Chichi BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Instagram, House, Endorsements & Net Worth 2024

Chichi BBN as she is popularly known, is one of those who participated in the recently concluded Big Brother Naija season seven titled “Level Up.” Beautiful, bold and somewhat controversial; she brought something completely different to the house, and became an audience sweetheart.

Chichi brought this plainness and sincerity to the house; she is an exotic dancer, and that line of work takes a certain level of boldness and lack of shame to pull off. While in the Big Brother House she was a lover, a fighter, and a show woman. Many consider her somewhat controversial, but perhaps that is just the way she is. It was her sincerity, and lack of an attempt to cover up that made her different and special.

In this post we want to find out as much as we can about Chichi, and her rise to fame. We also want to discover what doors her participation in the Big Brother Naija show has opened up for her.

Chichi BBN Profile

Real Name: Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor

Also Known As: Chichi BBN

Date of Birth: January 9 2000

Place of Birth: Benin City, Edo State

State of Origin: Edo State

Occupation: Exotic Dancer, Chef.

Chichi BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Instagram, House, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 1

Chichi BBN Biography

Chichi BBN was born Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, on January 9 2000, in Benin City, Edo State. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Okoebor, were from Edo and Delta State. Chichi is an Orphan; both of her parents have since passed on. Chichi grew up in Anambra State; she attended both primary and secondary schools in Anambra State, although the details are not available.

Chichi BBN lost both parents at an early age, and she has had to grow in survival mode. After the completion of her secondary education she was unable to secure funding for her university schooling. Nevertheless, she is very optimistic and driven. She left Anambra State to settle down in Lagos, following which she did several jobs to keep body and soul together.

Luckily she discovered her talents as a dancer, and found a way to make a living from it. Chichi became an exotic dancer or a stripper, and started working in some of the big night clubs. It certainly proved to be a lucrative career choice; merely looking at Chichi, one can see that she is not starving. The secret is this: Nigerians are quite boisterous in nature; and they are known to spend stupefying amounts of money just to impress others.

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Chichi also went ahead to train as a Chef, thus meaning that she has managed to take care of herself now and in the future. Perhaps she can even be considered as a role model to other disadvantaged young people, who may have given up in life. Perhaps it was for these reasons that she was chosen to participate in the Big Brother Naija contest.

In the Big Brother Naija House

A lovely and energetic girl who loves to sing; Chichi quickly caught the eye because of her beauty. However, she was quite a fire cracker in the house. She stated in an interview that: “It’s either I say things the way they are, or I don’t say it at all.” She said she understood that her bluntness was a turnoff to a lot of people, but that once people get to know her a little better they come to appreciate the sincerity of heart that comes with being blunt.

She further stated: “I have so many things to showcase and I believe the world really needs to see me. The Big Brother Naija House is the only place that will bring me that kind of spotlight.”  True to her words; she brought out a side that most people have rarely seen on reality TV; a real person who brings out herself without attempting to hide what she is on the inside.

She was quite feisty when it came to defending her love interest; that is another thing that captivated audiences; while other contestants were busy showing poise and grace; Chichi was ready to start a Royal Rumble with whoever came close to her man.

Although controversially, she may be understood to have made a move on someone else’s love interest, after dissuading the same girl against the guy in question.

Nevertheless, she was quite successful in the big brother house, and she made the audience fall in love with her. Aside from the audience in their homes, Chichi BBN also got the attention and respect of her fellow housemates; she was even made Head of the House for some time.

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After Big Brother Naija

Chichi BBN has since become a celebrity; the question is what she will do with her celebrity status. For one thing; her social media followers have certainly exploded; on her instagram alone she has 257,000 followers.

Her value as an exotic dancer is sure to have risen a hundred fold; she is going to command a much heftier price now as a stripper, and offer her services to only VIP clientele.

She can also leverage the followers she has on social media in order to work as a social media influencer. Chichi is also a Chef, her stock in this department has also grown, although true popularity in this field can only come after showing over time that you can meet the tastes of your patrons.

She has since granted a number of interviews with celebrity bloggers, newspapers, and information sites; talking about her life before BBN, her perceived feistiness during the show, and what lies ahead of he in life after BBN.

Chichi BBN Age

Chichi BBN was born on January 9 2000, which means she is 22 years old as at the time of writing this report.

Chichi BBN State

Chichi BBN is from Edo State, Nigeria, although she grew up in Anambra State, and she is now resident in Lagos, State, Nigeria.

Chichi BBN Boyfriend

Chichi BBN is too busy for a boyfriend. When she was in the BBN house she was intimate with Deji, but that has since ended, and she has returned to the real world. She has no boyfriend or husband, and she is focused on her career and prospects. However, she once stated that she prefers rich, older guys. Therefore, it is expected that she may at any time find someone good for her.

Chichi BBN: Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Instagram, House, Endorsements & Net Worth [year] 2

Chichi BBN Instagram

Chichi BBN’s instagram account is @itschichiofficial. The account is constantly on fire with unapologetic pictures, and she has one of the largest following of any of the Big Brother Naija housemates.

Chichi BBN House

Chichi BBN lives in the Lekki area of Lagos. However, there are no details available at this time about the house, or the ownership of said house.

Chichi BBN Endorsements

Chichi BBN recently announced that she had signed an endorsement deal worth around N20 million, with a skin care brand known as Glee.

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Chichi BBN Net Worth

Chichi BBN is estimated to be worth around N50 million. The money comes from her work as a brand ambassador; she stated that she is only interested in brands that are willing to pay 5 million and above. She also works as an exotic dancer; her fees are unstipulated, but it is believed that she charges like a celebrity.

She is also a Chef; she has founded a catering company that receives contracts to provide meals for events. All in all, Chichi’s economic value has risen since joining Big Brother.

How To Contact Chichi BBN

As mentioned earlier, she has a very active instagram account, and she has several hundred thousands of followers. Anyone who wishes to talk to Chichi BBN should therefore contact her through her instagram account given above.

Chichi BBN hobbies

Chichi BBN is an outgoing person; she loves swimming, dancing and travelling. She states that despite her very blunt nature, she is a fun person, and she has a close circle of friends, most of whom have been with her for a long time. Chichi BBN is therefore the kind of person to be seen and heard in parties.

Chichi BBN Family

Interestingly, there are too many speculations about Chichi BBN’s family. The only known fact is that her parents are both dead. There is no information available about when they died, or how. There is also no information about whether Chichi has any siblings. She stated that she has close friends; it could therefore be that her friends are the only family she has at the moment; perhaps when she gets married we can come to know the truth.

That is the story of Chichi BBN, the orphan girl who has endured a harsh life, but who suddenly found herself on TV as a reality TV star. Chichi is now a bonafide celebrity; she is much loved by fans of the show, because of her honesty, and the directness with which she dealt with her fellow housemates. She is now a brand ambassador, chef, and caterer; a symbol of survival in the face of adversity.