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Top 12 Reasons You Should Study In Australia

“Why study in Australia?” a question that comes to the mind of every international student with an aspiration to study abroad with Australia being an option.

Why Study In Australia

It is no doubt many aspiring students are also asking the same question as my friend. This is because Australia is fast becoming a popular destination for education among many international students. It should be no wonder as the continents offers one of the most exciting natural scenery and unique approach to education. Australia is filled with humans who are laid-back and carefree and full of life not to mention its wonderful beaches and nice climates.

Having observed a lot about the continent and international students studying there we have compiled an excellent list of the top 12 reasons why international students are now preferring Australia to other continent as their destination for education.

Why Study In Australia? Top 12 Amazing Facts

In this post we will give you the top 12 reasons why most international students prefer Australia as their destination for education.

1. Academic Excellence

The Australian approach to both vocational and technical education is now generally recognized as among the best and most innovative approach in the world. It enjoys an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and discipline. Australian universities are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines.
Institutions in Australia deliver practical and career-orientated training so students can be confident they have the skills demanded by employers. It has played an important role in Australia’s economic performance, by greatly increasing the skill of workers and contributing to improved productivity

2. Global Recognition Status

Schools and employers all over the globe recognize degrees awarded from Australian schools. Most Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive and excellent international reputation of the Australian education system. This Education system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country.

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3. Absence Of Language Barrier

The absence of language barrier is another reason why you should study in Australia.

If you’re in Australia and are not learning a foreign language or even if you are then you are in the perfect place, because guess what? they speak English! You won’t need to worry about making awkward hand and head signals or getting lost due to translation problems, because Australians will know exactly what you’re talking about (even if they do have weird accents).

4. Work And Study Privilege

Another notable reason why studying in Australia is a plus is the opportunity of being able to earn while you learn(Work and Study)

One of the best reasons of being an international student in Australia is that your student visa will automatically give you the needed permission to more than 30 hours every 2 weeks during the academic year or even full time during the holidays. That means that you can enjoy all the city has to offer and earn some money while you learn.

5. Visa Red-tapism

Many of us are familiar with the high-handedness and demands of the American and the British visa officials. On any given day, a genuine visa application may get turned down for reasons best known to them or no reason at all.

Most Students are more or less frustrated about the lengthy and costly visa application process for the US and UK. It has been reported recently by the Guardian that the UK visas should address the problems encountered by one-third of students in obtaining visas — 18 per cent found it a very lengthy and often difficult process even though their first application was eventually successful.

6. Research Opportunities

Universities in Australia offers research opportunities to eligible professionals willing to enhance their career. One of the biggest advantage is that Australia offers country-based research that is spread all over the continent. For one to be chosen for these highly regarded research opportunities are based on merit alone and is highly competitive, and a proven track record of academic excellence is a per-requisite.
Despite a reduction in the number of student traffic, the UK and the US officials seem reluctant to take a note of it although university officials project the dip in revenue. Slowly the wheel is turning full circle. Lots of changes will define the future of academic destinations for international students and the pattern right now strongly directs towards the continent of Australia because of it’s numerous research opportunities.

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7. Tourist Attractions

Do you like surfing? Australia has some of the best spots for this sport! Do you like to lay out in the sun and tan? Australia have the perfect white sand for you to do so. Want to play around with aquatic life? Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is for you. Australia has some of the most amazing beaches in the world; many of them barely touched by humans.

8. Great University Choice

Australia is a country with many established universities on the global ranks and more are coming up. The University of Melbourne, Australian National University and University of Sydney, have always been very exceptional places to study, but many other Australian colleges are becoming known for their excellent degrees. Australia is definitely a great place to receive a higher education.

9. Technological Advancement

One of the most appealing features of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research available to them. Australia is at the forefront of new technological advances and innovations. International Students who study in Australian universities can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources to maximize their academic experience.

10. Diverse/Rich Cultural Heritage

Australia is regarded to be the home of the oldest humans in the whole world – the indigenous people of Australia! In the Northern Territory you can explore caves and rock formations that were around in the Dream-time. You may decide to visit Uluru, a large, isolated desert rock in the middle of Australia, which is sacred to the indigenous people.

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11. Quality Assurances

Australia’s national quality assurance system is quite unique both in its structure and its rigour. International students enjoy an unequaled level of service and financial protection. Australia is extremely committed to providing top quality education to students — be they national or international. Australia provides the world’s most rigourous protection for international students through ESOS.

12. There’s alot to do…

From a relaxed day wondering through museums and galleries or smelling the clean, sea air on a harbor cruise on a gorgeous summer’s day, to Adrenalin spiking activities like big wave surfing, jet boating, climbing the bridge or riding a roller coaster at Luna Park. The Australian continents offers these exciting activities and promises many more!

So there you have it – the top 12 reasons why study in Australia be given due consideration.

We hope that one among-st these 12 reasons will be responsible for your decision to consider Australia as your destination for education!

Please share your thoughts as regards why study in Australia is a hit or miss.


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