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Sandra Okagbue: Biography, Siblings, Wedding, Age, Flavour and Net Worth 2024

Sandra Okagbue is a popular Nigerian celebrity figure who is known for her beauty. Even those not familiar with her name must know her face; they have come across her beauty on posters, beauty products, in the movies, and all over social media. What most people do not know is that she is also Flavour’s baby mama, and she has a very interesting back-story.

Flavor's Baby Mana

In this post we will look at Sandra Okagbue’s siblings and family, as well as her biography, age, and net worth. We even get into some of the juicy behind the scenes details surround this beautiful African woman.

Sandra Okagbue Biography

Real Name:         Sandra Okagbue
Date of Birth:     December 01, 1985 (38years)
Place of Birth:    Anambra
State of Origin   Anambra State
Nationality:         Nigerian
Marital Status:   Single (Complicated)
Occupation:        Model, Actress and Influencer
Net Worth          $1 million

Sandra Okagbue was born on December 01, 1985 in the Royal Palace of the Obi of Onitsha. She is the daughter of the Late Obi Ofala Okagbue, who was succeeded by the present Obi of Onitsha. Sandra Okagbue has four brothers and one sister. She has always had a sheltered life; everything has been at her beck and call, and she has had an easy life.

Credible information about her education could not be found, but it is in public domain that she had some of the finest education available in the country.

Sandra Okagbue is the CEO of Borderline Business Solutions Limited; an advertising firm. She has been in the modeling industry for over 20 years; and one of her early breaks into the modeling industry was Orange Drugs; her face was used to promote several of the company’s products.

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Sandra Okagbue has also done advertising work for Cadbury, Airtel, MTN, LG, GLO, and others. She is also an actress as well as a producer.

Personal Life

Sandra Okagbue used to be in a relationship with former Super Eagles Captain John Mikel Obi; in those days newspapers and gossip bloggers all over the country kept on pushing the idea that the two were going to get married. However, the prospects of the celebrity wedding soon faded for reasons unknown, until her new man was revealed.

Sandra Okagbue is in a relationship with Highlife/Afropop singer Flavour Nabania; with whom she has two children- daughters named Munachi Gabrielle Okoli and Kaima Okoli. Flavour is reportedly very attached to the girls; he calls the first daughter Ugbege (meaning my mirror).

Sandra Okagbue Siblings

Sandra Okagbue has five siblings; they are named Bella, Christabel, Jane, Christian, and Christopher. The most popular among them being Christopher Okagbue, one of her brothers. Christopher is a model; an actor, and a reality show winner. Christopher Okagbue won the “The Ultimate Man,” courtesy of the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 8: Contest of Champions.

Christopher and Sandra are very close; they both worked together to produce Lotanna; a movie about a young man whose father lost his wealth before dying, and who is therefore obliged to find a way to make money so as to rescue his family from the unpleasant things that come with poverty. Christopher Okagbue starred as Lotanna; the main character of the movie.

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Sandra Okagbue is very close to her siblings; she is the “Adanne” eldest sister of her family, and so it is her duty to act as a mother to her siblings. Aparently, she has played this role very well; the Okagbues are very united as a family.

Is Flavour Married to Sandra Okagbue?

Flavour and Sandra Okagbue are not legally married. They only have kids together. Flavour is simply Sandra Okague’s baby daddy.

Sandra Okagbue Wedding

The rumors of Sandra Okagbue’s wedding reached their heights in 2013 when she was dating John Mikel Obi. Unfortunately, the wedding plans never materialized; the pair drifted apart, although they are not known to be bitter towards each other. Sandra Okagbue and Mikel Obi have since found love and happiness elsewhere, they each have two children.

Any report of a wedding associated with Sandra Okagbue is likely to be between her and Flavour Nabania, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2013.

Sandra Okagbue’s Age

Sandra Okagbue was born on December 01, 1985, making her 38 years old in 2024. Sandra Okagbue has established herself in the entertainment world in Nigeria despite being so young.

Sandra Okagbue’s Net Worth

Sandra Okagbue is estimated to be worth around $1 million. Her money is tied to entertainment; she made money very early as a model for Orange Drugs. She also made a lot of money with her modeling work for Cadbury, Airtel, MTN, LG, and GLO. Sandra Okagbue also has an advertising agency which means she makes money from advertising even when her face is not on the branding of the products.

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Sandra Okagbue is also an actress and she does some production work; she already has a few hits under her belt; she has all it takes to run a successful production company.

Sandra Okagbue Controversy

The only controversy surrounding Sandra Okagbue at present is her feud with fellow actress Anna Banner. As one may be able to guess; the feud was over her sweetheart Flavour Nabania, who it appears Anna Banner was trying to steal. Reports indicate that Anna Banner has a child with Flavour, and that she intended to keep the sexy artist for herself.

However, reports indicate that Flavour came back to his senses, begged her on his knees, and involved other people to help him regain her attention. Sandra Okagbue has since forgiven Flavour; she has taken him back, and she has resumed the love, almost as it was before.

It is not known whether Sandra Okagbue has forgiven Anna Banner, the two have not been seen together since then, although it may just be that they have not had cause to be together as a result of professional commitments.

Sandra Okagbue Summary

Sandra Okagbue is a celebrity personality in Nigeria; she has worked in the modeling industry for more than 20 years. Sandra Okagbue has also established a modeling company; and now she has a movie production house. Sandra Okagbue is also the partner to Flavour Nabania- the popular Highlife singer.