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Lekki British International School: School Fees & Subjects Offered – How To Enroll

Lekki British International School has for almost two decades maintained a very high standard that matches other top schools around the globe due to their exquisite learning facilities, teaching style and extra curricular activities. Lekki British School fees is not easy to come by. Truth be told, its not a school for bank managers or even senior banking executives, to be honest if you are not earning above 10million monthly salary you cannot afford to give it a try because you will be caught in the cog of the wheel. So it is wise to audit your financial status before attempting to enroll your child or children.

The popular saying that Knowledge is Power” is not far fetched when the financial capacity is made available. To acquire quality knowledge, you must be ready to spend money to acquire them. When parents spend huge amounts on school fees of their wards, many kick against it referring to it as a waste of funds, some say No be the same curriculum all schools get? but the truth is that education is changing and one of which is the way and manner the knowledge is being imparted into these students.

Today we are going to be discussing about Lekki British International School, their school fees, how to apply and enroll your wards and other important information you might have been wanting to know in the past.

Lekki British School was founded in September 2000 and as the name implies, it is located within the Lekki Peninsula axis of Lagos state. Lekki British High School is the first British Boarding school in Lagos and currently ranks among not just the best secondary schools in Lagos but listed among the top 5 most expensive schools in Nigeria.

Lekki British International School: School Fees & Subjects Offered - How To Enroll 1

Lekki British School has the following arms of schools:

i) Lekki British Pre School

ii) Lekki British Junior School

iii) Lekki British High School

At the end of this post you will be clear as regards the following:

i) Lekki British Pre School tuition fee and how to enroll

ii) Lekki British Junior School fees and how to enroll

iii) Lekki British High School Fees for all students

iv) List of all subjects offered in Lekki British Pre school, Junior and high school

We will be breaking down the activities of the above 3 arms of Lekki British school, their admission procedures before providing their tuition fees.

Lekki British Pre-School

Lekki British Pre School curriculum is fashioned for the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. This is a play-based curriculum for children between the ages of 18 months (1yr and 6months) to 5 years. At this stage, children wants to explore and learn in an environment that is secure yet challenging.

At this stage, they are taught the following core areas:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Other Specific subjects includes

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The above are what you would no find in a regular school. Here they use the British style and curriculum and the kids are well tutored with world class learning facilities by highly qualified teachers with internationally recognized professional certifications.

Lekki British Preschool Tuition Fee is paid in dollars plus a 200,000 Naira development fee for newly admitted students only.

Lekki British International School: School Fees & Subjects Offered - How To Enroll 2

Lekki British Junior School

Unlike most secondary schools in Lekki where students have to wait until the next academic session befor joing, Lekki British Junior High school can be joined even at the middle of the academic session. They have so designed their curriculum to accommodate help help students in such category seamlessly ease into the system without having a negative impact on his or her studies.

Lekki British Junior School offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. The inspiring teaching staff at this secondary school reflects the international and interdenominational nature of the school. All Teaches in Lekki British Junior school are highly trained and qualified with an excellent knowledge of the British Education System.

 Subjects Offered In Lekki British Junior School:

  1. English

  2. Mathematics

  3. Science

  4. Information and Communication Technology

  5. Physical Education

  6. History

  7. Geography

  8. Art and Design and Technology

  9. Religious Education

  10. Music

  11. Personal Development

  12. Social Studies

  13. Health Education and French (From Years 1 to 6)

Lekki British International School: School Fees & Subjects Offered - How To Enroll 3

Lekki British Junior School Lagos School Fees For All Students

At Lekki Bristish Junior School School fees per student is $19,500. School fees are paid in dollars except the compulsory N200, 000 development fee. Using the current prevailing exchange rate In Naira, Lekki British school fees for Junior session is N7,000,500 per session (1st, 2nd and 3rd Term) plus the fee in question includes feeding, school uniform, hostel, Sunday wear and textbooks.

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Lekki British High School

In order to maintain the standard they are known for, admission into Lekki Bristish High school is at the school’s discretion and the school’s decision must be respected by parents and guardians. However, unsuccessful applicants may apply again at a later date if they believe they will perform better at the entrance examinations.

The school’s objective is not to intentionally or randomly exclude students but rather to select the most suitable applicants based on the school’s assessment criteria including the prospective student’s academic performance and potentials. So gaining admission into this school is not based on just your financial muscles but the student’s ability and willingness to learn. Though many have kicked against this but this standard has won the school many awards and prizes both in local and international competitions.

Extra Curricular Activities

To add icing to the cake, at Lekki British Senior strong academic performance alone is not enough as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Extra-curricula activities are highly invested in, this helps students to develop and stimulate creativity, build confidence, learn life skills and create social awareness.

Exposure (International Excursions and Trips)

The striking difference between the learned and unlearned is exposure. This is one area that traditionally isnt taught in the class rooms. At lekki british Senior school, Student tours and excursions are also part of real life experience, with past locations ranging from France, Belgium and Brazil to the sand dunes of the Moroccan desert and other exotic places in the world you would agree with us that these activities atone for the huge school fees of Lekki British High school.

Lekki British Senior(High) School Fees

Just like Lekki Bristish Junior School, Lekki British High School fees per student is also $19,500. The tuition fees are to be paid in dollars in the school’s designated bank account including the compulsory N200, 000 development fee. Using the current prevailing exchange rate In Naira, Lekki British school fees for Junior session is estimated to be N7,000,500 per session (1st, 2nd and 3rd Term) which includes feeding, school uniform, hostel, Sunday wear and textbooks.

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Lekki British International School Admission Procedure: How To Apply

STEP 1: Obtain an application form (N30,000.00) or complete an on-line form @

STEP 2: Submit completed application form with the following documents:
a) Photocopy of original birth certificate.

b) Photocopy of international passport.

c) Two (2) recent passport photographs.

STEP 3: Decide when convenient to take the assessment and inform the school.

STEP 4: A brief interview of about 30mins conducted by the Head of School with the candidate and parents in attendance (where possible) is part of our initial assessment process.

STEP 5: An offer of provisional admission is made to a successful candidate pending the payment of the acceptance fees.

STEP 6: The acceptance fees has to be paid by the date indicated on the admission/offer letter in order to secure or guarantee a place at Lekki British School.

In summary, the best gift you can offer a child is education, spending a fortune on a child’s education is never a waste because it lives with the child for eternity. The world is moving at the speed of light so everything is changing rapidly and in order not to be left behind, join the moving train. Lekki British International School is one of the best international schools to educate your child. Today the school ranks among the most expensive Primary and secondary schools in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Hope the above is well understood, however, if you have questions as regards Lekki British school Lagos school fees for the pre-school, junior and senior (high) school and how to apply and enroll your ward(s), kindly get through to us via our contact us page above or scroll down to the comment section and post your questions and we shall respond accordingly.