List of Federal Government Colleges In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2024

When we say Unity schools, not may are aware of what it means, Unity schools simply is talking about the list of all Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria. Unity in the sense that they operate one academic curriculum, they are operated by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the ministry of Education in the sense that, whatever rule or directive is passed to all principals of the various Federal Govt Colleges,  it is applicable to the list of all Federal Government Colleges In Nigeria in other words, all UNITY schools.

Let us point one point out, only a handful are aware of Kings College and Queens College Lagos as being part of the list of Federal Government Colleges, Despite the schools being founder by Lord Frederic Laggard, after the independence of Nigeria, Kings College and Queens College were both handed over to the Federal government of Nigeria to be fully operated and Managed by the Ministry of Education.

This list will not be complete without talking about why parents and Guardians should without thinking twice send their kids to any of the under listed Federal government colleges either in Lagos, Port Harcourt Abuja or any part of Nigeria.

Unity Schools in Nigeria

Firstly, FGCs Teachers are without doubts, the most experienced in Nigeria, when it comes to the technical know-how on how to impart or pass knowledge over to students, in fact they are gurus at that. They are very articulate, sound and disciplined.

Secondly, talk about learning facilities, they have it. Only few private secondary schools in Nigeria can compete with Federal government Colleges in terms of learning facilities, a visit to any of the Unity schools would convince you. The good news is they upgrade and move with the trend, unlike in the past, they now teach with projectors and many of the schools now boast of big screen Televisions that is they make use of audiovisual devices to give practical examples when necessary as this helps students to easily assimilate what is being taught in class.

Thirdly, their fees. This part is a very vital part parents and Guardians yearn to see.  Compared to the standard and quality of their staff and education, FGCs (Unity Schools) school fees is very affordable. A standard Private school pay more than times two or three of what all Federal government Colleges in Nigeria pay so when you take a cursory look into the quality of education compared to the fees payable, tell me, who would not choose a Federal Government College.

Furthermore, when it come to discipline, give it to the UNITY schools in Nigeria. The idea of not losing their jobs keeps teachers in Federal Government Colleges up and due, they carry out duties without fear, intimidation or hesitation Unlike Private secondary schools where one of the rules is for teachers not to flog any student. Even the bible says, spare the rod, and spoil the child. Many teachers in private secondary and primary schools have lost their jobs for simply flogging their pupil, this is a term that is unheard of in Federal government colleges.

When you take a look at the salaries of Teachers in both public and private schools in Nigeria, you would agree with me that Teachers in Federal Government Colleges are better paid and the idea of a secure future, that is, being placed on pension upon retirements either by age or service make them perform their duties optimally and this makes teachers discipline students as and when due if they fail to meet up to the demands of the school, since they are allowed to do their jobs without the fear of losing it. So if you want to mete out discipline on our wards, you can go through the list of Federal government Colleges below, locate your region and enroll your child in any of the under listed unity schools.

Lastly, Federal Government schools are the real deal. The prestige that comes with it is mind blowing. It’s all mental pride but believe it or not, it translates to charisma. There is long old saying ‘You are what you think about yourself’.  Students of Federal government colleges are made to see themselves as the best. If you have been opportune to attend their alumni events or get together, you would catch a firsthand glimpse of the above. They are brewed in such ways and manners that they regards other schools as second-class in a very diplomatic way without making other students feel hurt irrespective of the school, be it private or state.

In conclusion of the above, Federal government colleges in Nigeria still ranks as some of the best post primary institutions to enroll your wards if you are looking at them the best form of education in a 360 degree manner and  getting them prepared for what lies ahead of them in the future.

Now to the onus of this post, for the purpose of decision making on which of the Federal Government Colleges would be comfortable for your wards in terms of location, we did not also remember to point out that they all have boarding facilities, very conducive boarding facilities that would make students feel at home.

