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Elvina Baby Ibru: Biography, Movies, Age, Parents, Husband, Siblings & Net Worth 2023

Elvina Ese Ibru; the baby of the great Ibru Dynasty is a Nigerian actress and On Air Personality. She is also the baby of one of the greatest industrialists Nigeria has ever seen. As a member of the Ibru Family she is going to steal the spotlight wherever she goes, and she has become quite attuned to that fact.

Having lived a sheltered life from birth, she left the Ibru Family enclave (or partly left it) so as to chart her own course in life, and find her own rhythm. She has found it on stage and on screen, and has also found joy riding on the radio waves.

Elvina Ibru is a self assured person; a giant when she walks into a room. Fans and potential business associates will be glad to learn more about this woman of beauty and class, which is what the next few paragraphs is all about.

Elvina Baby Ibru Profile

  • Real name: Elvina Ese Ibru
  • Also Known As: Elvina Baby Ibru
  • Occupation: Actress, OAP, Filmmaker
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Marital status: Single

Elvina Baby Ibru: Biography, Movies, Age, Parents, Husband, Siblings & Net Worth [year] 1

Elvina Baby Ibru Biography

Elvina Ese Ibru is the last child of the late Nigerian industrialist Michael Ibru. Her name Baby comes from her position in the family. She attended private schools in the Apapa area of Lagos, and also received home schooling.

Elvina, like the rest of the Ibru clan, hails from Agbarha Otor, near Ughelli, in Delta State, southern Nigeria. Although she is proud of her ancestry, she blames her parents for not teaching her the urhobo language.

She attended prestigious institutions like the London Academy of the Performing Arts, and then later the Webster University, London where she obtained a degree in International Relations.

She worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation as a broadcaster, and then worked in theatre with several theatre companies before returning to Nigeria.

Return To Nigeria And Her Career Development

Elvina returned to Nigeria with plenty of experience and talent to offer. She went into theatre and of course movies. She also worked as a broadcaster with Classic FM in Lagos, where she hosted a show called the Mellow Magic.

She is best known for her lead role in the movie The Bling Lagosians by Bolanle Austen Peters. She has also been on the theater production Vagina Monologues, which has now been renamed Hear Word! She has performed on that show since it premiered in 2015; working with the crème of the industry.

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She first started with music, and she even recorded an album, which she could release because she ruptured her vocal cord before the album was complete. It was at that point that she turned her attention to acting, which needed less strain on the voice, and more of a physical presence.

Elvina’s career has not been without challenges; in fact she has seen more challenges than most others. She said she had to endure long spells without any roles coming her way. At first she thought it was because of her weight, and so she went ahead to lose the weight, only to see that there was no change.

She later understood that the problem was with her name; “Everybody thinks that the name opens doors magically. That the money is there for me to pursue any passion. In fact, they think my passion for acting is a hobby.”

She went on to explain: “even when people are bold enough to offer me jobs, they are often afraid of what to pay me.” Obviously, being from a rich and famous house means that one cannot work because only rich and famous people can afford to pay you.

She insists that she is not expensive; she loves her art, and she is considerate with film makers who struggle to recover their money. “Please oh, I am available for work,” she stated in an interview.

Having wooed some film makers, she has succeeded in showcasing her talent on some movies and plays.

Elvina Ibru Movies

  1. Vagina Monologues (2006) (Stage Play)
  2. Hear Word (2014) (Stage Play)
  3. Emotan (2019) (Stage Play)
  4. The Bling Lagosians (2019)
  5. Riona (2016)
  6. Theo’s Dora (2014)
  7. Letter to a Stranger (2007)
  8. Entreat (2016)
  9. Cajoling (she was the Producer) (2016)
  10. Kambili (the whole 30 yards)
  11. Wives on Strike (2016)
  12. Alter Ego (2017)

Awards And Accolades

  • University of Lagos Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA) Award for Developing Youth through Entertainment
  • Beatz Award for On-Air Personality of the Year (2016)
  • Excellence Special Awards, Special Recognition for Excellence in Entertainment
  • Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Best Actress In A Leading Role (for Bling Lagosians) (Nomination) (2019)

How Old is Elvina Ibru?

