How To Gain Admission Into Nigerian Universities With Low JAMB Score

There is a popular saying that the fear of JAMB is the beginning of wisdom, this was borne out of the mass failure recorded by the body in past decades. Times have changed, the writing of UTME is now computer based testing (CBT) format unlike in the 90s and 2000’s when UTME was paper based test (PBT). Some have argued that it is easier to gain admission with low JAMB score with CBT format of UTME than with the PBT. Whatever your arguments are, the truth remains that passing UTME with high JAMB score has never been an easy one but should you cross that hurdle, your chances of gaining admission into any Nigerian university is 60% certain. However if you are a candidate with low JAMB score, we shall put you through on how to gain admission into any university of your choice notwithstanding.

Gaining admission into any university with low UTME score sounds impossible to those who do not know the strategies employed by those who do. Many have wasted precious time waiting at home simply because they lack the know-how of this process.

The article is tailored towards helping candidates who score low in JAMB. It is not just a mere say, it is a proven strategy employed by many who are currently students in the various states and Federal universities in Nigeria.

One fact remains that you must pass the JAMB cut off mark as approved by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for you to gain admission into any university in Nigeria be it private or public university. Anyone that tells you that they can secure admission for you with even with a very low UTME score below JAMB cut off mark is only after your resources. If such admission is successful, be ready to face expulsion in your final year when another screening exercise takes place.

We shall be putting you the legit process of applying for admission with a very low JAMB score (Not below JAMB’s approved cut off mark) into any university in Nigeria. When we say low JAMB score, the term LOW is relative. A UTME score of 170 might be high enough for a private university while it is not up to the required cut off mark for a Federal school. However, whichever category you find yourself, you are covered. Ours is to make sure you score at least up to the required JAMB cut off mark before this principle and strategy can be applied.

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Now here is the answer to questions like “how can i gain admission with a low JAMB score?”

You can either decide to watch the video below which gives a clear explanation on how you can gain admission with low UTME score or continue with the post write up.

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How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score In Nigeria

The following are the ………… that must be adhered to for you to seamlessly gain admission in any university as well as polytechnic with ease. Now the question is, what do you care about, is it just gaining admission into the university of your choice or you care more about the course, either ways, the breakdown below will help you in your academic pursuit as a whole.

Select A School With Less Competition

Select a school within your catchment area

Choose a course with lesser competition

Make your preferred school your first and second choice of institution

Select A School With Less UTME Registrants

The major reason many JAMB applicants fail to clinch admission is because they select schools with high number of UTME applicants. The higher the number of applicants the lesser your chances are of gaining admission even with a high JAMB score how much more candidates with low UTME score seeking admission into the same university. Your chances are very slim. To gain admission with low JAMB score require that you select schools with lesser competition. Most state and federal universities in the North accept students with low JAMB score simply because they lack students. Northerners ideally do not fancy going to tertiary institutions, often times, candidates from the North that score below JAMB cut off mark are offered admission nevertheless. You can study your dream course in a school with lesser competition because they are in need of students for the department. So one of the strategies of gaining admission with low JAMB score is selecting a university with lesser competition.

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Select a school within your catchment area

The importance of catchment area in using as a measure of gaining admission has been overlooked in the last decades. Remember that every tertiary institution has an allotted quota, that is they all have a limit they can admit every academic session. Only candidates that are aware make use of this opportunity. For example, if you are from the list of disadvantaged state, your cut off mark for a course is usually less than the cut off mark for indigenes of the state the school is sited. For example, if you look at UNILAG cut off mark, you will notice that the cut off point for some catchment areas are lower that even that of Lagos state indigenes. Selecting a school within your catchment area greatly helps in gaining admission with a cut off mark even lower than the general cut off point.

Choose a course with lesser competition

The problem with students is that everybody is going for practically the same courses. For example, students in commercial classes are either registering for Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Banking and Finance. Science inclined students are either registering in their UTME, Medicine and surgery, Pharmacy, Computer science, Electrical and Electronic engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical or Civil engineering. No one is saying these courses are not awesome but what makes you feel other courses are not even more lucrative in the labor market.

Gaining admission with any of the above courses is going to be pretty difficult because of the large number of applicants for these courses while on the part of the department, they have a quota they can admit hence they select the best out of the best. In such scenario, your chances of gaining admission is very slim. So to gain admission with a lower cut off mark, it is advisable you select a course with lesser competition as this would give you an edge over other candidates.

Make your preferred school your first and second choice of institution

Most universities in Nigeria whether state or Federal have their prides. None wants to be seems as a dumping ground for less ambitious students. Now polytechnics have followed suit. There are some schools you don’t select as your second choice of institution else you as good as not registering the school in your UTME. Schools like the university of Ibadan, University of Lagos, University of Benin, UNN, UNIABIJA, UNIZIK, DELSU, UNIPORT, LASU and UNICAL.

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One of the secrets of gaining admission with low JAMB score is selecting your preferred choice of University or polytechnic that has lesser applicants your first and second choice of institution. When you do this, despite not meeting the departmental cut off mark for your course but simply because they need more students, you stand a very good chance of being admitted into your preferred choice of course but note that you must pass the school’s general cut off mark as approved by JAMB for this to be possible.

Search for Schools That Accept Low JAMB Scores

Do you know that there are some universities in Nigeria that accept low JAMB scores? Yes they are online. We recently published a post of schools that accept at least 150 UTME score, it greatly helped candidates with low JAMB scores in gaining admission in to the list of schools that accept low JAMB scores. Everything you need is online, all you need to do is search via Google and a list of options will be made available for you to select from.

In conclusion, gaining admission with low JAMB score is not something new, it is just that you haven’t been made aware of what to do when you have a low JAMB score in your UTME. I hope with this information available at your disposal, your admission this academic session is sure no matter your JAMB score so long as you meet the benchmark as approved by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

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