See below, the list of all Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria and their school fees. Remember that in the cause of writing this article, we made mention of why it is a unity school, that is, the Federal government of Nigeria regulates the prices or tuition fee to be paid at their own discretion, they have the sole power to review the tuition fee to be paid and any fee approved by the Ministry pf Education, the same fee is applicable to all Federal government colleges in Nigeria. See the school fees payable by all FGCs in Nigeria below the list of Federal Government Colleges as outlined below

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Full List of Federal Government Colleges In Nigeria


Federal Government College, Jos

Federal Government College, Keffi

Federal Government Girls College, Rubochi

Federal Government Girls College, Garki

Federal Government College, Vandeikya

Federal Government College, Ugwolawo

Federal Government College, Minna

Federal Government College, Suleja

Federal Government Girls College, Bwari

Federal Government Girls College, Kabba

Federal Government Girls College, Omu Aran

Federal Government College, Ilorin

Federal Government Girls College, Bida

Federal Government Girls College, Langtang

Federal Government Girls College, Abaji

Federal Government Girls College, Gboko

Federal Science And Technical College, Orozo

Federal Science And Technical College Kuta, Shiroro

Federal Science And Technical College, Otobi

Federal Government Girls College, New Bussa

Federal Science And Technical College, Otukpo

Federal Government College, Kwali

Federal Government Girls College, Keana

Federal Science And Technical College, Doma


Federal Government College, Buni-Yadi

Federal Government Girls College, Potiskum

Federal Government College, Ganye

Federal Government Girls College, Bauchi

Federal Government College, Wukari

Federal Science And Technical College, Lassa

Federal Science And Technical College, Jalingo

Federal Government Girls College, Jalingo

Federal Science And Technical College, Michika

Federal Government College, Azare

Federal Government College, Maiduguri

Federal Government Girls College, Monguno

Federal Government College, Billiri

Federal Government College, Bajoga

Federal Government Girls College, Yola


Federal Government College Sokoto

Federal Science College, Sokoto

Federal Government Girls College, Tambuwal

Federal Government College, Kano

Federal Government College, Daura

Federal Government College, Birnin Yauri

Federal Government College, Kiyawa

Federal Government Girls College, Kazaure

Federal Government Girls College, Minjibir

Federal Government Girls College, Bakori

Federal Government Girls College, Gwandu

Federal Government Girls College, Gusau

Federal Government College, Anka

Federal Science And Technical College, Zuru

Federal Government College, Kaduna

Federal Government Girls College, Zaria

Federal Science And Technical College, Kafanchan

Federal Science And Technical College, Dayi


Federal Government College, Odogbolu

Federal Government College, Ogbomoso

Federal Government College, Ikirun

Kings College, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria

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Queens College, Yaba, Lagos

Federal Government College, Ijanikin

Federal Government Girls College, Akure

Federal Government College, Idoani

Federal Government Girls College, Ipetumodu

Federal Government Girls College, Oyo

Federal Government Girls College, Efon Alaye

Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba

Federal Science And Technical College, Ilesha

Federal Government College, Ikole

Federal Science And Technical College, Usi Ekiti

Federal Science And Technical College, Ikare Akoko

Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu

Federal Science And Technical College, Ijebu Mushin


Federal Government College, Port Harcourt

Federal Science And Technical College, Uromi

Federal Government College Ikom

Federal Science College, Ogoja

Federal Government Girls College, Calabar

Federal Government Girls College, Ibusa

Federal Government Girls College, Benin

Federal Government College, Ibillo

Federal Government Girls College, Imiringi

Federal Science And Technical College, Tungbo

Federal Science And Technical College, Uyo

Federal Science And Technical College, Ahoada

Federal Government Girls College, Ikot Obio-Itong

Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene

Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma

Federal Government College, Warri

Federal Government College, Odi


Federal Government College, Ohafia

Federal Government College, Okposi

Federal Government Girls College, Onitsha

Federal Government College, Nise

Federal Government College, Okigwe

Federal Government Girls College, Umuahia

Federal Government College, Enugu

Federal Government Girls College, Lejja

Federal Government Girls College, Owerri

Federal Government Girls College, Ezzamgbo

Federal Science And Technical College, Awka

Federal Government College, Ohanso

School Fees For All Federal Government Colleges In Nigeria

The Federal government through the ministry of Education has approved the sixty-five thousand Naira (N65,000) as school fees for Senior Secondary School 1 students in all FGCs, the amount is inclusive of all items required by the school. The fees are to be paid as soon as admission is granted to students.

In conclusion, we are sure parents and guardians are satisfied with the above information, however, kindly be informed that changes to the above could be made without prior notice but we shall update this post as soon as we get information on the subject matter.

If you have any question as regards the list of all Federal Government Colleges In Nigeria and the amount paid as their school fees by all newly admitted students.


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