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5 Compulsory Theory Questions In English Language for WAEC & NECO Exam

Passing English language in WAEC or NECO is as a result of your ability to understand a given order, instruction, message, question, piece of writing, passage, etc. Inability to understand or comprehend a piece of writing or an instruction or piece of information, etc will pose many challenges for candidates attempting theory questions in English language examination in WAEC and NECO.

In recent times, it’s been observed that some brilliant students fail English examination, not because they don’t know the answers to the questions asked but simply because they lack the understanding of the questions, passage or instructions given. While some students who are not so bright pass excellently because they understand what is required of them.

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5 Compulsory Theory Questions In English Language for WAEC & NECO Exam 1

Paper 2 which is known as the theory section in English language examination whether in WAEC, NECO or any examination carries very high marks compared to the Objective section. If you pass the theory section well enough then you can acquire a good grade in English.

Passing English language in your WAEC or NECO means you must have done a lot of practice and attempted many English language past questions. For those who haven’t, I will be listing what to look out for in your WAEC and NECO examination for senior secondary school certificate examination, they are the 5 most asked questions in theory section in WAEC and NECO.

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They are quite broad and if you can pass them, then you can obtain an ‘A’ in English language exam because every year, questions on these topics are tested on candidates.

5 Compulsory Theory Questions In English Language In WAEC & NECO Exam

1) Questions testing Knowledge on Compression:

This is the first set of questions on passages by WAEC and NECO. This category of questions is meant to test your understanding on the content of the passage. On answering questions on Compression, note that facts and information outside the passage should not be used in answering the questions; otherwise the candidate will not be answering questions which are based on the passage placed directly before him or her. In other words, in order to answer questions on this category properly to the satisfaction of the examiner, you must have a thorough understanding of the passage. You may have to read the passage at least twice in order to properly understand and comprehend it.

2) Questions on Figure of Speech:

You will be tested on questions based on what figures of speech or literary devices the writer has used to make readers get a vivid picture of what is being discussed in the passage. You have to be familiar and be able to identify the common ones tested, such as simile, metaphor, euphemism, personification, hyperbole, irony, paradox, synecdoche, metonymy, euphemism, rhetorical questions, etc. Many of these have been treated from junior secondary schools so you shouldn’t have a problem with such question.

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3) Questions On Grammatical Name and Function:

This type of question sets out to test your knowledge on grammatical structures and their functions. It tests your ability to identify and state the types land functions of sentences, clauses and phrases.

4) Word Substitution – Synonyms:

Questions on synonyms are very common in theory section in WAEC and NECO English language exam. You will be asked to give another word or phrase that has the same meaning as the one that has been taken from the passage. It is also always stated in the question that the word or phrase that you give must fit in perfectly into the place where it has been taken in the passage. This has to be well noted.

You also have to take note of the fact that a word in English language has more than one meaning and so the meaning given to the word chosen from the passage by the examiner has to be the one which the word has in the context – the contextual meaning. Another thing to note is that the part of speech of the word given by you must correspond to that of the word chosen from the passage. In addition, the tense of the word (if it is a verb) given by you must correspond to that of the chosen word from the passage.

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Summary Questions:

This a must test questions by WAEC and NECO English examiners. Your ability to correctly answer summary questions would guarantee you a very good score in English. Examiners are aware of the phobia many students have towards summary questions hence the reason for always setting questions on this topic. You can read this comprehensive post on how to answer summary questions in WAEC and NECO examination.

Having mastered the above topics, your theory section will be as easy as ABC.

I hope it’s well understood? You can reach me via the comments section of you have any questions as regards the most compulsory questions in English language theory section. I will be handy towards answering all questions accordingly.

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