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Access Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff 2024: See How Much Access Bank Pays

This is a very interesting article, why? because we are finally going to answer questions like; How much does Access bank pay their staff? What is Access bank salary structure like? How much does Access Bank pay entry level fresh graduates? What is Access Bank Salary scale like? and many more related questions.

Till date, Access Bank is listed as one of the five biggest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets, loans, deposits and branch network with a total asset worth over US$12.2+ billion which is N2.412 trillion and thankfully their size matches their staff salary structure and welfare packages.

Access Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff [year]: See How Much Access Bank Pays 1

Recently, we wrote a detailed post containing the list of top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria and their salary structures and surprisingly, Access Bank came out on top as the highest paying bank, dwarfing the likes of GT Bank and Zenith Bank.

Access Bank of Nigeria has over the years maintained a very robust salary structure for her staff, both junior and senior banking officers (SBOs), thanks to their innovative online banking technology that keeps them at the top with other elite banks.

Access Bank pay entry level as much as 200,00 naira and above, this is excluding other benefits accruing to certain positions, Senior banking executives level 1 receives as much as 700,000 Naira and above, Managers receive as much as 800,000 Naira and above excluding other bonuses, the table below explains in details, Access Bank salary structure for all staff and how much they pay.

This post would be very beneficial for not just fresh graduates seeking employment into Access Bank but also, experienced workers as the post harps on Access Bank Salary structures for fresh entry level graduates and experienced positions.

There will be cases where you are called in for interview and when it gets to the most important question ‘What is your salary expectation from Access bank?’ and you are left completely confused as regards the exact figure to call. In as much as you do not want to scare your potential employer with a high salary scale, you also do not want to feel cheated so you are left in dilemma as to what exact figure to call.

Most times, the job seeker tend to finally price him or herself lower in order to stand a better chance of being called for the next stage of the interview, in the long run, this will have a negative effect on the overall productivity of the staff because he or she would start getting dissatisfied based on his salary and the popular saying “How much sef dem dey pay me?” would begin to become his usual hymn each time a responsibility is delegated to the staff.

The above challenges would become history when you are well armed with the exact amount Access Bank pay their entry level staff and even the SBOs (Senior Banking Officers). Access Bank salary scale like i mentioned earlier so far is the best. Though in as much as they pay the highest salary in the Nigerian Banking Industry, the responsibilities attached are enormous, this compliments the saying ” To much much is given, much is expected”

Though there have been claims that Access Bank marketing job is modern day slavery, this is due to the unachievable and unreasonable targets that must be met within the stipulated time frame and failure to meet your target could hamper your promotion and if this continues, could lead to the sacking of the staff.

Female staff marketers are the most victims of these inhumane treatment, most go as far as selling their bodies just to meet these targets, the male counterparts are also affected but not as much as the later.

As much as they employ, the rate of employee turnover at Access bank is alarming, have you ever wondered why you see their vacancies on job sites? the above says it all. So in summary, Access bank salary structure for fresh entry level graduate is quite encouraging but bear it in mind the responsibilities attached to this job is full of pressure so get your mindset ready.

Now to the bone of contention;

How Much Does Access Bank PLC Nigeria Pay Their Graduate Trainee?

Upon gaining employment as a graduate in Access Bank, like other banks like GTB, Zenith and Diamond, you will attend the Access Bank compulsory graduate trainee programme for a period of 4 months. This training is a mixture of theoretical and real life experiences which gets the newly employed acquainted with the Bank system.

AT the tail end of the training, all trainees will be sent on a two weeks compulsory attachment with various Access bank branches with the city for a first hand experience with the experienced staff to see how to deal with customers and gather basic knowledge about the workings of the internal banking system.

For this level, Access Bank pay their Graduate Trainees N43,000 monthly for the period of 4 months.

How Much Does Access Bank Pay Their Entry Level Staff?

This is the area where most readers are interested in, they want to have an idea of what Access Bank salary structure for Entry level full staff comes with. Some might have friends or relatives who work with Access Bank and want to have an idea about how much they earn in order to know how to relate with them. LOL!.

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As discussed above, Access Bank for now has the best salary structure for fresh graduates (Entry Level Staff). Access Bank pay 237,000 Naira for Entry Level staff and this is excluding other bonuses and profit sharing usually carried out towards their financial year end (not December 31st) most companies have their financial year end, it does not necessarily have to be December or end of the year.

Access Bank Staff Salary Scale

Access Bank Salary Structure For Entry Level Staff

Management LevelAccess Bank Monthly SalaryAccess Bank annual Salary Scale
Entry Level StaffN237,000N2,844,000

Access Bank Salary Structure For Senior Banking Officers

Management LevelAccess Bank Monthly Salary ScaleAccess Bank Annual Salary Scale
Senior Banking Officers (Managers and above)N700,000 to 1millionN8.4Million to 10million

With the above still in force, we hope this has helped in its own little ways and should you be in a position where you are asked about Access Bank monthly or annual salary structure for entry level and senior banking executives, you will be able to contribute your quota.

Please be informed that your opinion as regards the above are important, any info relating to Access Bank salary structure would be much appreciated from other readers and individuals seeking information related to the salary range for the above positions.

Thank you.