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Benita Ugochkwu: Biography, Age, Husband, State, Movies And Net Worth 2024

Benita Ugochukwu is many things; she is a star actress, a beauty queen, a social media influencer, and a movie producer. An abundance of natural beauty, talent and grace have combined to make her a top celebrity; known throughout the country and beyond.

Benita Ugochukwu is one of those who have excelled in the Nigerian movie industry, and who through hard work and tenacity have become one of the big stars of the new era of Nollywood.

Her back story is a rather interesting one; she has a lot to teach the younger generation of actors in the country and beyond.

Benita Ugochkwu: Biography, Age, Husband, State, Movies And Net Worth [year] 1

Benita Ugochkwu’s Biography, Age, Husband, State, Movies And Net Worth

Benita Ugochkwu Profile

Real Name: Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu

Stage Name: Benita Ugochukwu

Date of Birth: 29 May 1991

Place of Birth: Enugu State, Nigeria

Occupation: Actress, Model, Screen Writer, Director and Producer

Benita Ugochkwu Biography

Benita Ugochukwu, perhaps also known Benita Onyiuke, is best known as a Nollywood actress. She is known for her roles in movies like Perfect Plan, and Unexpected. She is one of the regular faces in the movie industry, and she has now turned her attention to movie production with the establishment of her own movie company.

Before any of that she was a beauty queen; she contested the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) back in 2014, where she represented Benue State interestingly.

Benita Ugochukwu has featured in a long list of movies in Nollywood, and has demonstrated sufficient talent and versatility to earn her recognition as an actress of repute. She has plenty of fans all over the country, and her fame has spread to every corner of the world where Nollywood movies are played.

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With her movie production house she has now become a very important personality in the Nigerian movie industry; she has also become very influential in the sense that she now has a bigger role to play in the industry, and that role now includes building the careers of fellow actors and actresses.

Early Life

Benita Ugochukwu was born on 29 May 1991 in Enugu State, Nigeria. She was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Onyiuke, who hail from Enugu Ukwu, in Anambra State of Nigeria. She was given a decent Christian upbringing, and grew up in a big, loving family, with siblings and relatives.

She attended both primary and secondary schools in Enugu, and then she went to the Abia State University. In an interview with one of the Nigerian newspapers she revealed that she had been acting since her primary school days, and that she finds it quite easy because it is something she has been doing all her life.

Career Development

After school she had the opportunity to participate in the MBGN, even though she didn’t win it, the pageant gave her a platform to show her beauty to the world. That platform opened the door for her to make in-roads to the movie industry. She went for auditions, and then she started getting small roles.

One of the important milestones in her career was when she featured in the movie Weapon of Love, which was written and produced by Ugezu J Ugezu, and which featured such stars like Rita Arum, Jerry Williams, and Christiana ‘Tana’ Adelana.

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Although she was already quite well known in the industry, that movie further cemented her position as one of the actresses with the talent and good looks to take Nollywood to greater heights.

From there she went on to feature in so many other movies, even becoming one of the poster girls of the industry as a result of the frequency with which she graces our screens.

Benita Ugochkwu Movies

Over the course of her career Benita has featured in several movies, and so not all can be highlighted. However, the following movies are quite popular:

Perfect Plan (Year 2022)

Unexpected (Year 2022)

When You See Me (Year 2020)

Beyond Belief (Year 2021)

The True Bosses (Year 2023

Perfect Plan   (Year 2022

Unexpected (Year 2022)

Deep (Year 2022)

Beyond Belief (Year 2021)

When You See Me (Year 2020)

Crazy Stupid Love (Year 2022)

When Love Calls (Year 2021)

Indifference (Year 2021)

Sorrowing Wind (Year 2020)

Love Delayed (Year 2020)

Weapon of Love (Year 2020)

Benita Ugochuchukwu Awards

Screams Awards; Award For Best New Actor Of The Year (2019) (Won).

Benita Ugochuckwu Age

Benita Ugochukwu was born on 29 May 1991, which makes her 32 years of age as at the time of writing this post.  

Benita Ugochukwu Husband

Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu is married to Mr. Ugochukwu, whom one online source describes as her long time boyfriend. The marriage is blessed with three kids, and is described as happy and blissful. Benita’s marriage has been cited as an example for Nollywood actresses to aspire to; she has been quoted on several sources relating how supportive her husband is.

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She stated that he gives her all the support she needs, and as a result she does not shy away from any roles.

Benita granted an interview in which she advised women in abusive marriages to run for their lives so as to avoid death or serious bodily injuries.

Benita Ugochukwu’s State of Origin

Benita Ugochukwu hails from Enugu Ukwu, in Anambra State of Nigeria. The confusion arises from the fact that she was born in Enugu State, which is why it seems like that is her state of origin. She even contested for the MBGN from Benue State, however, her state of origin remains Anambra.

Benita Ugochukwu’s Net Worth

Benita is estimated to be worth around N13 million. The money comes from her acting, and other activities as indicated below.

Other Ventures

Aside from acting; she has her own Movie Production Company called Bnit Productions; through which she makes movies and short films. She also operates Beauty Affairs by Bnit Salon.

She also does fashion designs and makes money as a social media influencer. She has a strong social media following; around 147,000 follow her on instagram.

There is the story of Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu who is known as Mrs. U by family and friends. Her story may serve as an inspiration to those who have the talent, and who are willing to work from the bottom to the top in the movie industry.