Elvina Ibru has not revealed her real age, but there are several things she has revealed. For example, one can judge from her appearance that she is around 50 years old. Yes, her appearance has changed somewhat since she lost weight, but that does not take anything away from her.

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Furthermore, she said that she went to see the Festival of Arts and Culture with her mother in 1977, which is around 47 years ago. For her to be so impressed by what she saw there she should have been close to 10 years old, which would put her at 57.

But some children are much more observant at a younger age, so it is possible that Elvina may be younger. A fair estimate remains 50 years of age.

Elvina Ibru Parents

Elvina Ibru is the daughter of the great Michael Ibru; founder of the Ibru Clan. Her father was an industrialist with interests in auto dealership, newspapers, seafoods, shipping, and so on.

Her father was the founder of the Ibru Organization, which is controlled by her brothers today. Her father Michael Ibru is also noted for fighting a long court battle with the Nigerian government, and the military when an attempt was made on his life.

Elvina Baby Ibru: Biography, Movies, Age, Parents, Husband, Siblings & Net Worth [year] 2

Elvina Ibru Husband

Elvina Ibru is not married, even though she has a son named Elisha. She stated that she did not want to get married because the marriage institution was unfair to women in Nigeria. She said that men could get away with things like infidelity, while women could not.

As an On Air Personality she has spoken extensively about how she felt that women are not being fairly treated in Nigeria. She stated that she is an equalist, and not a feminist- she wants both sides to be true to their words, and to take care of the emotional and physical needs of their partners.

However, in a recent interview she said that her view could change in the future; she could reconsider the whole idea of marriage, especially as she is growing older and wiser.

Elvina Ibru Siblings

Elvina Ibru has 10 brothers and sisters; some of who are public figures. Some of her siblings include;

  1. Obukeme Ibru
  2. Gloria Ibru
  3. Peter Ibru
  4. Oskar Ibru
  5. Oboden Ibru

What is Elvina Ibru’s Net Worth?

This is a very difficult question to consider because as an Ibru, she is part of a Dynasty with literally billions of dollars in cash and assets. Therefore she should be worth around 1 millions dollars, not tied to her movies or acting.

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What To Know About Elvina Ibru

Despite coming a long line of ridiculous wealth, she describes herself as an easygoing and relaxed person. She says she got this likable trait from her parents, who she describes as humble. She said that she has no room for pretenses, and that she often laughed at the pretenses of some of their friends.

Elvina Ibru is much more comfortable speaking Pidgin English; in fact she said that when she was growing up, she spoke pidgin so well, that her parents wondered whether she could speak English at all, and whether the money spent on her education was not wasted.

Despite spending so many years schooling and working in London, she does not have a foreign accent. In fact, she speaks freely in pidgin, especially with those she is familiar with. Her close family and friends do not even bother speaking English with her.

She sings beautifully; she loves soul music, country music and church music. She sings from the heart, and says that music is her first love. It was an unfortunate circumstance that forced her to leave music for other things, and although she has no regrets for turning to acting and producing, she still believes she will release her album some day.

Those closest to her call her Baby. She says whenever someone calls her baby she knows that person knows her to her foundation.

She is a giver; like her parents she spends a lot of money helping the less privileged, and like her parents she does not make noise about it. She helps in the coordination of the activities of the Ibru Foundation which takes care of elderly widows, children, and the less privileged. On her own she also donates generously to good causes.

That is all you need to know about Elvina Baby Ibru; but please don’t call her baby if you are chanced to meet her; she prefers to be addressed by her first name. As she has said, she is open to acting roles, and her prices are considerate. Producers and directors should please reach out to her without fear.

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