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Rita Arum: Biography, Marriage, Movies, Age, State, Family & Net Worth 2024

Rita Arum is the big lady you often see playing the role of Queen in Nollywood movies. She also plays the role of the rich woman with the spoilt kids, or the role of the big aunty. She is a Nollywood heavyweight; one that is well accomplished in the industry, and can look back at her career spanning over twenty years, and say that she is happy with what she has done with her life.

Rita Arum is one of the familiar faces in Nollywood; she is in fact one of those whose hard work and dedication have made her a fans favorite among the audiences, not only in Nigeria but everywhere Nollywood movies are shown.

Rita Arum has this prestige and grace with which she walks on set; she truly knows how to move like a Queen. Fans who want to know more about her, her age, her life before acting, and her movies have come to the right place- all that will be treated below.

Rita Arum: Biography, Marriage, Movies, Age, State, Family & Net Worth [year] 1

Rita Arum Profile

Real Name: Rita Arum Nwolisa

Stage Name: Rita Arum

Date of Birth: March 16th

Place of Birth: Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria

Occupation: Actress

Rita Arum Biography

Rita Arum is an actress in the Nigerian movie industry she was born to Christian parents in Imo State, Nigeria, sometime in the 70’s. She is known for excelling in royal roles in the Movies; her acting style is that of an impersonal, emotionally distant, but jealous woman.

Rita Arum has had a very successful career in acting; she does about 4 movies a year, and they are mostly of the modern variety, and the spoken language is mostly English.

Having been granted a virtual monopoly of roles, one may wonder whether the character she portrays in the movies is not the same way she behaves in real life. Rita Arum is very secretive; but perhaps that secretiveness adds to her mystic. Nevertheless, let’s find out what we have managed to dig up about her.

Early Life

As mentioned above, she was born in the 70’s in Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. She attended primary school in Imo
State before heading to Federal Government College Ikot Ekpene, in Akwa Ibom State for her secondary education. It is not clear whether she moved with her family for this to become possible, or whether she was a boarding student.

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Rita Arum is particularly secretive about her family; nothing is known about her parents or siblings, and where they live. She has also not disclosed how she got into the movie industry. We can therefore deduce that she must have taken the bold step of leaving her comfort zone, and moving to Delta, Anambra or Enugu State where many movies are shot, so that she take part in Auditions.

Career Progression

She must have done a stellar job at those auditions because she quickly moved up the ladder of importance, she is now one of the biggest stars of Nollywood, and she features regularly in movies.

Of particular concern though is the fact that most of her career seems to have been fixed on a particular role stereotype; she usually plays the arrogant Queen. This has in turn meant that most of her movies are royal themed; or based upon stories of a royal household where she is the matriarch.

One of the early movies that she featured in, and that brought her so much fame was Royal War, which was done in 2009, and which featured big stars like Ernest Asuzu, Van Vicker, Enebeli Elebuwa, and Ini Edo. That film was written by Ugezu J. Ugezu, and directed by Prince Emeka Ani.

Royal War was a smash hit; it was a very successful movie, and had some of the biggest names in the industry at the time. rubbing shoulders with such industry giants no doubt gave her additional stimuli to push harder in the industry, and to excel in her trade. Furthermore, it also gave her the extra attention from the public; thus pushing her to stardom.

Rita Arum Movies

Rita Arum has done so many movies that it may not be possible to compile them all at once. However, some of the top movies that she has featured in include:

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Royal War: (Year 2009)

Burning Bridges: (Year 2014)

Days of Gloom: (Year 2011)

The Bible (Year 2014)

Diary of Death (Year 2021)

Coat of Many Colours (Year 2021)

Thicker Than Water (Year 2021)

My Enemy My Love (Year 2021)

Fire On The Throne (Year 2021)

The Kings Order (Year 2021)

A Fight For Nothing (Year 2021)

Behind The Mask (Year 2021)

Endless (Year 2022)

Royal Scam (Year 2021)

A Beautiful Soul (Year 2020)

Broken Intentions (Year 2021)

The Injustice (Year 2020)

Calculator (Year 2003)

I Found You (2005 Video)

My Only Girl (2006 Video)

My Love My Soul (Year 2022)

All in Vain (Year 2021)

Madam Trouble (Year 2022)

Royal Ghost (Year 2021)

Scarlet Chance (Year 2022)

Who Killed The Prince (Year 2022)

As is evident from the list of Rita Arum movies above, she is one of the few Evergreen Stars who have continued to thrive over the years. She has worked with some of the old generation of stars, and continues to work with the new kids who dominate affairs today. Rita Arum worked with the likes of Enebeli Enebuwa, Van Vicar, Ugezu .J. Ugezu, and now works with the likes of Destiny Etiko, Jerry Williams, and Zubby Michael.

She has also built a long lasting working relationship with Ugezu Ugezu, and she is like an icon to whom many of the younger actresses look up to for inspiration.

Rita Arum Awards

There is no information available about Rita Arum’s awards and accolades received so far, perhaps now there is more reason to pay attention to her and the recognition she has gained for her work.

Rita Arum Marriage

Rita Arum is married. However, there is no information about her marriage or her husband available in public domain. The only thing we know is that she added Nwolisa to her name, and uses this in the credits of her most recent movies. We can therefore say that her husband’s name is Mr. Nwolisa, although his photos or information are not available.

Rita Arum Age

Rita Arum was born in the 70’s and that is all we know. From her looks we estimate that she is somewhere between 42 to 47 years of age. Furthermore, she has spent more than 20 years on screen, and she must have been at least 25 years old when she came into the industry.

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Rita Arum State

Rita Arum is very secretive about her origins but she did spark some controversy when in an interview she said that she attended the same secondary school with Rita Dominic, and that she was her senior. Rita Dominic is a native of Imo State, and on that basis we draw a conclusion that she too is from Imo State.

Rita Arum Family

Rita Arum remains very secretive about her family; nobody knows anything about her parents or siblings. But you cannot hide everything: we know that husband’s name is Mr. Nwolisa. We do not know what state he comes from, or what he does for a living.

Rita Arum does have a daughter however, and her name Dora Koko Arum, and the girl is just as beautiful as her mother. She is still a teenager, so she still has her whole life to live, and could possibly follow her mother’s footsteps, and then become an actress.

Rita Arum Net Worth

Rita Arum is estimated to be worth around N30 Million. The money comes from her acting work in Nollywood, although one must also consider the fact that she was not always a major star like this; in the early 2000’s she was something of an up and comer, and so she could not have earned so much money at that time. Now however, she is a big star, and so she commands a very huge salary.

That is the much we can take about the superbly talented, but terribly secretive Rita Arum; our favorite Nollywood Queen. It took a lot of digging to get the information in this post so we hope you will do us the favor of sharing with friends and family, and we would love to see our comments on the subject.

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