Femi Oyeniran: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography (2024)

Femi Oyeniran is a Nigerian-British actor and movie director. He is not just a actor but a groomer of talent who has built a motion picture company from scratch. He started his career in 2006, and has since become a household name particularly among fans of black British movies, and Afrocentric entertainment all over the world.

His real name is Femi Oyeniran, although he has acquired the name Mooney from his portrayal of a character by the same name in the 2006 movie Kidulthood. That movie was a success, and it opened the doors for other successes to follow; he again featured in the sequel of the first film, this time titled Adulthood. As a director, his first film was ‘It’s a lot,’ and it was released by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment in 2013. Riding that success, he released another movie titled The Intent; and it was released in 2017, this time by Netflix. It is worthy of note that the movie was written, funded and shot independently; the movie rights were only sold to Netflix for distribution.

Femi Oyeniran is a versatile and talented actor, he can be a rugged street hustler in one film, and an ambitious and capable young man in the next set. His voice, movement, and facial expressions all contribute in making his acting very expressive.

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Femi Oyeniran Biography

Femi Oyeniran’s real name is Femi Oyeniran; although he is sometimes called Mooney. Oyeniran, born in Lagos, Nigeria, but moved to England at about the age of 10. Therefore he grew up in Islington, North London, in the UK. He went to St Aloysius’ College, and also studied law at the London School of Economics.

His first movies were released in 2006 and 2008- both were a series. He has also gained quite a reputation as an independent film maker; although his films are of very good quality. His 2017 movie; The Intent which he sold to Netflix for distribution was a huge success; at the time of premier, the film was already at number 3 on the Itunes movies list, and the movie opened to sold out theatres.

Aside from his movies he has made several TV appearances in which he has played diverse roles. He has also appeared on News shows and discussion programs. Femi Oyeniran has appeared on BBC News 24 and Sky News, as well as BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and the BBC Asian Network. He has been open about issues of social importance and has discussed other ways of punishing petty crime.

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He has a podcast, were he discusses social issues with friends, especially in the entertainment world. The podcast is on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcast App.

Femi Oyeniran is quite close to the Labour Party; and even though he has not shown his hand to contest for any elective office, he is clearly very interested in politics.

Femi Oyeniran Net Worth ($20,000,000)

Femi Oyeniran’s Net worth is estimated to be in the region of $20,000,000. His sources of wealth include salaries for his acting work, directing work, and he made a fortune when he sold his movie to Netflix in 2017. The sequel to the movie has also been released although the terms of the agreement are not very clear at the moment.

There is also a lot of revenue generating potential on his podcasts, although he may not yet have embraced that option.

Femi Oyeniran Wife

Femi Oyeniran is married, and he has two children. His wife, however is a rather private person; choosing to stay away from the public eye.

Femi Oyeniran: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography ([year]) 2

Femi Oyeniran Age (36 Years)

His fans have been curious about how old Femi Oyeniran is. The prolific actor was born in December 1986. That makes him 36 years old.

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Femi Oyeniran House

Femi Oyeniran lives in a beautiful Victorian house in London with his wife and children. It is not known if he has a house in Nigeria or whether he still retains ties with the country of his birth.

Some of Femi Oyeniran’s Films Include:

Featured in:

Kidulthood (2006)

Adulthood (2008)

Wrote and produced:

The Intent

The Intent 2

The Come Up

He has featured in several TV series. He has featured on several news programs, he has a podcast.

His movies have won several awards:

Best UK Movie at the Mvisa awards

National Film Awards

Best Action Film.

Femi Oyeniyi is a Nigerian born British actor and Director, who became famous for his role as Moony in the 2006 movie Kidult. From there he went to independently produce movies that became box office successes as they were bought by Netflix. He has become an icon in the Black British community, and is using his influence to fight for social reforms. He is married with two children.