Access Bank Code for Borrowing Money Without Collateral – How To Apply

Are you looking for how to borrow money from Access bank using the USSD code or have you just heard that there is a way to take a loan from Access bank using a particular code or method? All you need to know about the Access bank loan would be found in this article.

Payday loans are distinct from other types of loans. They are often fairly tiny and are intended to support some minor but urgent people’s needs. For example, supposing someone becomes ill or is in an emergency situation there isn’t enough money to pay for drugs or solve the existing problem, and payday is still a long way off. Sometimes it is important to make additional urgent payments that are critical in certain respects, but a person cannot afford it due to a lack of cash. It is in this conditions that the payday loan becomes necessary.

Let’s discuss briefly about LATO as regards to loans.

Access Bank Code for Borrowing Money Without Collateral - How To Apply 1

Lending Against Turnover (LATO): LATO is an abbreviation for Lending against Turnover.

It is an on-the-spot lending product aimed towards non-pay account users who have had a relationship with a financial institution for at least six months. The receiver is not required to provide any documents or collateral for this loan, which lasts for 30 days.

You may simply apply for one of these loans by entering the Loan Code – * 901 * 11 * 1 # into the Entry Financial Institute’s website.

Features of the Payday loan

  1. *901*11*1# QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, and Mobile App provide easy 24/7 service that does not need visits to the bank.
  2. There is no paperwork necessary for one to access the Access bank payday loan.
  3. There is no need for collateral for one to access this loan.
  4. Tenor for up to thirty-one (31) days.

What exactly is an Access Bank payday loan USSD?

The USSD code, which allows for a speedier payday loan approval, is a relatively recent development. It was only lately that it was made available to individuals who met the minimal Access Bank conditions. You may now get a quick loan by dialing the number 90111*1# and following a few easy procedures. There is no need for you to wait for an extended period of time. You can get everything you need in just a few minutes.

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The Access Bank provides a variety of payday loans ranging from N1,000 to N500,000 with flat interest rates of 3%. In most situations, the bank determines how much each individual may get from them. In most cases, such a loan must be repaid at the end of the month or at the time you get your paycheck, whichever comes first. When the time comes for the loan to mature, the required amount will be deducted from your account.

Are you looking for how to access the payday loan from Access Bank? Below is how to go about it;

How can I Apply for a Payday Loan from Access Bank?

You only need a few minutes and the loan is yours! You are don’t need to wait for days, weeks, or months.

To begin, call the above-mentioned USSD 90111*1#. You will receive a number of Access accounts in a short period of time. Then you’ll find out how much money you can obtain from the bank. That’s all! Access Bank may now provide you with an immediate payday loan!

You may also want to know how long the loan would be valid for, we would also be sharing that information in this article so you can keep that in mind while applying for the loan, so you do not default on the loan.

When is the PayDay Loan due to be Repaid?

Your PayDay Loan will be required for repayment within 30 days of the day the loan was accepted, whichever comes first (whichever comes first). The loan amount will be debited automatically from your pay account.

Can I pre-pay my payday loan?

Customers are free to pay off their loans whenever they choose. Customers who wish to liquidate their loans should call Access Bank at +23412712005, send an email to, or visit any Access Bank location.

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What if my account is not funded on the due date?

If your account is not funded on the due date, the loan amount will also be debited from the inflow of any amount into the customer’s account. If the loan is past its due date, the loan amount would be debited from any other account that is linked to the customers BVN.

Is it possible to access the Access bank PayDay loan with an existing loan?

Where you have existing loans, the monthly repayment(s) will be used to calculate your eligible amount. Your eligible amount will therefore be 75% of your monthly salary, less any monthly repayment(s). If the monthly repayment is higher than your eligible amount, you will not be able to take a PayDay Loan.

The PayDay loan is not the only loan available for borrowing in Access bank, we have some other types of loan like the student loan. Let’s get into details about the student loan.

Student Loan from Access Bank

How to Get a Student Loan

  1. Visit the website, download the form, and fill in the correct information.
  2. Completed forms and documents should be emailed to
  3. Your loan will be handled right away.
  4. If your loan is accepted, the funds will be transferred to your school’s account.
  5. Summit transaction receipt.

Similarly, we also have the Access bank business loan for entrepreneurs who are in business and need urgent cash to solve a problem.

Access Bank Student Loan

With the Access Bank Business Loan ,you can receive a business loan through Access Bank’s new W initiative.

This program was created to make it easier for women to get loans. Despite this, women are still hesitant to take out loans for fear of not being able to repay them, as well as being unable to establish a normal business, among other things. This and other problems, however, are becoming a reality.

This new program makes it possible for women-owned companies to obtain loans 30 days after creating an account.

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This package also includes business counseling services, a flexible payback time, a low interest rate, and adjustable security choices. While the bank implements processes to assist in overcoming the obstacles of obtaining a loan, here are a few ways female entrepreneurs may approach their enterprises in order to be given loans.

  • Also make sure you have a good business plan. It is critical to understand how your firm operates and to have the relevant documents. Access Bank’s W initiative sessions-in-branch and W Business Hubs-will aid you in meeting with industry professionals on how to begin with an exciting business strategy.
  • Register your company with all of the relevant entities. All required documents should be completed in order for your company to be regarded legitimate and permitted to conduct business with financial institutions.
  • Following the completion of the documents, you may create a corporate account to act as a form of financial identity and representation. Also giving a location where you may be seen. Having a business account might provide you with benefits to help you with your business

Others are the;

Device Finance: This is an Access Bank lending program designed to assist you in financing the purchase of mobile devices.

Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS): This loan is intended to cover the costs of delivery and fertility operations.

Vehicle Financing: If you’ve been seeking for a simple method to get a new automobile, an Access bank vehicle finance loan will help. Salary earners, SME owners, and corporate entities are all welcome. You have access to a large range of suppliers, and you must repay the loan within 48 months.

All these loans are accessible using 901111#.

In summary, if you are an Access bank customer, it is fair to say that they have you covered in any case of an emergency fund.

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