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The Tallest Man in Nigeria: Biography, Age, Height, Wife & All You Need To Know (2023)

There are so many advantages to being tall as you are guaranteed to stand out no matter where you find yourself. A lot of us would remember the advantages of being tall in secondary school and one of such advantage is that, you wouldn’t be standing at the front row during morning assembly. It’s always an exciting advantage to sit at the back or stand at the back in school.

So, who is the tallest man in Nigeria? That is what we will discover in this post. As the tallest man in the Nigeria, it’s reasonable to claim he deserves to reside in Nigeria’s highest skyscraper. The concern is if the existing residents of Necom House have enough space for him to move in.

Nonetheless, we anticipate nothing less than excitement and difficulties as the tallest man in a country of over 200 million people. Let’s cut to the chase and get to the point of why we’re here.

The Tallest Man in Nigeria: Biography, Age, Height, Wife & All You Need To Know ([year]) 1

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji

Do you consider yourself tall? Wait till you’re standing next to Afeez Agoro Oladimeji. Oladimeji, unofficially considered as Nigeria’s tallest man, bears a burden of height, which he claims first prevented him of partnerships and caused him so much inconvenience. In this article, we would be getting into who the tallest man in Nigeria is and everything about him.

Biography of the Tallest Man in Nigeria

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji is a movie actor in Nigeria and reality TV star who is renowned as the tallest man in Nigeria due to his height of 7 ft’4 inches.

He was born on December 3, 1975, in Sabo Yaba, Lagos State, as the third of three children. He moved to Akoka with his family, where he spent the most of his boyhood. Afeez completed his secondary education at St. Finbarr’s College in Yaba. He earned his Ordinary National Diploma from the University of Lagos and his Higher National Diploma from the Lagos State Polytechnic.

Afeez Agoro is an actor, a career he began while serving in the National Youth Service Corps in Kolokuma, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He also appeared in his reality show ‘I Am Agoro,’ which focused on his life narrative and hardships as Nigeria’s tallest man.

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Nothing in his youth, as far as he could recollect, indicated that he would grow to be this tall. Oladimeji was also quoted as saying that, in some ways his childhood was nothing short of a miracle. He also said that he was never even one of the tallest pupils in is h senior school. But, shortly after finishing secondary school, he began to notice that he was becoming taller”.

Agoro was diagnosed with Gigantism, commonly known as Acromegaly in the medical sector, when he was 19 years old. This condition caused him to grow vertically at an exponential pace. He was unable to get cure for the disease, therefore he continue to grow until he was 7’4″. Agoro is also regarded as one of Africa’s tallest individuals.

According to Agoro, Nigeria’s tallest man, his father, who is now deceased, had to erect a building that would easily accommodate him to go in and out of. Numerous efforts by his parents to resolve the medical problem were futile. While growing up, a lot of his close friends thought he was strange because of his unusual height.

Agoro’s family has been his primary support system in coping with the challenges of rheumatism. As a result of his anomalous vertical development, Afeez also had heart corrective surgery in the United States. Because of his height, majority of his clothing are custom made, while some are supplied from overseas.

The Tallest Man in Nigeria: Biography, Age, Height, Wife & All You Need To Know ([year]) 2

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji and his fiancée

Life as the tallest man in Nigeria

Oladimeji, who has since worked as an actor and model, says his condition necessitates daily exercise to alleviate the strain on his legs. He previously struggled to obtain work because most companies were scared of his height, he added.

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Fortunately, he was able to secure a two-year contract with the Lagos State Government. He then chose to start his own modest enterprises, which he is currently integrating with his modeling and entertainment job.

However, Oladimeji has been forced to rely on commercial motorcycles to go around. If it’s a cab, the front passenger seat must be shifted all the way to the rear for him to fit. His clothing are frequently tailored by skilled tailors who sew to his size, while his shoes and other personal goods are typically imported from the United States. One can only imagine how difficult it must be to be the tallest man in Nigeria.

Then came the second significant issue that most individuals his height face: finding a mate. He said and I quote “many females ran away from me because of my height; therefore finding a lover was difficult for a long time,” Oladimeji remembered. He did, however, say in June that he had met a woman to whom he had proposed and would soon marry.

Despite the challenges, the actor and model stated that he does not regret his situation because the rewards outweigh the drawbacks. Apart from the affection and unique attention he receives from people because of his height, what he finds amazing is how quickly he received a visa when he requested to visit the United States.

As stated by him, the actor seems to be dissatisfied with Lagos officials, particularly the Lagos State Tourism Board, because of a promise to designate him as a Tourism Ambassador owing to his extraordinary height, which they are yet to be fulfilled.

Oladimeji is now among numerous others who have become far taller than they would have otherwise.

There have always been stories about men and women who grew taller than the average human – a condition that has given rise to various scientific terminology, including pituitary gigantism, acromegaly, eunuchoid tallness and Sotos disease.

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Sultan Kösen is now the world’s tallest man but that is an issue for another article, while Africa’s tallest men include Hussein Mohamed Bisad, the tallest man in Somalia; Jackson Kipkirui Koskei, a father of four who is considered to be Kenya’s tallest man; and Mounir Fourar, Algeria’s tallest man despite his death in 2012. Children with an adenoma, a pituitary gland tumor, may generate too much growth hormone, causing them to grow significantly taller than they would otherwise.

Possible Health Explanations

Although medical reasons for Oladimeji’s development were not immediately accessible, it is possible that it is connected to instances similar to his that have occurred across the world. Zia Rasheed, a 7ft. 11.2inches tall Pakistani, is claimed to have been a victim of pituitary gland dysfunction, which produces benign tumors that release up to 1,000 times the normal quantity of growth hormones. Rasheed has already had three surgery, but new and developing tumors may necessitate further treatments.

According to a number of articles on gigantism, gigantism is typically always caused by a pituitary tumor, while other uncommon medical problems can sometimes induce abnormal development. Carney complex, McCune-Albright syndrome, neurofibromatosis and multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 are examples. People who are very tall are also at danger of a variety of health problems. Their height can put a load on the metabolic system and produce cardiovascular complications, such as an enlarged heart”.

In summary, at the end of this article a lot of us would easily recognize who the tallest man is assuming we come in contact with him. We are also able to understand the difficulties and challenges that Oladimeji faces as the tallest man in Nigeria.

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