Best/Top International Schools In Nigeria

Sit tight as we bring you the best/top international schools in Nigeria, some of which many of you are well aware of and vice versa.

Contrary to common belief, having the word “international” in a school’s name does not make it international. Some people specifically want to find out what an international school is and the list of international schools in Nigeria just so they can enroll their kids. With that we are forced to ask ourselves the question- WHAT then is an international school, HOW is it international and what makes it international if it so happens to be in your local country? The truth is, the location of the school doesn’t matter. What makes it international instead is if it includes a variety of formats and curricula, some being more international than others.

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Therefore a school can be called international only if it follows a national or international curriculum different from that of the host country, that is, the country which it is in. Another factor common to international schools as you must have guessed are the facilities, socio-cultural environment as well as a multi-lingual reception.
Multi-lingual reception. Below is the list of international schools in Nigeria-

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List of International Schools In Nigeria

  1. American International School Lagos- a Co-educational school whose curriculum is of the American and International Baccalaureate.
  2. Avi-Cenna International School- its a reputable British co-educational school of international standard.
  3. Bethel American International School
  4. British International School
  5. Children’s International School, Lekki, Lagos
  6. Lekki British School
  7. Lycée Francais Lagos- this is a French school
  8. Nigerian Turkish International Academy
  9. Hillcrest School, Jos, Nigeria
  10. International School Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo state.
  11. Charles Dale International Memorial School, Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

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