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Chinyere Wilfred: Biography, Age, Sons, Husband, Songs, Movies & Net Worth 2024

One of the heavyweights of the Nigerian movie industry; Chinyere Wilfred is a famous actress, movie producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her height and stature in the industry is such that many of the younger generation of actors can only hope to emulate.

Over the years she has repackaged herself creating a new persona, and succeeding every time. From her time in Nneka the Pretty Serpent (1994), to African Messiah (2021) she has been an evergreen tree that is planted by the waterside. Chinyere Wilfred is one of the few stalwarts that have survived from the old Nollywood, and that continue to play essential roles in the new era of Nigerian movie production.

Chinyere Wilfred: Biography, Age, Sons, Husband, Songs, Movies & Net Worth [year] 1

Chinyere Wilfred’s Biography, Age, Sons, Husband, Songs, Movies And Net Worth

Chinyere Wilfred Profile

Real Name: Chinyere Wilfred

Stage Name: Chinyere Wilfred

Date of Birth: March 23, 1970

Place of Birth: Aguluezechukwu, Anambra State

Occupation: Actor, Director, Film Producer

Chinyere Wilfred Biography

With over 200 movies under her belt, Chinyere Wilfred is one of the biggest names, and one of the most consistent personalities in the Nigerian movie industry. She is an actor, director, film producer, and a philanthropist. She is noted for her naturalness, dynamism, and professionalism. She has played a very wide number of roles during her fruitful career, and has been one of the most consistent.

As a result she has been rewarded with a kind of longevity that is rarely seen in the Nigerian movie industry; she is one of the few who played an active role in the Nollywood of old, and who continue to play an important role in the movie industry today. Chinyere Wilfred is one of those whose talent has been like a pillar holding up the movie industry.

She has grown in stature, influence and authority in the industry; one of those who can assemble the best actors and crew members with a snap of her finger. She now produces her own movies which are distributed both through the old channels, and online.

Early Life

Chinyere Wilfred was born March 23, 1970, in Aguluezechukwu, a very small village in Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria. As with most people in the region, she grew up in a Catholic setting. She comes from a large family, however all we know is that she has a twin sister by the name of Chinelo Mojekwu.

Chinyere Wilfred attended both primary and secondary school in Lagos State.  One source states that it was in her secondary school days that she discovered a passion for acting, and that she participated in several school plays and dramas. It is also likely that it was at around this time that she also developed a love for music.

Chinyere Wilfred studied computer science at the Lagos State Polytechnic; but she never programmed anything because her love and passion continued to be acting, with the occasional foray into music.

As at that time, the Nigerian movie industry was largely based in Lagos (especially in the Surulere area) and as such it was not difficult to attend auditions.

Her undeniable talent and naturalness soon landed her a role in the vastly successful 1994 movie Nneka the Pretty Serpent, albeit in a cameo role. That movie remains indelible in the Nigerian Movie Industry; it made the careers of almost everyone who featured in it; including Zeb Ejiro, Eucharia Anunobi, Sam Loco, Zack Orji, and Kanayo O Kanayo.

The movie went on to inspire many others like it; and to announce a new chapter in the Nigerian Movie Industry.

Career Development         

After such a resounding success, Chinyere Wilfred saw her career skyrocket as she started getting roles in greater frequency. This enabled her to better showcase her talent, and win over the audiences with her performances.

Another notable milestone in her career was when she played the role of Agnes in the 1998 film Children of Terror, which was also a successful film, and which brought her to limelight. In that movie she shared the stage with the likes of Rita Dominic, Kate Effiong, Jude Ezenwa, and Ashley Nwonsu. The movie was directed by Chico Ejiro.

From there on, she proceeded to star in about 200 Nollywood movies, start her own production company, and build the careers of other people in the industry. Of course it is not possible to list out all her movies, but we can list some.

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Chinyere Wilfred Movies

Nneka the Pretty Serpent (Year 1994

Children of Terror (Year 1998

Mama Drama (Year 2020

Ponzi (Year 2021

Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story (Year 2020

Jonny Just Come (Year 2018

The Rejected Stone

Rain of Hope (Year 2016

Pretty Evil (Yeah 2023)

Troublemaker’s Bodyguard (Yeah 2023)

Diiche (Yeah 2022)

Tainted (Yeah 2022)

A Wish for the Stars (Yeah 2022)

Vanity (Yeah 2022)

Tyrone (Yeah 2022)

Berserk (Yeah 2022)

Twisting Knives (Yeah 2021)

The Final Oath

Caroline    (Yeah 2021

African Messiah (Yeah 2021)

Grim (Yeah 2021)

Evelyn  (Yeah 2021)

Lugard (Yeah 2021)

Undying (Yeah 2021)

Aunty Adanne  (Yeah 2021)

Throughout her career Chinyere Wilfred has worked with the crème of the Nigerian movie industry including; Sam Loco, Zack Orji and Kanayo O Kanayo, as well as the new guard in the form of Zubby Michael, Broda Shaggi, and Mr. Macaroni. She has built great working relationships with filmmakers like Ugezu J Ugezu, Zack Orji and Zeb Ejiro.

She is now a producer; and many of the more recent movies listed above were actually produced by her.

Chinyere Wilfred Awards

Over the course of her career she has received plenty of awards and nominations for her work, the most notable among them being:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role; at the Africa Movie Academy Awards

Best Actress of the Year; at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

Best Actress in a Leading Role; at the Best of Nollywood Awards

Best Actress in Nigeria; at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards.

Most Promising Actress In Nigeria; City People Entertainment Awards

Chinyere Wilfred Age

Chinyere Wilfred was born on March 23, 1970, which makes her 53 years old as at the time of writing this report. In an interview shortly after her 51st birthday, she was asked when she intended to retire from acting. She responded “old soldier no dey die,” indicating that she has no intention of stepping down, and that the world should expect many more great movies from her.

Chinyere Wilfred Sons

Chinyere Wilfred has three big boys; all of who are taller than she is. Her sons are named Emeka Wilfred, Chijioke Wilfred, and Chukwudi Wilfred. One of her sons is a lawyer, but there is nothing else we know about them. From their pictures circulating throughout the internet, it seems like the family is very happy, and she is very close to her sons.

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Chinyere Wilfred Husband

Mr. Wilfred is a very handsome and good looking man; the couple look so good together one could imagine that they are siblings. Strangely, there is no information available about when she got married, or where.

There are many pictures of Chinyere Wilfred and her husband in lovely poses all over the internet; it shows that a big wedding has nothing to do with happiness in the marriage.

Chinyere Wilfred Songs

Chinyere Wilfred has made forays into the world of music; she is quite a good singer. She has several songs to her name, and it seems that she was most active as a singer in the year 2016.

Some of her songs include:


Album: My Case Is Urgent · 2016

Daddy Mu Biko

Album: My Case Is Urgent · 2016

Mu Na Chukwu Di Na Nwa

Album: My Case Is Urgent · 2016

King Of Glory

Album: My Case Is Urgent · 2016

My Case Is Urgent

Album: My Case Is Urgent · 2016

Her Net Worth

Chinyere Wilfred is estimated to be worth N40 Million. The money comes from her acting, directing, and movie production. Remember that she has been in the movie industry for more 30 years; and has consistently delivered since 1994. Aside from whatever money she has now, she has a very high earning potential due to her influence and goodwill.

That is the much we can take about veteran actress and filmmaker Chinyere Wilfred; she is one of the pillars whose immense talent has held up the Nigerian movie industry. It is interesting to see what she has in store, and what surprises she will spring in the years to come.