounced around the house, speaking with a foreign accent. He was born in Nigeria and is a professional footballer; with so much talent perhaps he will play for the Super Eagles soon.

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