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Chinyere Nwabueze: Biography, Age, Husband, Phone Number & Net Worth 2023

Chinyere Nwabueze is on another level as an actress in Nollywood; she was nominated Africa best actress at the 2010 ZAFFA awards in London. There are actresses, and then there are actresses who have received intercontinental award nominations for their performances.

Chinyere Nwabueze falls among the category of actors whose talent is beyond question, and whose abilities are touted to solidify Nollywood’s position as one of the leading film making industries in the world.

With around a hundred films under her belt, and the support of teeming fans around the world, Chinyere Nwabueze has cemented her position in Nollywood, and has rightly set her sights on what great things she can achieve in her career.

Chinyere Nwabueze: Biography, Age, Husband, Phone Number & Net Worth [year] 1

Chinyere Nwabueze Profile

  • Real Name: Chinyere Nwabueze AKA Ladytinted
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur
  • Date of Birth: Not Available
  • Place of Birth: Katsina State, Northern Nigeria
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Net Worth: 80,000 USD

Chinyere Nwabueze Profile

Chinyere Nwabueze is a Nigerian actress, script writer, entrepreneur, and former banker. She has received nominations for some of the most coveted awards on the continent, and has starred in around 100 films. Chinyere Nwabueze is a driven and competent woman, she excels in all her activities including as a wife, mother, actress, comedian, and entrepreneur.

She is one of the talented actresses billed to be the face of Nollywood going forward, she has won the love and affections of vast audiences in Nigeria, Africa, and across the world.

Some of the factors that have stood her out from her peers are: her versatility which makes her able to play a wide variety of roles, her humor which makes her blend with other humorous actors, and the fact that she does not overly rely on beauty to play her roles.

Chinyere Nwabueze oozes confidence and her performances are natural. This is why she is so well loved by both the audiences and her colleagues.

Chinyere Nwabueze Early Life

She was born in Katsina State to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwabueze. Her father is a retired civil servant, and her mother is a homemaker. She grew up in different cities across the country due to her father being transferred all around the country. This made her quite adaptive, and culturally receptive- she speaks several languages.

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Despite living all over the country, she made regular visits to her home town of Asagha Ohafia, Ohafia LGA of Abia State, Nigeria.

She sat for her WAEC examination at Owerri Girls Secondary School, and then she proceeded to the Benue state College of Education, and also the University of Port Harcourt, where she bagged a degree in Theatre Arts.

Chinyere Nwabueze Career Development

Chinyere Nwabueze got a job in the banking industry where she worked for some time. However, she was forced to find new employment after the industry fell into distress. She made some connections into the film industry, but interestingly, not as an actress.

She became a location scout for a popular producer, and worked with him for some time, before convincing him to give her a shot on screen. It took some time for her to get the suitable role, and when the opportunity came, she grabbed it.

Among her earliest film appearances are “Just in Case,” “Breaking the Cord, and “Mission to Love.”

She has actually been very successful in Soap Operas as well; in fact, international nomination mentioned in the introduction of this post was for her role in a Soap Opera titled “Spider.” Some of the popular Soap Operas she has featured in include; “Ezeabata the kidnapper,” Spider, and She Devil.

While the iron was still hot, she quickly delved in production, and she actually got it right. Two of her productions in “The Second Adam” and “The Second Adam 2.”

In an interview with a popular Nigerian newspaper she stated that it was the TV series that she believed had made her resonate with the audience; that whenever she was out in public, such as in a market, she always found that people addressed her by character names.

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Chinyere Nwabueze Movies

  1. Ulinma (Released in 2023)
  2. The Surrogacy (Released in 2022)
  3. Amaka Must Go (Released in 2021)
  4. 5G Network (Released in 2020)
  5. Black Day (Released in 2018)
  6. Fair Lady (Released in 2018)
  7. Lighthouse Hotel (Released in 2016)
  8. Tamed (Released in 2016)
  9. Mission to Love (Released in 2015)
  10. Gold Diggin (Released in 2014)
  11. In Her Shoes (Released in 2013)
  12. Chidera (Released in 2012)
  13. Just in Case (Released in 2012)
  14. Ladies Gang (Released in 2011)
  15. A Cry for Justice 2 (Released in 2010)
  16. Battle for Pride 2 (Released in 2009)
  17. Battle for Pride (Released in 2009)
  18. Lumba Boys 2 (Released in 2008)
  19. Lumba Boys (Released in 2008)
  20. Power of Justice 2 (Released in 2007)
  21. Power of Justice (Released in 2007)
  22. Warriors of Satan 2 (Released in 2007)
  23. Warriors of Satan (Released in 2007)
  24. Great Ambassadors 2 (Released in 2007)
  25. Great Ambassadors (Released in 2007)
  26. The Prince of My Heart (Released in 2007)
  27. The Prince of My Heart 2 (Released in 2007)
  28. Married for Money (Released in 2006)
  29. Occultic Wedding 3 (Released in 2006)
  30. Occultic Wedding 2 (Released in 2006)
  31. Occultic Wedding (Released in 2006)
  32. My Sister’s Act (Released in 2005)
  33. End of Money (Released in 2005)
  34. We Are One (Released in 2004)
  35. Royal Family 2 (Released in 2004)
  36. Royal Family (Released in 2004)
  37. The Stolen Bible (Released in 2004)
  38. The Stolen Bible 2 (Released in 2004)
  39. Schemers: Bad Babes (Released in 2004)
  40. Emotional Tears 2 (Released in 2003)
  41. Emotional Tears (Released in 2003)
  42. Deadly Mistake (Released in 2003)
  43. Passion & Pain (Released in 2003)
  44. Emergency Wedding (Released in 2003)
  45. She Devil (Released in 2001)

Chinyere Nwabueze: Biography, Age, Husband, Phone Number & Net Worth [year] 2

Chinyere Nwabueze Awards And Nominations

TERRACOTTA Award “best supporting Actress” (Won)

Africa best actress at the 2010 ZAFFA awards in London (Nominated)

Those are the awards and accolades available at this time. It is reasonable that she should have more because she certainly has the talent. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Chinyere Nwabueze’s Age

Chinyere Nwabueze is quite secretive about her date of birth; she has not made it known to any digital platform or media establishment. Nevertheless, by looking at her appearance it is possible to hazard a good guess.

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We can estimate that she is around 50 years old. Please note that it is important not to be fooled by her big size; she has always been big, and that has nothing to do with her age.

Chinyere Nwabueze Husband

As mentioned above, Chinyere Nwabueze is quite secretive; and as such details about her family life as quite sketchy. Nevertheless, she did admit in an interview with a Nigerian newspaper that she is happy married, and that her husband is a very loving and supportive man.

She called him her backbone, and said he is one of the major reasons for her success as an actor.

There is a photo of her with her husband in public domain; he is quite handsome. In terms of height and complexion, they look like siblings. One can therefore say that she has been blessed to find the perfect match in marriage.

Chinyere Nwabueze Phone Number

In an interview with a popular Nigerian newspaper and website, she stated that she had received several calls from fans, and that some of the calls were even harassing her. Naturally, one can expect that she would become even more secretive with her phone number as a result of this.

Nevertheless, fans and potential business associates who wish to get across to her can do so via social media. She is very active on instagram; her handle is chinwabs.

That is all you need to know about Chinyere Nwabueze; the Nollywood screen goddess. She is also involved in an initiative to grow the industry by grooming new talents; so young aspiring actors and actresses may find her helpful, as a mentor and also as a producer.

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