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Lere Paimo: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography (2023)

Lere Paimo is a Nigerian actor, director and producer. He is one of the old guard of the Yoruba movie industry; one of the most respected icons of the business. Chief Lere Paimo is an Officer of Federal Republic (OFR) and that national honour shows what the man means to the Nigerian society.

His on screen persona is usually that of a wealthy and accomplished old man; one who has made a lot of money through diabolical means, and sometimes has to pay some very serious prices such as the death of a loved one. His acting is realistic and his character portrayal draws in viewer; giving a kind of love- no love feeling.

He is an example of career longevity in the Yoruba Language movie industry. He is what young actors in the Yoruba movie industry should aspire to be. He is loved and respected by Nigerian movie fans all over the world, and he has had a long, eventful, and distinguished movie career.

Lere Paimo: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography ([year]) 1

Even though Chief Lere Paimo has not been so active on the movie scene, he has already created a legacy that can never be erased. The chief has featured a long list of movies too numerous to mention, and he has amassed both a fortune and a heap of awards.

Lere Paimo Biography

Chief Lere Paimo’s real name is Lere Paimo, and he was born on September 19, 1939, in Ile Ikoyi Odah, Osupa, Ogbomosho. His father was a tobacco farmer, and his mother was a trader.

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Lere Paimo was enrolled in the local primary school in Ogbomosho, but he soon left for the Gold Coast (Now Ghana) were he continued with his education, and even went to the teacher training college. Armed with his Grade II teacher’s certificate, he returned to Nigeria and worked for sometime as a teacher in the Baptist Missionary School in Ogbomosho.

With his teaching ability he quickly blended into theatre; as Osogbo was the centre of Yoruba culture and arts, and people came in from all over the country to watch Yoruba cultural arts on display. His talent was spotted and he was lured away from teaching into a career in theatre. He spent a few years with the late Duro Ladipo before setting up his own theatre group in 1973. His theatre group flourished throughout the 70’s, and by the 80’s he switched completely to movies.

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Chief Lere Paimo has nicknames such as Eda, Obamoro, or Chief Basa; all of which are stage names from his roles in popular theatre or movie roles. He was made an OFR in 2005, as a recognition of his contributions towards the development of the arts.

Lere Paimo: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography ([year]) 2

Lere Paimo Net Worth ($1,000,000)

Lere Paimo’s Net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1,000,000. He source of wealth include salaries for Television and movie roles, special guest appearances at important events, personality endorsements, and so on. He is also frequently visited and invited to cultural gatherings, and political movements.

He is said to have a significant real estate investments in real estate in both Lagos and Ogbomosho.

Lere Paimo Wife

Lere Paimo has been married for several years. His family includes his wife, children and several grandchildren.

Lere Paimo Age

He was born on was born on September 19, 1939 making him 83 years old.

Lere Paimo House

Lere Paimo lives in a mansion in Ogbomosho.

Lere Paimo’s Movies Include:

Stage Plays:


Ogbori Elemosho

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Aye niyi

GbanGba Dekun

Irinajo Eda


Aye Gbege

Akukuu bi

Gba die

Ago Alago

Ere Ogun


The Narrow Path (2006)

Arugba (2009)

Agogo èèwò (2002)

Onikoyi (1980s)

Please note that his complete filmography contains over 500 titles in a career that has lasted for more than 60 years. However, it is not possible to get the full list of his works because there is no reliable source. the Nigerian film industry does not have an extensive catalogue.

Lere Paimo is one of the pioneers whose hard laid the foundation for what is now Nollywood. He is the embodiment of talent and grace, and he has served as a beacon of the industry for both the English and Yoruba movie sectors in Nigeria. He is from an earlier time when theatre was all about displaying our culture, and movies were all about teaching vital life lessons. He has a filmography of more than 500 titles, and a national honour to his name.

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