Yemi Shodimu: Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Movies & Net-worth (2024)

The Nollywood industry have been known widely for producing creative and talented actors as seen in Yemi Shodimu. He has made great influence in the Nigeria movie industry , which has seen him highly respected amongst his fans and colleagues nationwide.

Yemi Shodimu Biography

Yemi Shodimu: Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Movies & Net-worth ([year]) 1

He was born in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State southwestern Nigeria. He spent his childhood days in Abeokuta at the palace of Alake of Egbaland where he was exposed to the Yoruba culture. He attended Obafemi Awolowo University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in dramaturgy and later proceeded to the University of Lagos where he received a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Mass communication.

Yemi Shodimu Biography
Real Name: Yemi Shodimu
Date of Birth:    29th of January 1960 (63 years)
Place of Birth:  Abeokuta
State of Origin   Ogun State
Nationality:         Nigerian
Marital Status:  Married
Occupation:        Actor
Net Worth        $ 400,000

He began his acting career in 1976, an equivalent year he featured during a movie titled Village Head Master. He was known for his lead role, Ajani in Oleku, a movie directed and produced by Tunde Kelani.

Yemi Shodimu Wife

I met her in Washington. We were both within the university. i used to be dating an American girl at that point . I saw her and that i felt she was the cutest Nigerian I had ever seen. My mum started praying and fasting and wishing i might marry her because she didn’t want me to marry ‘Akata’ (American). If I hadn’t met her, i might have married an American, i’m very sure of that. She was the last person I dated and that i married her.

Yemi Shodimu’s Interview

You left Nigeria when the ovation was at the peak, what transpired?

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As you get older , your priorities change. once I did Love me Jeje, the structure wasn’t there, it wasn’t even profitable at that time . i was in US once I released that song. I came home and released it here and that i went back. Till this day, I still get royalties from the song. you’ve got to try and do music once you can put in your full attention. I cannot release a song monthly like some artistes do. For me, music has got to be evergreen. It wasn’t as if I planned to go away but it had been just the character of what i used to be doing at that point .

But if you had released another hit three or four years after, don’t you think that you’ll still have been much known now?

You are right. But check out artiste like Adele, she releases a song and goes away for like five years. once you reach A level of success, you’ve got to be ready to enjoy life. Asa does an equivalent thing. My gap has been a touch bit more due to the very fact that sometimes I release one within the US or London and that i don’t bring it back home.

Could it’s the rationale you came back to try and do a remix of love me Jeje?

Yemi Shodimu: Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Movies & Net-worth ([year]) 2

The remix wasn’t what I had wanted to do. For quite 10 years, people are telling me to remix the song and that i said no. Why would you remix something that you simply released and it had been successful? But two years ago, I met Sheezy, Davido’s producer and he asked me to try to to it again and that i refused. He asked for permission to try to to the song again and that i should just bless it for him, I agreed. I came back a month later and he told me he had done the song but didn’t know anybody that might do the lyrics like i might roll in the hay . in order that they convinced me to run through the song in order that they might have a guide for the person who would roll in the hay. every week later, he told me he was using my voice and not the other . They played it back on behalf of me and that I was impressed. They decided to use another Nigerian singer also but they called her and she or he wasn’t interested. I will be able to not tell you the person’s name. I made a decision to call my people within the US to offer the song a more international flavour. I called Brandy and she or he loved the song but she couldn’t roll in the hay because there was a clearance issue together with her label. We called Kelly Rowland, she wanted to try to to it but she was pregnant. i made a decision to call K Mitchell. My people here said nobody knows her. I told them she is talented. We flew to Atlanta and she or he did her part and that we recorded it.

Are there times you would like you had stayed back in Nigeria and perhaps , release another hit in order that you’d always be in people’s minds?

Oh yes, I do wish I did that sometimes. The business that we are in, you’ve got to be spiritually sound. I wish I had stayed back because once we did it, it wasn’t like this and if I had continued i’ll not have had the 2 kids I even have now. i’ll not are ready to raise them; i’ll not have had all the business I even have now. you’ve got to be smart about your life. you’re liable for your wife and youngsters first and not music. I wish I had done both at an equivalent time but something would have had to offer way.

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Yemi Shodimu Age, Birthday & Year

Yemi Shodimu was born on the 29th of January 1960. The Nollywood star is currently 63 years old. He celebrated widely with Family, friends colleagues and fans nationwide.

Yemi Shodimu’s Net-worth – $ 400,000

The veteran actor is one of the most influential in Nigeria with an estimated Net-worth of about $ 400,000 dollars and with a number of exceptional eye catching movies that have received enormous sales, not excluding several endorsement deals and businesses as well.

Yemi Shodimu Movies

  • Violated
  • Blazing Years
  • Destiny
  • Owo Blow
  • The Meeting

Yemi Shodimu is one of the few Nigerian actor that have left his foot print already in the Nigerian film industry, considering how influential she has been in recent years. Having said all of these, Yemi Shodimu’s  personal life, career and so many other achievements in the past has made him so famous that he his widely known both in Nigeria and Africa.

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