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Frank Konwea: Biography, Age, State, Wife, Movies and Net Worth 2023

Big Brother Naija has produced many notable names over the years, but sadly most of them fizzle out nearly immediately afterwards. While you have to wonder where most Big Brother Stars are, you do not have to wonder where Frank Konwea is; he has become a big name in the Nigerian movie industry, and every few days there is a story about him.

Frank Konwea is a proper talent; he has a bit of everything; singing, dancing, acting, showmanship, and a pretty face. It is therefore no surprise that he has been successful thus far in the movie industry, and is climbing the industry’s ladder at a steady pace.

Fans and critics looking for information about Frank Konwea have come to the right place because the following paragraphs will dissect him in totality.

Frank Konwea: Biography, Age, State, Wife, Movies and Net Worth [year] 1

Frank Konwea Profile

  • Real Name: Frank Chinedu Konwea
  • Also Known As: Frank Konwea
  • Occupation: Dancer, Singer, Choreographer, Reality TV Star, Actor
  • Date Of Birth: 1978
  • Place of Birth: Lagos
  • State of Origin: Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Frank Konwea Biography

Frank Konwea is best known for featuring in the Big Brother Naija show season 1 which was held in 2006. He is a Nigerian dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and businessman. He has featured in some of the best music videos the country has produced, and has also taken his craft to several countries within and outside the continent.

Frank Konwea is one of the most popular faces in the country at the moment; he always seems to be on the cast of whatever TV series is a big hit. He is one of the Big Brother stars who have gone on to create a name for themselves since leaving the show.

Known for his passion and versatility, he is an important talent in the entertainment industry of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Frank Konwea’s Early Life

Frank Konwea was born in Lagos state Nigeria to the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Konwea from Asaba Delta state, in southern Nigeria. He attended St. Patrick’s College. He is from a Christian background, and he is very close to his family, although it is not known exactly how many siblings he has.

Frank Konwea showed interest in dancing at a very young age; this natural talent gave him a close affinity for music and showmanship. While in secondary school he formed a dance group, and he practiced dance steps with his friends.

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It must have looked like he was a boy about to through his future away, but little did anyone know that Frank would become a big star through this very passion that made him look like an unserious little boy.

His Career Development

Frank Konwea started attending auditions for dance companies in order to feature in shows, presentations, music videos, and adverts. It is impossible not to see his natural talent, and his passion for his art, and so it is not a surprise at all that he was usually selected among the top picks in any audition he attended.

Frank Konwea worked with several dance companies, and featured on many stages in the country. He also worked closely with many top artists in the country; putting out scintillating performances both on screen and on stage.

Frank Konwea had the privilege of visiting South Africa, Germany, France, Tunisia, and Portugal to practice his art. He can truly boast of being one of the pioneers in the field of professional dancing in Nigeria. For more than 23 years he has been a member of the Guild of Nigerian Dancers.

He even became a dance instructor and a choreographer for a Nigerian dance company. He also founded his own company Frankly Speaking Entertainment.

Frank Konwea Big Brother Naija and After That

Despite achieving some level of success as a dancer, Frank Konwea’s true career breakthrough came with his selection into the Big Brother Naija house for the season 1, back in 2006. He did not win (he came 5th) but he won the hearts of the audience.

He was the in house DJ, dancer, singer, chef, and troublemaker. In an interview during the show he described himself as a ‘loud person.’ His vocal outdoor nature naturally means that he will get to cross paths with people whether he intends to or not, but Big Brother as a show thrives on confrontation.

Even though Frank Konwea did not win that show, it made him very popular; especially because he got to show his talent, and his passion as a person. He left Big Brother House bigger than when he went in; as the evidence shows.

Frank Konwea As An Actor

After the Big Brother Naija appearance, his career Frank Konwea became more involved in acting than anything else, but then it is still all about entertainment. He did not have to work his way up as most actors do; he had already walked the walk as a dancer.

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He became active on TV series, and even as at the time of writing this post he is engaged on set in one of the most popular TV series in the country and region.

Frank Konwea has also featured on several movies; showing that he has versatility, depth and passion on his side. He can play a wide variety of roles, all delivered with passion and dedication. He is one of the top names in the industry today because whenever he is called upon to play a role, he always delivers to the point.

The following are some of his selected filmography.

Some of His Movies

  • Big Brother Nigeria (2006)
  • Riona (2020) TV Series
  • Dede’s Bride (2021)
  • Diiche (2022) TV Series

How Old is Frank Konwea?

Frank Konwea has tried to be secretive about his age, but it has not worked for him. In an interview with Big Brother back in 2006 he stated that he was 29 years old. If he was 29 years old at that time then in 2023 he 45 years old.

What State is Frank Konwea From?

Frank Konwea is from Asaba in Delta State, which is in southern Nigeria. He was born in Lagos, which is also where he grew up, but it is confirmed that he visits his hometown regularly to spend time with his parents who have retired to Asaba, and also to spend time with his relatives back home.

There is a misconception on some blogs who claim that Frank is from Lagos State; that is not true at all. On his personal Facebook page he clearly states that he is from Asaba in Delta State.

Frank Konwea’s Wife

Frank Konwea is indeed married; he did so shortly after leaving the Big Brother Naija house. He married his long time sweetheart Edna who has been with him since he was an unserious boy dancing in the back yard.

He said in an interview that he is grateful for her support which has been vital in his career strides so far, and that he was confident that with her by his side, he would continue to make rapid progress in his career.

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Edna Konwea is into fashion; that is all we know at the moment. She is a CEO by her own right. She is also a dedicated wife and mother to two children. She is also a dancer at Frankly Speaking entertainment (her husband’s company), and she also works with her husband on set.

Celebrating their marriage anniversary back in 2017 he wrote on his instagram page;

“I met this woman 23 years ago, I married her 13years later and it has been God’s grace ever since. God has been faithful to me and my marriage and I have a decade and two lovely daughters to prove it. Happy 10years wedding Anniversary to Frank and Edna Konwea we’ve only just begun”.

Frank Konwea Net Worth 2023

Frank Konwea is estimated to be worth around N50 million. The money comes from his performances over the years as a dancer, his wages on the Big Brother Naija show, and his acting roles in various very successful TV Series.

This estimation may even be modest considering the fact that while he was active in dancing, he did many international shows and performances, and even worked as a choreographer for international dance companies. There is no doubt that he was handsomely paid during those years, and even less doubt that as a lead character on two African Magic TV Series which are beamed internationally, he is paid well enough for his efforts and talents.

In summary, Frank Konwea is what you call an entertainer. He is a complete entertainer because he has proven himself a talented dancer, singer and actor. He has worked professionally as a dancer for over 25 years, and as a professional actor he has been active for more than 10 years.

It is interesting to see what bold career moves he has lined up for the future; he certainly has the talent and motivation to go all the way, and become one of the greats of his generation.

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