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First Bank USSD Transfer Code: 7 Common USSD Error Messages & Their Solutions

Online Banking has been made much easier with the introduction of USSD codes for online banking transactions on the go. From the days of dealing with Tally numbers in the banking premises, then with the introduction of using tellers, down to the use of ATMs, we thought we had seen it all and BOOM! another banking innovation hit the financial world with the introduction of USSD Code popularly referred to as TRANSFER CODE according to the common man. Referring to it as Transfer code limits its effectiveness, efficiency and scope of use because it works beyond just transferring cash via your mobile devices.

In the courses of reading this post, you will under how to implement the full power and use of First Bank USSD Code, how it is used, the common USSD error messages associated with FBN USSD code and what to do when you get any of these error messages.

First Bank USSD Transfer Code: 7 Common USSD Error Messages & Their Solutions 1

The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes” is a communications protocol used by Mobile phones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers.

First Bank of Nigeria has adopted this new online mobile technology and are making best use of it in providing top notch, quick and easy mobile banking for their customers.

However, there are some errors accustomed to using the First bank USSD code and the following are the error messages and how to solve them below.

List of What You Can Do With First Bank USSD Code

Firstly the FBN USSD transfer code is *894# it is a quick, convenient, secure and easy way to perform the following bank transactions without the use of internet but you must have credit on your sim card to be able to perform the following;

Transfer Money

You can use the First bank USSD code to transfer money from First Bank to First Bank and from First Bank to other banks by typing the *894# and follow the commands. However, there are limits to which you can transfer, this is part of the security measures put in place by First Bank. Before doing this, make sure the phone number you are using is that which is used to receive alert from your First Bank account.

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However, such limit can be adjusted but not removed completely, and such individual must physically visit the bank and fill a form to increase the limit placed on transfer.

Checking of Bank Account Balance

Aside sending money using the First Bank Transfer Code, another important use of First Bank USSD Code is for Checking your account balance. Most often, we are used to checking our account balance before paying any payment online just to be sure of the amount about to be sent.

You can use the *894# and follow the command prompts, you will see CHECK BALANCE, press the number beside it and your account balance will be shown. You do not need to type your account number because the phone number in use is already attached to your bank account.

Opening A New First Bank Account

Isn’t this wonderful? in fact this is the best of all amongst other functions of the First Bank USSD Code. Being at your comfort zone and opening an account without the use of Data or going to the bank is one applaud that must be given to the management of First Bank of Nigeria.

We careless if other banks are doing this already because today its all about First Bank USSD transfer code and its uses. You do not need to have an account with first bank to do this. Are you tired of your bank’s inefficiencies? make a switch to FBN by opening an account exactly where you are and exploit all the magnificent services provided by the bank.

Buy Airtime And Bill Payment

This is the part that cuts across every individual. We buy airtime daily, we pay bills daily so tell me why this is practically not the most use of the FBN USSD code? Time is money, saving your time means saving your money for other better use and investments.

With the introduction of the First Bank USSD Transfer code as it is commonly referred to by the layman, life has been made easier, daily expenses like buying of recharge cards of any of the network operators in Nigeria and payment of bills not limited to PHCN bills, Water Corporation bills, DSTV and GOTV monthly subscriptions and even school fees can be done with ease by simply dialing *894# and following the commands.

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Miscellaneous expenses have been cut drastically and both at home and at work, we have been able to save more based on time management.

In addition to the above use of First Bank USSD code as listed, the FBN code is very user friendly and dynamic, any type of phone is allowed and you do not have to have an account with First Bank for you to be able to make use of the code because the USSD code can be used to open an account for non-First bank customers.

Before any individual can make full use of FBN USSD code, he or she must have an account with FBN and a working First Bank ATM Debit card with the phone number attached to the account.

To open an account as a first bank customer you just dial *894# and send, you will get 3 options, follow option 2 which states open account and then follow the prompt commands.

Upon opening an account with First Bank, you can then register for mobile banking using by typing 8940# then follow the prompt commands, you will be requested to filling in your bank account details in the process.

Using the First Bank USSD code comes with some challenges in form of error messages, sometime this may be due to network error from your service provider:

First Bank USSD Transfer Code Error Messages And Their Solutions

1)     When you type the code correctly (*894#) sometimes you get connection error or invalid MMI code, this most likely happens when there is a network problem either with the bank or service provider.

2)     When using the FBN USSD code (*894#), you must follow the prompts within 20 seconds or else you will receive an error message (Connection Error or Invalid MMI Code), which automatically means starting all over again.

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3)     When registered customers input the wrong pin, an error message is sent and solution to such is to verify your pin again and input it. After 3 tries, you will be blocked from using the code.

4)     When you receive an error code saying “System Unavailable or System Malfunction then know it is a general network problem.

5)     Another common error code is “You Do Not Have An Account or Account Is Being Created”. In this case, physically visit the bank to fill an alert form.

6)     Insufficient funds Error message is another common error message associated with the use of USSD code. This happens when the amount to be transferred to a beneficiary is more than the actual balance in your account. To solve this, simply fund your account a bit above the supposed transfer amount to cater for the extra charges if it is from First Bank to other banks.

7)     Also, you will receive an error code for amount above 20,000 when using the USSD code for transfer. To solve this, provide your ATM card pin and this error message would stop.

The above are the common USSD error messages associated with the use of First Bank USSD codes, and since we have been able to provide all possible solutions to the error messages, we hope this piece of information has been so far helpful to all First Bank customers and non customers.

Start exploring the full use of First Bank USSD code for money transfer, bill payments and other basic uses.

If you have any question as it relates to the used of First Bank Transfer code, error messages and how to solve them, feel feel to get in touch with us via the comment section or our contact us page and we shall respond as fast as possible.

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