Zubby Michael: Biography, Real Age, Phone Number & Net Worth (2024)

Azubuike Michael Egwu is his full name but known by fans and colleagues as Zubby Michael. He is one of Nigeria’s most talented actors. The Adamawa bred Anambra State, Nigerian born actor was christened in 1985  into a family of 5 (five). Zubby, as he is fondly called, being the first son, undertook responsibilities beyond his age (38 Years), this act alone, defies the saying ‘until you are married, you are not yet responsible.’

The multi-talented actor is known for his versatility in his field but more in the area of being broken hearted, revenge, blood money roles as well as being a drug lord.

Zubby Michael: Biography, Real Age, Phone Number & Net Worth ([year]) 1

Zubby wowed Nollywood with his character in his debut movie titled Missing Rib but became famous in the movie The Three Windows where he played the lead actor, However he has starred and played lead characters in several other films that has placed him among the best nollywood actors till date. He once stated that until he lives his dream, he shall know no rest.

Nollywood has be characterized with churning out movies in a space of two weeks unlike their Hollywood counterparts that could spend more than 3 years in shooting just a movie, however, the Nollywood industry has been given thumbs up in the quality of movie as wells as knowledge imparted especially in the area of history and tradition, one which Zubby Michael has starred in many.

Fans of Zubby Micheal would be pleased with this post because it contains all about the actor’s biography, net worth, all his movies till date, personal life as well as how he rose to stardom.

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There are many important facts about Zubby Michael that are still yet unknown to his fans.

  • Until now, did you know Zubby’s was born on the 1st of February 1985?
  • Do you know Zubby Michael is 38 years of age as at 2024?
  • Do you know he has starred in more than 80 movies till date?
  • He currently does not have a girlfriend (Not in a relationship)
  • He lives in Enugu state.
  • Aside movies, he is also a politician.
  • He is the Special Adviser on Media to the Anambra State governor.
  • He is the highest paid Nigerian Igbo actor as at today.

Amongst the above and other facts about Zubby will be known by his fans within and across the World in this post.

Zubby Michael: Biography, Real Age, Phone Number & Net Worth ([year]) 2

Zubby in one of his movies

Zubby Michael’s Educational Background

Like many top Nigerian actors, Zubby Michael had his first school leaving certificate from a public primary school in Yola, got his O’level certificate and further went ahead to acquire his BSC in Mass Communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Enugu state.

Awards Won

Zubby Michael has been nominated in over 13 awards and won just a few, one of which is South East Entertainment Award where he was nominated and won the Movie icon of the year award. Though he has been criticized for his roles in Igbo related movies and challenged to move beyond Igbo nollywood.

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Zubby Michael’s Movies

  • Identical Twins
  • Audio Money
  • Egg of love
  • The Return of Dangote
  • Our Father’s Property
  • Dying of Thirst
  • Blood Feud
  • Children obey your parents
  • Hunchback Princess
  • Seed of Greatness
  • A Thousand War
  • G4 The Money Men
  • Flashback
  • Seed of Deception
  • Enemy of Progress
  • Shameless Sisters
  • Yahoo King
  • Boy Makes Money
  • Son of No Man
  • The Return of Eze Ndi Ala
  • Afraid to Fall
  • Pains of the Orphan
  • Throne of Terror
  • Sound of Calamity
  • Lack of Money
  • Hunted Bride
  • Omenka
  • Yahoo Shrine
  • Bastard Money
  • Made in South
  • Anayo China
  • Wasted Authority
  • Youngest Wife
  • The one man squad
  • Mama
  • Eze Ndi Ala in America
  • The King of Vulture (Eze K’udene)
  • Mr Arrogant
  • The Return
  • War for love
  • Ozoemena Ozubulu
  • Adaure, My love
  • Sword of Justice
  • Family Matters (Akara Ayasago)
  • 1st Hit
  • The Promise
  • Abba
  • Okada 50
  • Compound fools
  • My love, my mother’s wish
  • Settle Me
  • The Struggle.

Zubby Michael: Biography, Real Age, Phone Number & Net Worth ([year]) 3

Zubby Michael’s Net Worth (2024) – $600,000 USD

Measuring an actor’s net worth has to do with all his earnings in the bank, cash wise, businesses, business affiliations, brand worth, properties and the likes. Now to the real fact, Zubby Michael currently earns above 2,000,000 naira (two million Naira). He is the highest paid nollywood actor from the eastern Nigeria. Every man desires a comfortable home and Zubby is one who fancies beautiful edifice sited in Enugu state worth over 120 million naira.

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Zubby is under the payroll of Anambra state government based on his political appointment. Social media is one of the hottest hubs for money making in this 21st century and guess what? the prolific actor is very present on Instagram with a massive follower of over 5.5 million where he commands sales and advertising of all sorts and handsomely paid. You can follow him on IG @zubbymichael

He is an ardent lover of anything bogus. Known for SUVs of all sorts especially the Japanese brands. He is worth emulating in his career line because he knows his job to the fullest.

Zubby Michael’s net worth is estimated to be over $600,000 USD as at 2024. This is a figure he is bound to surpass in the coming year.

His Phone Number

Despite being a celebrity, Zubby has a right to privacy. The yearn for Zubby Michael’s phone number by his fans have gotten to the peak hence be addressed. Zubby Michael has directed that fans who desire his direct telephone number send a direct message (DM) to him via his verified IG handle and he holds the sole right to release it to his fans when he deems fit.

What is your opinion on this top Nollywood actor? you can send what you feel or know about Zubby Michael via the comment section below and we shall publish them as received.