Moji Olaiya: Biography, Age, Death, Husband and Child

Moji Olaiya was a renowned Nigerian actress. who have been greatly influential in the Nigeria film industry. She was also known for executing her roles perfectly in several movies she has starred in.

Moji Olaiya Biography

The daughter of highlife musician Victor Olaiya, Moji Olaiya started her acting career with the prominent program Wale Adenuga’s production, Super Story. She featured in numerous Nollywood movies of both Yoruba and English genres. She was widely known for her roles in films like No Pains No Gains, in which she played Ireti, Sade Blade (2005), Nkan adun (2008) and Omo iya meta leyi (2009).

Moji Olaiya: Biography, Age, Death, Husband and Child 1

She also starred in the Agunbaniro. In 2003 she was nominated for the Reel Award Best Supporting Actress of the Year, and she won the best New Actress Award.In 2016, Olaiya released a movie , Iya Okomi, featured alonside Foluke Daramola and also Funsho Adeolu, which was adjourned to premiere in Lagos on July. Olaiya married Bayo Okesola in 2007, then separated. She converted to Islam in 2014. The ollywood star gave up the ghost on May 17, 2017, from cardiac arrest in Canada, where she had her second child exactly two months before she was finally laid to rest on June 7, 2017 in line with Islamic rites.

There has been lots of gossip as regards the incident that happens to be Moji Olaiya’s former husband. People were discussing a person who was spotted grieving in some pictures from Moji’s funeral. But, the reality is that that guy has nothing to do with the actress’ second daughter.

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Moji Olaiya Husband

Moji Olaiya ex husband’s real name is Alhaji “Allen” Yomi Odutola, an oil and gas millionaire from the capital city Abuja. we’ve to admit that the important source of Allen’s wealth couldn’t be confirmed, so we’ve got to believe what he said.

Other areas of Alhaji Odutola’s investments are land and marketing. it’s been reported that the foremost of his assets are in Canada, not in Nigeria. Recall that Moji Olaiya’s treatment before she died happened in Canada also .

Why are people curious about all the talks and rumors about the personality Moji Olaiya’s husband? When they got the news of the arrival of the newborn daughter, Moji and her present husband, Okeshola, were long separated. Moji and Odutola, her third husband, were married secretly in the year 2017.

Moji Olaiya’s Death

Moji Olaiya died on Wednesday, May 17 2017 from cardiac arrest, just 2 months after giving birth to a bouncing baby girl. She was mourned by family, friends and fans world wide especially by her colleagues in the yoruba movie industry.

Moji Olaiya and her elder daughter

Let’s mention another interesting fact during this intricate story. Alhaji Odutola had married and had children when he was already engaged to Moji Olaiya. Many considered this highly represensible. However, we aren’t here to guage .

We have to ask another question — who will educate and support Olaiya’s baby? Her first daughter, who surely has other things to try to to , or her second husband, who was involved in bigamy?

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Moji Olaiya Baby

Olaiya tied the nut with Bayo Okesola in the year 2007 they divorced soon after. The actress said the matter together Or together with her second marriage had to try to to with her daughter: “ (…) So truth is, I left the wedding due to my daughter, because the person i used to be crazy with didn’t accept her.”

The third time around, Olaiya fell crazy and got married to Alhaji Yomi Odutola, an Abuja-based self-acclaimed oil and gas millionaire. Moji Olaiya husband lived in Toronto and thus their second baby was delivered in Canada.

Moji Olaiya had to travel through Cesarean Session to deliver her baby and It is known that the daughter was born in March 2017. The actress suffered from premature labor but after medical intervention, mother and baby were doing fine. Although Olaiya had to travel through cesarean delivery to deliver the baby, she was glad to welcome another child into the planet .

After the baby daughter was born, Moji stayed in Canada for further medical support both for herself and therefore the baby. within the pictures of Moji Olaiya and her little princess they both looked so happy. Nobody would have expected the tragedy that occurred.

Moji Olaiya: Biography, Age, Death, Husband and Child 2

A couple days after the delivery of Moji Olaiya’s precious female child, but unfortunately, Olaiya died from cardiopulmonary arrest in Canada, on the 17th of May, 2017. She barely had time to spend together with her newborn but we’d wish to think Olaiya will watch her baby from a far better world.

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Moji Olaiya and her second daughter

Please, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t trying to defame the name of the late Nigerian actress. But, it’s really disturbing to believe things surrounding her second daughter. we will only hope that there are tons of kind people that will attempt to take her mother’s place.

Moji Olaiya Age, Birthday & Year

Actress Moji Olaiya was born on the 27th of February 1975. The late Nollywood star is posthumous birthday would have been on the 27th of February this year (2021) She would have been 46 years old. May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Actress Moji Olaiya Net-worth – $ 1,000,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential in Nigeria with an estimated Net-worth of about $ 1Million dollars before her death.

Actress Moji Olaiya is one of the few Nigerian actresses that have left her foot print already in the Nigerian film industry, considering how influential she has been in recent years. Having said all of these, Actress Moji Olaiya’s  personal life, career and so many other achievements in the past has made her so famous that she is widely known.

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