3 Travel Destinations Where You Can Relax And Study At The Same Time

A student’s surroundings has the potential to increase performance by up to 16 percent, according to a study conducted by the University of Salford. While the study was done on grade school children, the effect of one’s surroundings is no less pronounced on older students. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your brain some downtime by going on an overseas getaway where you can distance yourself from the noise and double down on your studies. If you’re struggling with studying for entrance exams or finals, escaping the noise of your environment and going someplace serene might do the trick.

The Great White Northern Landscapes Of Canada
Rife with wonders of nature and colorful blends of culture, Canada is more than just North America’s skiing capital. There’s no shortage of spots where you can take a load off and focus on your studies surrounded by environments that rejuvenate your mind and body. For example, quiet campsites and remote lakesides are great if you thrive in seclusion. Alternatively, you can also book accommodations in Canada’s historical cities if you are the type to find inspiration while taking walks through storied streets. Finally, if you find that physical exertion is what activates your mental faculties, Canada’s Rocky Mountains are teeming with ski resorts for you to get the blood pumping.
The Picturesque Wilds And Dazzling Beaches Of Australia 
Covered in stunning beaches and gleaming cities, Australia is more than just the wild bush that nature shows make it out to be. But if that happens to be your cup of tea, there are several safari trips across the country for you to choose from. And once you are done with your escapades, you can relax and concentrate on your studying in Australia’s many tranquil getaways. Alongside its wildlife, Australia is visited by travelers from far and wide for its pristine beaches. Out of its thousands upon thousands of miles of coastline, a select few are secluded enough for you to focus in relative peace. Australia’s coast is also the perfect place to take a dip to clear your head. Just keep in mind the basic safety guidelines to prevent accidents while enjoying the water.
The Unique Island Biomes Of New Zealand 
With glaciers, volcanoes, and legions of sheep, New Zealand is an island destination unlike any other. It contains some of the most spectacular vistas in Pacific Isles, such as those in Fiordland National Park and Cape Reinga. The downside is that the remote location of the country makes it expensive to book tickets for.
If you ever find yourself torn between revising for your exams or going on vacation, just choose any of these three destinations and you can do both! With the right environment, you can refresh your mind and face those tests with a much more formidable mental resolve.
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