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7 Safest Places To Live In Nigeria According To Travel Advisors

In everything, the slogan SAFETY FIRST must come to mind. Have you wondered why the most powerful countries in the world allocate so much money into security in their annual budget? After security of lives and properties, others can follow. Living in Nigeria is becoming more dangerous than ever due to the unpredictable security situation throughout the country and the significant risk of terrorism, herdsmen and farmers clashes, inter-communal clashes, armed attacks, kidnappings and other rituals killings. Informing citizens and immigrants about the safest places to live in Nigeria considering the security and economic current challenges the country is facing can never be overemphasized.

7 Safest Places To Live In Nigeria According To Travel Advisors 1

Unarguably, Nigeria is a beautiful country with happiest people on earth according to a foreign publication. However the rising spate of Insecurity, terrible road networks, epileptic electricity supply just to mention a few are amongst the many factors constituting the mental image of Nigerians in Diaspora, in as much as all these aren’t as bad as they are portrayed in the media. Foreigners, tourists, Nigerians in diaspora wanting to visit this great country of ours might be scared because they feel no place is safe to live.

This article will help in selecting amongst the list of safest places to live in Nigeria. These states are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Absence of religious and ethnic crisis
  • Presence of adequate security
  • Fairly good transportation systems
  • Availability of health care services
  • Access to basic amenities
  • Level of literacy etc.

Withe the presence of the above, any state is free to settle in. The states listed in this article posses the attributes. Any state that has high level of literates is bound to have peace because illiteracy is the major cause of various vices in Nigeria. The general high level of illiteracy in the Northern Nigeria is the reason for kidnapping, terrorism and other banditry activities currently on-going especially in Zamfara state.

In as much as we are listing the safest places to live in Nigeria, it is our duty to also list states to avoid. As part of safety and general well-being, well known travel advisory companies and foreign embassies have listed the following places as RED zones to tourists and their citizens living in Nigeria;

  • North-western states (Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara)
  • North-central (Plateau)
  • North-eastern states (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa and Yobe)
  • Niger Delta states of (Ondo, Bayelsa Rivers)
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If you must travel to the above regions then you must exercise all forms of safety measures. Avoid unplanned public gatherings, avoid being outside beyond 7:00 PM and be very unpredictable in your movements, that is, leave no traces for anyone to understand your movement except your immediate family members.

7 Safest Places To Live In Nigeria

1. Lagos

Topping the list of safest places or state to live in is Lagos state. As usual, it is the ever bustling, the centre of excellence, the hub of all commercial activities. Despite being over populated, it is indisputably one of the safest places to live in Nigeria. The state spends a fortune on security, thousands of investors troop in by the minute and tourists and visitors flock in from all angles. The fact that there is zero religious crisis makes it even more habitable. The social life is at the peak with the ever so green parks, resorts and five star hotels. Lagos is a place to live in.

2. Abuja

The nation’s capital cannot be safe then there is a problem with the whole country. Aso rock villa in Abuja houses the most powerful person in Nigeria, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Abuja as the FCT has on its soil, the Lawmakers, senators, visiting dignitaries. The architectural masterpieces and beautiful scenery attracts tourists every year is a sight to behold. Security is at its peak due to the caliber of individuals living there. Good roads and low crime rates is something this city boasts of too. Anyone who lives here has nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety.

3. Ibadan

Ibadan is a small quiet and peaceful city with very low crime rate. If you have ever been to Oyo state, you will experience the serenity that comes with living in a semi urban city. There is calmness everywhere, cost of living is very affordable for the common man. Cheap house rents and cost of feeding. Even though it lacks the hustle and bustle of Lagos which many in the state (Oyo) do not fancy, it has a fair share of commercial activities because of its close proximity to Lagos state, it is roughly 1hr:30 mins drive/ hour drive from Lagos. The crime rate is very low as is associated with close knit communities.

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4. Calabar

Calabar is the state capital of rivers state. It is seated on a landmass of 20,156 km². This state gained its prominence under the administration of former Governor Donald Duke. Till today, Calabar remains the number one tourists destination for both local and international tourists. Calabar is known for its neatness and absence of many forms of banditry. The presence of recreational centers likes the Tinapa and Obudu cattle ranch, its easy to fall in love with this city and pledge to never leave. With these tourist attractions, Calabar has witnessed a boom in commercial activities and higher influx of foreigners. With the presence of good roads, availability of social amenities and tip top security in every Street corner, what’s not to love about this state? The safety of this state is the paramount responsibility of the Governor and he has kept to his words.

5. Enugu

Enugu is located in eastern part of Nigeria. A peaceful state with beautiful people. The coal city as it is called has natural phenomena like waterfalls, caves and hills. Many investors have taken a liking to the coal city and invested greatly in luxury hotels and gardens. When states like other states are being ravaged by all manner of robbery and kidnappings, Enugu state is enjoying a very low crime rate and thriving commercial activities. Many residents of this state can attest to the peace and calmness associated with this state. If you are in search of a peaceful state to start up, Enugu state is among the best places. It is sure one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. Your safety is guaranteed.

6. Imo State

Owerri has been one of the safest cities since its inception. Low crime rate, buoyant economy and average standard of living makes people visit often. The government incorporates loads of security measures to help foster safety within the city. Imo state has a population of over 4.8 million people and the population density varies from 230 to 1,400 people per square kilometre. Other religious groups exist in the state. However, Christianity is the predominant religion.

One common characteristic of this state is the presence of nightlife. Owerri is best known for their hospitality business. It is a state to spend the money you have hustled for owing to the beautiful ladies who are readily available to treat you as a King so long as you aren’t stingy with the Raba. Talking about safety, Owerri is well developed since it is the capital of Imo state.

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7. Kwara State

This state might not be the best place to live if you are a nocturnal because nightlife here is as good as zero. But if safety, peace, calmness, nearness to nature is what you desire then you are good to go. The truth is, no state is devoid of crime as this is what cannot be totally eradicated rather controlled. Kwara State was created on 27 May 1967. It was previously known as the West Central State but later changed to “Kwara” which means River Niger. 

To further boost the safety of this state, there are local vigilantes who assist the police with intelligence as it is believed that safety starts with you. Generally, kwara state is just calm and devoid of the popular vices most rural areas are faced with and comes on the list of one of the safest states to live in Nigeria as of today.

In summary, like we would always say, safety begins with you. If you do not observe safety in everything you do, then the result could be catastrophic. As you continue to search for the safest places to live in Nigeria, bear it in mind that no state is safe 99% hence alertness, the safest state today in Nigeria today might turn out to be the most dreaded zone tomorrow, hence keep yourself ahead all the time by going online and getting information as regards your next destination. As part of safety, before travelling to a new location, always go online and browse about the place, whether inter state, within the state or international it is the first rule of observing safety.

Hope this was helpful? your opinion will be well appreciated, please share with us, your experience as regards safety measures you observed while travelling as well as the safest states you have lived so far.

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