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Jerry Williams Biography, Age, Girl Friend And Net Worth 2024

Jerry Williams is one of the personalities that stand out among the new crop of Nollywood actors; his charisma, carriage, and dashing good looks make him a fan’s favorite and a star whose presence alone is enough to make people want to watch a movie. He is versatile, has good command of words, and he also has that poise we saw in some of the notable names of the old Nollywood.

In this post we want to talk about Jerry Williams, his life before fame, his career progression, and some of his movies. We also talk about his personal life, and what the press is saying about him.

Some fans may find it surprising that this super villain is not anything like the brutal character he is used to portraying in the movies.

Jerry Williams Biography, Age, Girl Friend And Net Worth [year] 1

Jerry Williams Profile

Full Name: Jerry Williams

Date of Birth: 24 September 1985

Place of Birth: Anambra State, Nigeria

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Actor, Film maker

Net Worth: $200,000

Jerry Williams Biography

Jerry Williams is a well established actor and film maker; one whose talent has taken all the way to the top. Jerry Williams’ key talking point is his versatility; as an actor he has played all kinds of roles in the Nigerian film industry; including Rouge Prince, Palace Guard, Warrior, Lover Boy, and so on.

He is not just good; he is very good. His acting skills have endeared him to millions of fans across the country and beyond; he is even among the top echelon of Nigerian actors; those who represent the future of the Nigerian movie industry. His skills are confirmed by the awards and nominations he has garnered through the years; and by his exceedingly large fan-base.

So how did this handsome young man come to find himself working as an actor; let us find out by looking at his early life.

Jerry Williams Early Life

Jerry Williams was born on September 24, 1985, in Anambra State, in the Southeast of Nigeria. He was born into a family of seven and he started his chosen career at a very tender age. Jerry’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Are very liberal, and encouraged their children to pursue any passion of their choices.

Jerry Williams completed his primary and secondary education in his state of origin, Anambra State. Since there are many actors from this state, and because the state is often used for movie production, there was no shortage of inspiration to guide him towards the career path of his choice. Jerry started acting while in primary school; he kept doing stage plays and dramas up until he graduated from secondary school.

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The passion for acting was already a raging fire in his body; which is why when the time came for him to go to university, he elected to attend the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, located in Awka, Anambra State. What did he study? Theatre Arts!

Personal Life

As mentioned before, Jerry Williams was born into a large family of 7 children. His parents are also both alive and well; they live in Anambra State, Nigeria. The family is quite united; and every end of the year they usually congregate at their parent’s house; those who have children and spouses bringing them back home as well.

Jerry Williams is a calm person off the set; it is incredible to see that it is the same person barking orders at servants, and plotting to have his elder brother killed in movies that can sit so calmly, answering questions with smiles.

He is quiet and friendly, although as an introvert he is one to move with a crowd, or to have many friends. Rather, he knows the value of the few people who are in his life, and he cares for them with everything that he has.

He is not into heavy use of alcohol, and neither does he smoke. He says that the training he received from his parents has guided him in life, and that he has also learned to treat people as he would like to be treated.

When not working on a movie he could probably be in the gym; working on his fitness, or probably listening to music- which he says he loves all genres of music.

 Jerry Williams Girlfriend

As usual, everybody wants to know about the love lives of their favorite actors and actresses. Jerry Williams is certainly not left out of this curiosity; there a lot of speculation about who his girlfriend is. Some say he is dating Destiny Etiko, while others say he is romantically attached to Chizzy Alichi. While those speculations are certainly good for show-business, non of them appear to be true.

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In fact Jerry Williams had to come out openly to deny all speculations that he was dating Destiny Etiko. Hopefully, the matter can now be laid to rest, and we can focus on other things such as the rising cost of food in the country.

Nevertheless, such a handsome, tall and talented man like Jerry Williams is bound to have a love bird perching on his tree; in fact, investigations reveal that he is deeply in love, and that he intends to tie the knot with his lover very soon. Nevertheless, the identity of the lover in question has been kept under wraps for now, pending when the time is right.

Some sources speculate even further that his heartthrob is a person in the movie industry; although they fail to give any specific details, leading us to believe that it could just be an attempt by rumor peddlers to gain cheap traffic.

Career Progression

Jerry Williams was active in entertainment during his university days, but that was mostly in the form of modeling; he did a few modeling jobs for fashion shows and for fashion entrepreneurs. However, his big break came after he had graduated from school. It came in the form of a big role in the movie titled The Chosen King.

That marked his rise to fame and fortune because with that movie his face became firmly etched into the minds of the millions of followers of the Nigerian movie industry. After the success of that movie he then became a fan’s favorite and the movie roles started coming in because fans wanted to see him, and the directors also knew that he would deliver when ever called upon.

The highlight of his career is his versatility; as mentioned above; he has been cast in a wide variety of roles such as Prince, King, Warrior, and Palace Guard. He has also combined effortlessly with notable acting talents like Destiny Etiko, Chizzy Alichi, Ken Erics, and many others.

Jerry Williams Biography, Age, Girl Friend And Net Worth [year] 2


Jerry Williams has starred in so many movies- numbering around 100, and still counting. Some of the most notable among his movies include;

The Chosen King (2010)

Wind of Fire

Tiger queen

Wisdom of the king

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Royal Struggle

Battle of blood (2021)

Winds of fire

Depth of love (2021)

7 books of Moses

Stolen future

War on princess

Crime to blood

Family and throne

Jerry Williams has also become a movie producer which has helped him to bring his own dreams into life by directing his own movies and progressing the storyline exactly how he wants it to be.

Awards And Recognition

  1. Jerry Williams has received plenty of accolades in the form of awards and nominations for his work. Some of the awards include:
  2. Best New Act to watch at Africa.
  3. Most promising Actor at Africa Magic viewers choice award.
  4. Best Actor in supporting role at Africa Movie Academy Award.

Other Endeavors

As mentioned above Jerry Williams is also a fashion model, movie producer and social media influencer. He has used his fame to build an online brand on social media.  On his social media he has quite a large following: on twitter we where he does not even have an active account, he has built a tribe of loyalists who frequently tweet with the hashtag #teamjerrywilliams.

However, it is on instagram that he has the most visible presence with an account which has over 673k followers; making his nollywood’s most followed actor. His Instagram handle is: @officialjerrywilliams

Jerry Williams Net Worth 2024 – $500,000

Jerry Williams is estimated to be worth around $500,000 dollars at the time of writing. The money comes from his work as an actor, and also from his movie productions. He is also rated as one of the highest paid actors in Nollywood; which means he is in position to earn even more from the movie industry.

Do not forget that he is also a fashion model, and a social media influencer; meaning that he has multiple avenues of making money from his fame.

Jerry Williams Controversy

Jerry Williams was once accused by a lady of having duped her to the tune of 4 million naira; which she said she gave him in order to complete a movie. He refuted said claim; he said the woman had probably been scammed by an impostor, and certainly not by him.

He has also been said to be dating Destiny Etiko; although he denied the claim fervently.

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