Charles Olumo: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography (2024)

Charles Olumo is a Nigerian Yoruba language comic actor. He is an iconic television personality known for his funny and sometimes brutal persona on screen. His real name is Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu, and he is popularly known as Charles Olumo, or Agbako after a character he played as a evil henchman. That role transformed Agbako into the first bad man of the Nigerian movie industry because he was literally only given evil roles such as witch doctor, witch doctor’s henchman, or some other antagonist role.

He is therefore synonymous with the bad person; as he played such roles and rose to a height of fame (or infamy) that was unprecedented for an actor of such roles. During the 1990’s and early 2000’s  Charles Olumo aka Agbako was the bad guy in almost any Yoruba movie that was released in that time.

In an interview he stated that people who come across him usually flee in terror; not even giving him a chance to prove what a kind, and generous soul he really is on the inside. He is a respected person in society; those who know him call him Alhaji.

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Charles Olumo Biography

Real NameAbdulsalam Sanyaolu
State of OriginOgun State
Date of Birth1923 (100 years)
OccupationActor and Director
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth500,00 USD
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Charles Olumo’s real name is Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu, and he was born some time in 1923, in Ogun State, Western Nigeria. He was sent to school, as were most of his mates at the time; and so he attended the primary school in his hometown of Egba-Owode, Ogidan and then he went to Lisabi Grammar School in Abeokuta.

In an interview he granted in 2017 he stated that his decision to become an actor sparked anger and disappointment from his father; especially because he was raised to be Muslim, but was rehearsing and taking part in Church Dramas at a church. In fact, it was in order to blend in with the church members that he chose a Christian name. That was how Abdulsalam Sanyaolu became Charles Olumo.  At that point his father started using native charms in an attempt to stop him from continuing with his acting dream.

He nursed the ambition of attending the University of Ibadan, but found himself sent off to be apprenticed as a mechanic. After completing his apprenticeship he went to Lagos to practice his trade; and he found work as a mechanic at Tinubu Square in Lagos. However, he was quite a playful and friendly person and he became friends with a group of actors on set.

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Charles Olumo gradually won over the group of actors with his funny behavior, and he was called up to replace the lead actor who had fallen out with the director. That was how Charles Olumo became an actor.

Charles Olumo Net Worth

Charles Olumo’s Net worth is estimated to be in the region of $20,000. His source of wealth being the salaries he earned from his acting roles. Unfortunately, he did not earn a lot of money from his acting career because he only acted a particular character which is the evil henchman.

Furthermore, the evil henchman role did not make him marketable as a brand ambassador, and he was not able to make money by doing adverts and commercials for any companies. As a matter of fact it is said that when people saw Agbako walking towards them, they generally fled in terror.

Charles Olumo Wife

Charles Olumo is not just a father but a grand and great grand father. At 100 years of age in 2024, this goes a long way to show how blessed of a man he is considering the rate at which young nollywood stars are passing on. The news as regards his wife is still sketchy. Rumors have it that his wife is late but this news cannot be confirmed at the moment so its best we focus on the centurion actor.

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Charles Olumo Age

He was born on was born in 1923, making him 100 years old this year.

Charles Olumo House

Charles Olumo lives in a beautiful apartment in the Mushin area of Lagos.

Charles Olumo the veteran Yoruba actor is now an old man of nearly 100 years old. He is said to be the first bad man of the Nigerian movie industry. His movie persona was always the bad man, and that meant that he was not very marketable as a brand ambassador, which is why he didn’t make a lot of money during his long and successful acting career. He has stated that he is being taken care of by colleagues including Iya Rainbow, Oga Bello, and so on. A few years a lot of the current set of Yoruba Actors in Nigeria paid him a surprise visit to celebrate his long life and the feats he has accomplished as an actor.