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Prince Nwafor: Biography, Age, Wife, State of Origin, Movies & Net Worth 2024

Prince Nwafor is a Nollywood actor who has earned his celebrity status by producing super performances consistently over the years. He is an established face in the industry; and has given his best in numerous films, playing a number of roles and characters.

Prince Nwafor has an abundance of natural talent, as shown by his dynamism shown by excelling both in comic or serious roles. He displays the same level of passion whether he is working on the set of a film that is a comedy or tragedy, or anything else in between.

Such a dedicated actor will no doubt win over the love and admiration of the audience. Fans who want to know more about this gifted actor; his career, background, personal life, and his movies have come to the right place.

Prince Nwafor: Biography, Age, Wife, State of Origin, Movies & Net Worth [year] 1

Prince Nwafor’s Biography, Age, Wife, State of Origin, Movies And Net Worth

Prince Nwafor Profile

Real Name: Prince Nwafor

Stage Name: Prince Nwafor

Date of Birth: 18th of August 1977

Place of Birth: Enugu State

State of Origin: Enugu State

Occupation: Actor, Comedian

Prince Nwafor Biography

Prince Nwafor is an established name in Nollywood; he has been in the industry since 2003, slowly working his way up the ladder, and today is one of the faces most recognizable in the industry because of the sheer number of films he has featured in, and most of them are actually very popular.

Prince Nwafor has lined up with some of the biggest stars that Nollywood has ever produced, he has also had a long and fruitful career which has seen him become one of the poster boys of the industry. But how did he come to become an actor?

Early Life

Prince Nwafor was born in Enugu State, Nigeria on 18th of August 1977. He was born into the large, Christian family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwafor, and grew up running around on the streets of his city, like any other child. He attended primary and secondary schools in Enugu State, and then went on to study Theatre Arts at the Abia State University.

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Unfortunately, not much is known about his family background, he has done well in concealing information about his parents and siblings who are believed to live in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Career Development

As mentioned above, Prince studied Theatre Arts at the Abia State University, and so he must have already had the passion for the art since a young age. He certainly received practical as well as classroom training for the profession, and when he was through with school he was immediately ready for life as an actor.

Information available to us shows that he registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria as far back as 2003. He registered at the Enugu branch of the Guild. He was 26 years old at the time, and was presumably fresh out of school.

After registering with the Actors Guild, he started the painstaking process of going for auditions wherever they were happening. That took him to places like Lagos, Delta, and Anambra States. Eventually his tenacity was rewarded with small roles such as the palace guard, house boy, body guard, servant, and so on.

Many people remain skeptical of this fact because they did not have much reason to pay much attention to his face at that time.

Prince Nwafor soon gave the world a reason to remember his face when he starred in the movie titled Forgive Me Father, which was done in 2009. He was the lead character in that movie, and he wowed audiences with his comic act, and his natural ability to make people laugh.

That movie launched him into reckoning as one of the young actors to watch out for; and opened the door for many other roles to come. The result is that today, he is one of the famous actors; one of the most seen faces in the Nigerian movie industry.

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Prince is like a bridge between the old Nollywood and the New Era; he started early enough to rub shoulders with the old; and still has so much to offer, which is why he is a top star even today. Some associated acts include: Osita Iheme, Chioma Chukwura, Chiwetalu Agu, Sam Loco Efe, Sonia Uche, Enock Darko, Emma Emordi Daniels, Rita Edochie, and Destiny Etiko.

Prince Nwafor Movies

Prince has been in about 70 movies (perhaps more) and as a result we are not able to name them all. However, some of the most important among them are listed below. They also serve as a testament as to just how dynamic he is as an actor- he can deliver on so many different types of roles.

Forgive Me Father (Year 2009)

Really Surprising (Year 2016)

Where Money Never Sleeps (Year 2011)

Evil Coffin (Year 2016)

Heart of Stone (Year 2010)

Prince of the Niger (Year 2009)

Show Me Love (Year 2021)

Ebere’s Ordeal (Year 2020)

Ihite Kingdom (Year 2014)

Nwando (Year 2021)

The First Son (Year 2023)

Ihuoma in Love (Year 2022)

In the Dark     (Year 2022)

Nro Iba       (Year 2022)

Accursed (Year 2021)

Forced Promise (Year 2021)

The Twins Killing Forests (Year 2021)

Believers     (Year 2021)

Show Me Love  (Year 2021)

Nwando (Year 2021)

Censored Love (Year 2020)

Bound (Year 2018)

Money Helps (Year 2016)

The Contest (Year 2015)

Prince Nwafor Awards

The first accolade any actor wants is the love and admiration of the audience, and Prince Nwafor certainly has that; he has also received recognition in the following ways.

City Peoples Entertainment Awards; Award for Most Promising Actor in Nigeria (Result Unknown)

Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards; Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Result Unknown)

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Reliable Icon Awards 2020 (Won)

Prince Nwafor Age

Prince Nwafor was born on the 18th of August 1977. That makes him 46 years old as at the time of writing this report. That is quite unbelievable, considering how young and athletic he looks. Whatever the case may be, his dashing good looks can serve as an incentive to other celebrities to take good care of themselves so as to maintain their youthful looks.

Prince Nwafor Wife

Many fans have asked if their favorite actor Prince Nwafor is married. The answer is yes; he got married to his beautiful wife Amy on the 17th of April 2017. The wedding made quite a splash; it was well attended by most of the notable names in Nollywood. His best man was Osita Iheme, and the Chief Bridesmaid was Regina Daniels.

The couple is yet to welcome a child as we gather, but they live happily together in Awka, Anambra State, which is also an important city for the Nigerian movie industry.

State of Origin

Prince Nwafor hails from Enugu State in eastern Nigeria; that is also where he was born and raised. It is believed that his parents and siblings are still in Enugu, and that he makes frequent travels to visit them.

Prince Nwafor Net Worth

Prince is estimated to be worth between $500,000 thousand and $800,000. The money comes from his acting in the movies; remember that he has spent more than 20 years in the industry, and featured in at least 60 movies.

That is the much we can take about Prince Nwafor, our favorite actor and comedian. We hope he continues to do well in the movie industry, and to get some awards because he certainly deserves them.