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Eddie Watson: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies, State of Origin & Net Worth 2024

Africa should be proud of Eddie Watson; he is an actor and film maker who is simply on another level. Born in Liberia, of Ghanaian descent, and popular in Nigeria, this is one of the powerhouses of film making in Africa, especially in the West African sub-region.

His face is one of the most familiar, but not because he has to feature in every film. This is one of those whose talent is reserved for the big projects, and those who make movies that can be called important, and that set the standard of story telling and movie making in Africa.

Eddie Watson is a fan’s favorite, and a big name in the industry. In this post we discuss his life, his career, and everything else that makes him tick.

Eddie Watson: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies, State of Origin & Net Worth [year] 1

Eddie Watson Profile

Real Name: Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr.

Popularly Known As: Eddie Watson

Date of Birth: May 22, 1980

Place of Birth: Monrovia, Liberia

Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer

Eddie Watson Biography

Eddie Watson is an award winning Ghanaian Actor, Director and Producer whose popularity and influence has spread all over the continent. He has featured in many popular movies in the Ghanaian movie industry, and in the Nigerian movie industry, as well as collaborations between the two movie industries.

He is known for successful movies such as A Reason To Kill, Single Six, and Ebola. He is the recipient of several awards and nominations, and he is one of the names people see and are encouraged to see a movie. He has also delved into directing, and now he owns a Production Company.

Eddie Watson Early Life

Eddie Watson was born in Monrovia, Liberia and he probably attended Primary school there. It is not clear exactly when his family returned to Ghana, but he must have been in the country as at 2008 because by 2010 he had started making waves in the movie industry.

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Even though we do not know what schools he attended, or much about his family, but we do know his history in the movie industry- and that is very interesting.

Career Development

Eddie Watson is one of the few who started their careers with a bang, rather than starting small and then gaining momentum. He first featured in a movie in his native Ghana; the movie was titled Labour of Love; and it was made in 2010. That movie was very successful; it became popular both in Nigeria and Ghana, and went on to serve as a spring board with which he launched his career.

That same year he returned with a vengeance in another movie; it is titled Somewhere In Africa; the Cries of Humanity. The movie was released in the Nigerian and Ghanaian markets, and was very successful. The movie featured big stars such as Majid Michael (he played several roles), Martha Ankomah, Kofi Adjorlolo, Roselyn Ngissah, and David Dontoh.

The movie received lots of praise for its visuals, make up, sound track, and so on. Eddie Watson received a nomination for his role in that movie; that was a big deal for a newcomer in the industry, and it opened several doors.

2011 was a very fruitful year; directors and producers were so impressed with his performance that they brought offers. Therefore, Eddie Watson featured in films like A Reason to Kill, and Single Six. In fact, roles poured in from Nigeria as well; he starred alongside Queen Nwokoye in Desperate Heart.

He continued his romance with the Nigerian movie industry in 2012 and beyond; he was in Single and Married, House of Gold, Letters to My Mother and Purple Rose in 2013. Eddie Watson so became an international star; shuttling between Nigeria and Ghana to make movies.

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His next move was career defining; he understood that he had a choice; go higher from there, or go lower, and start making rubbish movies. He chose the first option-greatness.

Eddie Watson made the film Ebola which documented how the Ebola Virus had ravaged his beloved Liberia, and how film was written directed and produced by Eddie Watson, and that film marked his entrance into the world of film production. From there on, he has become an important film maker in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Eddie Watson Movies

Labour of Love (Year 2010)

Somewhere In Africa (Year 2011)

4Play Reloaded (Year 2010)

A Reason to Kill (Year 2013)

Single Six (Year 2011)

Single and Married (Year 2012)

House of Gold (Year 2013)

Purple Rose (Year 2014)

Bachelors (Year 2014)


Sisters at War (Year 2014)

Jack & Jill (He is an actor and producer on this one) (Year 2014)

Single Married & Complicated (Year 2014)

Don’t Play That Game (Year 2014)

Family Album (Year 2014)

Ebola The Documentary (also as producer) (Year 2014)

Over The Edge (Year 2015)

Luke of Lies (Year 2015)

She Prayed (also as producer) (Year 2015)

Television Programmes

My Home season 1&2

Happy Family season 4

Eddie Watson Awards and Recognition

Eddie Watson has received laurels and accolades in different forms since becoming an accomplished actor and film maker. Here are some of the awards he has received.

Ghana Movie Award 2014; Best Actor in Lead Role (Nomination)

Ghana Movie Award 2014; Best Short Film (Won)

Best of Nollywood Awards 2017; Best Kiss in a Movie (Nominated)

Eddie Watson: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies, State of Origin & Net Worth [year] 2

Eddie Watson Age

Eddie Watson was born on 22 May 1980, making him 43 years of age as at the time of writing this report. He looks quite young for his age; and likes to dress like a young guy. It is therefore quite difficult for people to believe that he is 43 years old.

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Eddie Watson Wife

Eddie Watson is married to the beautiful Naomi Baaba Watson. They were in a relationship for about two years before they got married in a private ceremony. They now have two children together.

Eddie Watson has made several public appearances with his wife, and he has also posted his wife and family on his social media accounts on several occasions. He lives with his family in Accra, Ghana.

Eddie Watson State of Origin

Eddie Watson was born in Monrovia, Liberia. He is a Ghanaian and Liberian dual citizen, and he also spends a lot of time in Nigeria. He can therefore be called a citizen of West Africa.

Eddie Watson Net Worth

Eddie Watson is worth around $4 Million. The money comes from his work as an actor, director, and producer. Eddie Watson has a penchant for featuring in top rated moves which go on to be blockbusters. Therefore it is not surprising that he has that kind of money.

Besides the money he has as his net worth; Eddie Watson has a very high earning potential because his personal brand is quite big, and he can earn a lot of money from his acting, as a brand ambassador, as a social media personality, and then he has a production house of his own.


That is all you need to know about super star actor Eddie Watson; who is also a writer, director and Film Producer. It is exciting to see what big things he has planned for the future, especially as a Producer when he has more of a say in the ideas behind the movies, and how they are made.