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JAMB Past Questions and Answers For All Subjects -1983 to 2023

When writing a departmental exam, a faculty exam or any other type of exam in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, it is not out of place for examiners or exam bodies to repeat exam questions. In most cases, most examiners repeat certain types of questions exactly or in different forms. However, in this article, we are going to focus more on JAMB past questions and answers for all subjects required to gain admission into your respective courses.

For the benefit of those who stumbled on this article, we would be explaining what JAMB means. JAMB is an acronym for Joint Admissions Matriculation Board in Nigeria. This is a Nigerian tertiary institution entrance examination board, whose responsibility is to conduct entrance exams for prospective undergraduates into Universities in Nigeria. So, if you are a prospective University student, then you are at the right place. We would start by discussing what JAMB past questions and answers and how to make use of them.


About JAMB Past Questions

Many JAMB candidates have heard about JAMB past questions but have no idea what they are. Past questions from previous JAMB examinations are compiled for potential undergraduates.

Previous JAMB questions are very important in the JAMB examination because they give JAMB candidates an idea of the type of questions to expect and the areas to focus on based on previous JAMB questions. JAMB candidates can also use past questions to examine and re-examine themselves in order to better prepare for the main examination.

At the end of this article you should be have the following at your disposal;

a) JAMB Past questions and answers for English Language

b) JAMB Past questions and answers for Physics

c) JAMB Past questions and answers for Mathematics

d) JAMB Past questions and answers for Chemistry

e) JAMB Past questions and answers for Biology

f) JAMB Past questions and answers for Government

g) JAMB Past questions and answers for Economics

h) JAMB Past questions and answers for Literature in English

i) JAMB Past questions and answers for Further Mathematics

j) JAMB Past questions and answers for Principles of Accounting

k) JAMB Past questions and answers for Commerce

How Can One Study JAMB Past Questions?

It’s easy to go through past questions. Is it not true that you can simply grab any previous year’s JAMB questions and begin reading them as if they were a novel? What you need is, constant practice until you become conversant with the type of questions and certain reoccurring questions

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In the JAMB previous questions, there are no fake novels or newspapers. They must be studied, comprehended, and absorbed. In this article, we would be analyzing how best to read JAMB past questions and the materials to use. Read more on how to easily pass JAMB in one sitting.

a) First, Read Your Textbook:

Many JAMB applicants make the mistake of diving right into JAMB past questions without first becoming familiar with the topics covered in the JAMB syllabus for Economics, Physics and all courses. Before attempting to solve problems in previous questions, you should have thoroughly covered the topic in your textbook (s). If you study past questions without first reading them, you will be perplexed

The following is the recommended order in which you should study for JAMB;

Purchase the recommended materials.

Examine the JAMB syllabus.

Use your syllabus and textbooks to study.

Purchase JAMB Pack and practice past questions.

Use textbooks, jotters, a syllabus, and JAMB past questions to help you study.

If you don’t understand a question or answer on PQ, look it up in the textbook.

Go over all of the questions as many times as you can.

b) Choose Your Study Method:

You can solve past questions from a specific topic(s) or attempt everything. Your choice is influenced by your level of preparedness. When taking tests, it’s best to answer everything in the order that it appears. Start with the easy questions and work your way up to the more difficult ones when you’re in the exam room.

c) Read, Understand, Solve Problems, & Take Notes:

To complete the issues, you must first read the JAMB past question(s), ensure that you understand the requirements, and then complete the issues. Don’t study just to impress others, and don’t skip any questions that are bothering you. Check to see if you’ve solved everything and looked up any questions in your textbooks. Finally, make a list of any key points or lessons you took away from the question (s). It might be useful to take notes while making changes.

d) Check Your Answers:

You may want to double-check your answers to see if they are correct. Examine your textbooks for any correct answers you missed or are unsure about. Don’t try to cram your answers as this would likely fail you during the exam. If you practice frequently, you would be fine.

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Does JAMB Syllabus Ever Change?

