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FCMB USSD Code for Money Transfer, Checking of Balance & Recharge of Airtime

First City Monument bank popularly known as FCMB in Nigeria, like any other bank in Nigeria has adopted a transfer code for its customers, this is to make the life of its customers a lot easier and make banking less stressful. First City Momentum Bank is a banking system that allows consumers to take advantage of every single offer. And, to make mobile banking even easier, FCMB now offers USSD Banking! It facilitates banking operations and is safe.

In this post, you will find instructions on how to transfer money from your FCMB account to another account using only your phone number. Not only that, but you may also check your FCMB account balance online. The recognized FCMB transfer code is *329# (this is also known as the USSD code), and with this code, you can make use of FCMB mobile transfer code to other banks. It acts as your FCMB transfer pin as well as your FCMB short code. With this code, you can get a host of things done.

However, if you are reading this article now, then I believe you are either an FCMB customer or an intending customer seeking to learn a little more about FCMB code, how to transfer money using the code, how to check your account balance and as well recharge airtime from the convenience of your home using the FCMB transfer code. But before we go into details about that, it is also essential that we get to know this bank a little more. For a bank that has a slogan like “My bank and I”, it is only expected that one would seek to learn more about them.


Brief History about FCMB

FCMB Ltd is a Lagos-based financial corporation. The total asset of the bank were estimated at US$4.4 billion as at December 2019. (NGN: 1.7 trillion). It is also important to know that City Securities Limited, the company from which FCMB was created, was founded in the year 1977 by Oloye Subomi Balogun, Otunba Tunwashe of Ijebu, a Yoruba traditional aristocracy of the time.

FCMB received its banking license on August 11, 1983. It was the first bank in Nigeria to be founded without the assistance of the government or foreign investors. However, following the bank’s movement to a universal bank in 2001, the name of the bank was changed from First City Merchant Bank which was it’s former name, to First City Monument Bank.

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On July 15, 2004, FCMB’s became a public limited liability company, and on December 21, 2004 it was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) by November 2010, FCMB acquired a share in becoming a strategic investor in FinBank, another undercapitalized Nigerian commercial bank. By 2017, FCMB had 4.3 million clients, 220 locations, including a UK banking affiliate. The bank’s customer base is expected to reach almost 8 million by 2021.

Let us now go back to our main focus.

What exactly is the FCMB transfer code?

The FCMB transfer code is the “USSD” (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) via which clients may conduct a series of transactions without visiting any of the FCMB branches around the country. Among the tasks you may complete with the USSD include, but are not limited to, sending money to relatives and friends.

Top-up of airtime and data for yourself and third-party accounts

As a way to check your account balance, make a bill payment, and so on.

How to Use the FCMB USSD

You must first be activated before you may use the FCMB transfer code or for any other purpose.

This is known as the onboarding procedure. Dial 389214# from a phone number associated with your FCMB account.

You will receive a notification with three options: 1) Activate using an ATM card; 2) Activate with a debit card; or 3) Activate with a credit card.

2) Sign in with your account and activate it.

3) Use Mwallet to activate.

Please click on the second option, then “Activate with account.”

Enter your account number on the next slide.

You will then receive a notification confirming that you have successfully synced. After you’ve completed this, you may need to activate your PIN.

Dial 389214# from the same phone number to activate your PIN.

Choose “Security” and then “Change PIN” from the list of alternatives.

Enter your default PIN, followed by your new 4-digit PIN.

It is best to use digits that you are familiar with as your PIN; moreover, this set of numbers should not be given to a third party.

You have successfully registered for FCMB’s USSD service.

How to Use the FCMB Transfer Code to Send Money, we shall be looking at how to go about that below;

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How to Transfer Funds from FCMB to Other Financial Institutions

This is the FCMB transfer code, which can only be used with the FCMB USSD transfer code.

Before you proceed, you must first understand how to activate the FCMB transfer code.

To transfer funds from FCMB to another bank, call 329Amount*Account number#.

How to Check FCMB Bank Account Balance

It is, like the rest, fairly simple and brief.

You will be able to check your recent amount balance on the go with this USSD code without any difficulty. You may check your amount balance by calling 32900# with this FCMB balance code.

Now let’s talk about how to buy airtime using FCMB transfer code.

FCMB Airtime Recharge Code: How to Buy Phone Airtime

You may now buy airtime or credit on your phone with the FCMB Airtime Recharge Code.

Why is an FCMB Airtime Recharge Code required?

The FCMB code covers not only the purchase of airtime but also other services such as money transfer to any FCMB Bank or other banks, bill payment, account balance checking, and so on. This is to assist clients in locating a quick, easy, and secure method to access some of the bank’s services.

Consider the following scenario: you are stuck in traffic or you are at a remote location and you need to contact a customer. The best option is to use the FCMB Airtime Recharge Code to purchase airtime from the phone.

To utilize this service, you would have to have an account with FCMB Bank and continue to use the phone number you provided at registration. This phone number will act as a whistleblower, notifying you whenever money enters or exits the account. If you have misplaced your phone number, you may still update with your current phone number. You may use the FCMB recharge code to top up your Airtime Balance or for your relatives and friends.

The FCMB recharge USSD code is free to use and may be used on any GSM network in Nigeria. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not need internet or Wi-Fi to use the service, which is why you may use it on any phone as long as you have the connected phone number and are in the coverage area.

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Dial 329Amount# to self-recharge (for example, 329500# to purchase 500 naira airtime for your FCMB-registered mobile number).

Then assuming you want to recharge for a friend, check the steps below.

How to Use the FCMB USSD Recharge Code to Recharge for Others

This approach is used to recharge any phone number that is not registered with First City Monument Bank. To buy Airtime for your relatives and friends, call 329AmountPhone Number# on your phone (e.g. *329200*08012345678#). When your purchase is complete, the amount of credit you entered will be applied to your desired phone number.

How to Buy or Purchase Data Using FCMB USSD Code

Simply call 3291*Mobile Number# from your phone and follow the instructions on your screen

People often ask, how can I unblock my account in an event that I blocked it due to fraudsters trying to gain access to my account?  I will be answering that question below.

How can I Unblock My FCMB Account?

You most likely banned your account to prevent unauthorized individuals from obtaining access to it for whatever reason. Customers frequently request that these accounts be unlocked so that they may carry on with their normal transactions.

Please keep in mind that if your account is banned, cash can be added to it but no withdrawals can be made. If you want to withdraw from such an account, you must go to the nearest FCMB branch and offer your written approval before the account may be reinstated.

To block your account when you lose your debit card, follow the steps below.

How to Block an FCMB USSD Profile OR a Bank Account

Dial 329911# from any registered or unregistered phone number.

Also, for those who would like to pay for their DSTV or GOTV subscription, follow the steps below.

How to Pay for a DSTv OR GOTv Subscription Using the FCMB USSD Code

To finish the subscription, call 3292AmountSmartcard Number# and follow the instructions that appear on your phone screen.

In summary, this article provides all FCMB customers and potential customers with all the information on how to use the bank’s transfer code for any activity it is currently available for.

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