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Desmond Walter Oriakhi Biography, Age, State of Origin, Wife & Net Worth 2023

Known for his stellar performances in movies like Throwing Stones (2009), and Girls Are Not Smiling (2017), Desmond Walter Oriakhi is a Nigerian movie actor who has proven himself as a top talent in the entertainment industry.

He is distinguished in his ability to perform a wide variety of roles, and to deliver these screen performances with authority. Desmond Walter Oriakhi makes acting look so easy; he is a natural talent, the likes of which come around once in a long while.

Desmond Walter is the embodiment of talent and grace; it is impossible not to notice his imposing physical presence; he is tall and well built like a boxer. The following is his biography and as much that can be gathered about his personal life.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Biography, Age, State of Origin, Wife & Net Worth [year] 1

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Biography

Desmond Walter Oriakhi is a Nigerian actor, social media influencer, brand ambassador, and Youtuber. He won the South South Award in 2020 for the Best Nollywood Actor. He has featured in a number of movies, some of which were quite successful by units sold. He is also one of the actors who have been busy building a niche for themselves on YouTube, therefore challenging new frontiers in online entertainment.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi is best known for the movies Throwing Stones (2009), and Girls Are Not Smiling (2017). Fans will easily recognize him for his height, his physical build, and his manly character.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi may soon find himself the face of epic movies in Nollywood; he has literally held and shaken that genre as those who have seen his performances in movies like Isodehi (2020) can verify.

His Early Life

Not much is known about the early life of Desmond Walter Oriakhi; except that he is an indigene of Edo State in southern Nigeria. He is a Christian; of that there is no doubt, but any information about his age is speculative.

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From his appearance one might deduce that he is just below 40 years of age; he must have been born sometime in the 1980s; perhaps between 1987-1982.

Being an indigene of Edo State, he probably was born there. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oriakhi, and though the number of children they have is not known, it is reasonable to assume that he has siblings.

There is no information available about what institutions he attended, or when he graduated, except that he probably passed through the public school system, either in his native Edo State, or elsewhere in the southern part of Nigeria.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Career Development

Desmond Walter Oriakhi came into the movie industry as a young man. He has been a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria since at least 2009 when he was probably in his 20’s. Though it is believed that he passed through the system; which involves playing cameo roles, the earliest major role on record in which he featured prominently was Throwing Stones which was released in 2009.

From there he went on to feature in other movies such as Iyore, which was released in 2015, and which was an Epic movie. This particular movie was a major breakthrough for Desmond Walter Oriakhi’s career; it brought him to limelight, and also made him a fan favorite.

That movie also opened the doors for several other movies of that genre; which almost streamlined his career as he featured in similar movies like Isodehi and so on. However, he managed to overcome that; he has featured in many other movies of different genres, such as Saving Dreams, and Girls are not smiling.

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Some of His Movies

Throwing Stones

Saving Dreams 2017

Iyore 2015


Isodehi (2020)

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Other Activities

Desmond Walter Oriakhi, having established himself as an actor has also become a movie director. He now makes his own films, and uses digital platforms in the distribution of his movies.

Some of his films are short films, and he has a youtube channel which is in the process of being developed.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi also works with companies to promote their brands. He is a brand ambassador, and influencer, who has done promotional work for a number of brands, especially in the fashion industry.

He is a Fashion Model; there are many pictures of him posing in many different outfits which are obviously made by Nigerian designers. By the number of pictures available one can say that Desmond Walter Oriakhi is one of the highly sought after fashion models in the country.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Awards

Desmond Walter Oriakhi is a talented actor and model; there is no doubt that he has what it takes to make it big time in the industry and win plenty of accolades.

He won the Best Nollywood Actor award for 2020 at the South South Awards. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about the award, or about the creators of the award.

How Old is Desmond Walter Oriakhi?

Desmond Walter Oriakhi’s exact date of birth is not available, but from his appearance it is probable that he was born sometime in the 1980’s which would put him around 44 years old as at September 2023.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi State Of Origin

Desmond Walter Oriakhi is from Edo State in southern Nigeria.

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Whos is Desmond Walter Oriakhi’s Wife

Desmond Walter Oriakhi has not officially produced information about his personal life; even his instagram page does not say anything about a wife.

Curiously though, there is a picture in public domain, which is that of himself, a grown woman, and several young children all posing for a photograph. More interesting is the fact that they are all dressed in white, and the photo was taken in a studio setting.

This leads one to conclude that Desmond Walter Oriakhi may be a family man.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Net Worth 2023

Desmond Walter Oriakhi’s net worth is subject to speculation; without bank statements or access to private information it is impossible to give a definitive statement. nevertheless, with the success he has achieved so far as an actor, and with the brand ambassador job which he does on the side, it is reasonable to estimate that Desmond Walter Oriakhi should be worth at least N10 million.

Desmond Walter Oriakhi Contact Information

Fans and potential business partners who would like to contact this actor can do so using his Instagram; he is very active on that social network. However, on his instagram profile; he also provides telephone numbers. All are provided below.

Instagram Account: @desmondwalter73

Telephone Numbers: +2348058064053 +2348035760349

That is all there is to know about the handsome, award winning nollywood actor Desmond Walter Oriakhi, his personal life and movies he has featured in so far. The information posted here will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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