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Anambra State Scheme of Work for Mathematics SS 1 (First Term, 2nd Term and 3rd Term) – 2023

Anambra state approved scheme of work and curriculum for Mathematics for SS1 first term to third term is now available online for tutors, parents and guidances who need the scheme in order to keep abreast of what’s expected in the subject. The state ministry of education have recommended a unified scheme of works for all Anambra State secondary schools, in other words, all Junior and senior secondary schools in Anambra State must operate with the same scheme of work for both private secondary schools and public (Anambra State owned) secondary schools in Anambra State.

Anambra state scheme of work just like other schemes of work for SS1 first term to third term Mathematics have been provided in details here. Do you know that before approval to operate and own a secondary school in Anambra State. The scheme of work for all subjects must be presented as this is one of the criteria for starting a private primary or secondary school in Anambra State.

Anambra State Scheme of Work for Mathematics SS 1 (First Term, 2nd Term and 3rd Term) - [year] 1

For prospective school owners, teachers and assistant teachers, a scheme of work is defined as a guideline that defines the contents and structure of academic subjects. The scheme of work for secondary schools in Anambra State, whether Junior or Senior secondary school, maps out in clear terms, how the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, group works and practicals, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, quizzes, homework and even up to midterm breaks for the academic session ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly, the approved academic activities for the session.

To further emphasize the importance of this document, the scheme of work for is the complete guide on all academic activities enforced by the State Anambra State ministry of education on all Anambra State secondary schools in as it relates not just to the subjects for the term . It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS1 is the same for both private and public secondary schools in Anambra State, that is, the scheme of work for a private school is the same with that of public or Anambra State owned secondary schools, principals and teachers in secondary schools in Anambra State are to adhere to the approved scheme of work as mandated by the ministry of education.

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Mathematics is one of the few subjects offered from primary school to university level. The scheme of work for Mathematics provided here would go a long way in not just helping the teachers in carefully breaking down the subject, topics and subtopics but also, devise more practical ways of imparting this knowledge on the pupils using the recommended text books.

There have been a sporadic increase in the search for the Anambra State approved curriculum for Mathematics reason being that Mathematics is one of the most important subjects offered in Junior and senior secondary schools. It is also an important admission requirements for admission into any higher institution. The fact that the scheme of work for Mathematics in Anambra State Senior secondary is the same irrespective of whether the school if public or private, it makes it much easier and brings about uniformity in the educational sector.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provide in full details, the Anambra State approved scheme of work for all topics and sub-topics in Mathematics as a subject offered in Anambra State senior secondary school.

As part of the requirements for setting up a secondary school in Anambra State, those interested should note that a scheme of work must be presented to the ministry of Education, you can read further on documents and all that is required for establishing a secondary school in Anambra State.

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Anambra State Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS 1 (1ST 2ND AND 3RD TERM) 2023


  1. NUMBER BASE SYSTEM: Conversion from one base to base 10, conversion of decimal fraction to base 10, conversion of number from one base to another 11 base. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of number bases.
    Definition and concept of module arithmetic: Addition, subtraction and multiplication of module arithmetic and applying it to solving life problem.
  3. INDICES: Conversion of numbers to standard form; laws of indices, indicial equations.
    Definition of logarithm; logarithm of numbers in base 10, expressing logarithm as inverse of Indices, Graph of Y = 10x, logarithm and anti-logarithms tables of numbers greater than one, laws of logarithms – multiplication, division, powers and roots.
  5. SET: Definition of set, set notation, types of sets, set operation, use of Venn diagrams.
  6. SIMPLE EQUATIONS AND VARIATIONS: Change of subject of formulae involving bracket, root and
    Types of variation – direct, inverse, joint and partial.
  7. QUADRATIC EQUATION: Factorization, completing the square, formulae and graphical method and obtaining roots from quadratic graphs.
  8. LOGICAL REASONING: Simple and compound statements.


CONSTRUCTION OF ANGLES 30, 45, 60, 90 e.t.c .
Triangles, Equivalent angles, Equidistance from 2 points, 2 lines, fixed point and 4 – sides plane figure given certain conditions, locus of given points.
Angle sum of a triangle is 180 degree, the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of two interior opposite angles.
3. RIDERS: Proofs of properties of Angles on parallel lines, Angles in a polygon, Congruent angles, Parallelograms and intercept theorem.

  1. TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOS: Sine, cosine and tangent with reference to right angled triangles.
  2. TRIGONOMETRY: Derivation of Trigonometric ratios of 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees from drawn angles.
  3. TRIGONOMETRY: Angle of elevation and depression and application of trigonometric ratios.
  4. TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOS: In relation to unit circle, Sine and Cosine of various angles.
  5. GRAPH OF SINES AND COSINES USING 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees etc.
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  1. Perimeters of sectors and segments
  2. Areas of Sectors of a Circle
  3. Areas of Segments of a Circle
  4. Relation between the sector of Circle and the surface of a Cone.
  5. Surface Area and Volume of Shapes – Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Pyramids, Cone, and Prism.
  6. Surface Area and Volume of fraction of Cones and Pyramids.
  7. Surface Area and Volume of Compound Shapes.
  8. Data Presentation and frequency distribution tables.
  9. Linear graph, Bar chart and Histograms: Differences between Bar charts and Histograms
  10. Pie chart and frequency polygon.

This above is Anambra state approved scheme of work for SS1 Mathematics for first term to third term.

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