The JAMB syllabus has remained nearly unchanged for many years. So they just ask the same questions year after year. They may pose the questions differently this year, but they are essentially the same as in previous years.

As a result, gather as many previous questions as you can. When practicing, make sure you get your answers from credible textbooks rather than from authors who are only interested in making as much money from unsuspecting candidates by providing incorrect answers. Familiarity with previous JAMB questions will help you identify the areas where questions are most likely to arise, allowing you to prioritize your areas of strength.

How Many Subjects Would I Write During JAMB?

You would be expected to write four subjects, irrespective of the course you want to study at the University. English is however compulsory, why you would be expected to add three other subjects of your choice.

Areas of Concentration for English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics

a) English

Use of English is a compulsory subject for all candidates to take, whether you are an art student, an Engineering student or a Science student. So now you know English language is compulsory, you can go on to select three other subjects based on your intended course of study in the university.

  1. Comprehension Passages
  2. Lexis and structure
  3. Antonyms and Synonyms
  4. Registers
  5. Interpretations

b) Mathematics

For those venturing into Physical science, Engineering, Economics, Mathematics is a compulsory subject for you, hence you need to read the past question papers judiciously.

  1. Business Mathematics
  2. AP and GP
  3. Variation
  4. Quadratic and Simultaneous equations
  5. Simple differentiation and Integration Plus their applications

c) Physics

Physics is for those looking to study Physics, Engineering and other Engineering related courses

  1. How to analyze Newton’s Laws of motion
  2. How to solve machine related questions.
  3. Mirrors and Lens
  4. Transformers
  5. Nuclear Physics

d) Biology

For candidates looking to study Medicine, Pharmacy and Biological Science, they should pay strong attention to Biology in JAMB. Biology as a subject is quite broad, so for candidates looking to include Biology as one of their courses, they should be ready to read wide.

  1. The cell structures
  2. Organization of life
  3. Supporting tissues in plants
  4. Virus and diseases
  5. Erosion

Subject Combinations for JAMB

We would be providing you with subject combinations for some courses in this article, this should help you make up your mind on what course to include or not to include.

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Law: Literature, Use of English, Economics or any other social science subject are good subject combinations for Law.

Psychology: JAMB subject combinations for Psychology are English, Economics,  Mathematics and any other social science subject.

Public Administration: The JAMB subject combinations for Public Administration are English, Mathematics, Economics, and any other social science subject.

Philosophy: The JAMB subject combinations for Philosophy are English, literature, economics, and any other art subject.

Microbiology: For Microbiology, the JAMB subject combinations are English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Geology: The JAMB subject combinations for Geology are English, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry.

Political Science:  English, Mathematics, Economics, and any other social science field are the JAMB subject combinations for Political Science.

Medicine and Surgery: For Medicine and Surgery, the JAMB subject combinations are English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Check out the complete list of JAMB UTME subjects and their correct combinations, it will give you deeper insight on the above.

JAMB Past Questions and Answers For All Subjects (2023)

You can download Jamb past questions and answers from the links below;

  1. JAMB Chemistry Past Question and Answers 1983 – 2023
  2. JAMB Commerce Past Question and Answers 1994 – 2023
  3. JAMB Biology Past Questions and Answers 1983 – 2023
  4. JAMB Biology Past Questions and Answers 2010 – 2023
  5. JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers 2010 – 2023
  6. JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers 1983 – 2023
  7. JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers 2010 – 2023
  8. JAMB Government Past Question and Answers 1983 – 2023
  9. JAMB Principles of Accounting and Answer 1994 – 2023
  10. JAMB English Language Past Questions and Answers 2010 – 2023
  11. JAMB Literature-In-English Past Questions and Answers 2010 – date
  12. JAMB Mathematics Past Questions and Answers 1983 – till date
  13. JAMB Physics Past Questions and Answers

With all these in mind, all you need is to read and practice as many past question papers as you can find and you would be on your way to getting a very good score in JAMB.

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