King’s College Lagos School Fees Payment Procedure 2024/2025 Academic Session

Kings College, Lagos has joined the list of Federal government colleges in Nigeria that pay their tuition fees online. Before, the payment of King’s College Lagos school fees had been via the bank straight until the recent introduction of the online payment method that requires a few online steps and generation of an RRR number which will be taken to the bank for final reconciliation with the ministry’s account.

It is a very safe means of paying KC’s tuition fee rather than movement of physical cash from one point to another. The Ministry has commenced a Central Billing for all unity colleges for payment of school fees and this is seen as a welcome development that has been long overdue.

Kings College Lagos School Fees

To further explain the above, this simply means that all unity schools in Nigeria can now pay their school fees via the same portal, All that is required is to select your school after login into the centralized portal ( and then follow the instructions.

This post will give all newly admitted and returning students the first hand knowledge on the step by step procedure on how to pay King’s College school fees for the current academic session, that is, 2021 newly admitted students.

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This form of payment has come to stay as this would help the ministry in effectively identifying and tracking the various UNITY schools and the amount actualized from these schools.

Now we shall be putting you through the step by step procedures on how to pay King’s College Lagos school fees for 2024/2025 academic session below. It is a very simple method that involves just 9 steps.

King's College Lagos School Fees Payment Procedure 2024/2025 Academic Session 1

Step by Step Approach on King’s College Lagos School Fees Payment Procedures

Step 1: To pay King’s College School Fees you are to visit this link

Step 2: Upon visiting the website as seen in ‘Step 1’, you are to click on ‘Federal Unity Colleges’

Step 3: This step requires that you search for your school. For this sake of this post, you will search for ‘Kings College’ under the list of Federal Unity Schools as stated in ‘Step 2’ and click the link.

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Step 4: It is assumed you already have a username and password. Login to King’s College’s portal using your username and password.

Step 5: Upon completing Steps 1 to 4, here is the point that requires the actual payment of your selected school’s fee. So you are to ‘Select Payment/Bills’

Step 6: After selecting ‘Select Payment/Bills’ as instructed in ‘Step 5’, you are to generate student Unique RRR code. Click the button and move on to ‘Step 7’

Step 7:  Upon completing ‘Steps 1 to 6’ you can then proceed to paying of Kings College tuition fee online after which you are to proceed to Any bank in Nigeria with generated RRR code or number.

Step 8: Upon returning from the bank, you are to login to your portal and print out a hard-copy of your school fees payment receipt.

Lastly: This receipt (Proof of Payment) is to be photocopied, then Proceed to the bursary dept. with the original copy of the printed receipt which will be documented and will serve as your proof of payment.

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The above steps are the procedures which must be followed for paying King’s College Lagos school fees and other Federal government Unity Schools in Nigeria. Please be reminded that the receipt of your school fees receipt must be photocopied and kept in a safe place for reference purposes.

We hope this information has been helpful so far? However we are open to questions nevertheless, so if you have challenges in King’s college Lagos school fees payment procedure for either fresh or returning students, kindly reach out to us via the comment box below or our contact us page and we shall respond accordingly.

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Thank you.