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Top 10 Best States Universities In Nigeria And Their School Fees

State universities in Nigeria are gradually taking their places in the university rankings in Nigeria and are competing with their Federal counterparts. Gone are the days when students upon registration for their UTME put them as second choice of preferred institution.

Universities are the ideal places and environments of learning in anywhere in the world so basic facilities that aids learning process must be put in place.

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There are 36 states across the country so fighting to be recognized among the top 10 best state universities in Nigeria takes more than just having credible lecturers. Most states in Nigeria have their universities either tied to their names or a prominent and heroic personality from the state.

I have been to a couple of them. In this article, trying to list the top ten(10) best state universities in Nigeria and their school fees will not be an easy task to conduct.

Some of these state universities are very popular like their Federal counterparts while others are just modest places of learning if you are hoping to pursue a degree in any field of study. There are many things that must be taken into cognizance if you want to apply to any of the best states universities in Nigeria as seen on this list.

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Then you need to settle for nothing less than the top ten. The other alternative would be for a private universities. I understand the fact that not everyone can attend a private university. So state universities are where we can reach.

However, I must caution you here as the state universities are not the same as their federal counterparts. Federal universities in Nigeria beat the states. I am writing from the little experience I have and NUC (Nigeria University Commission) overall comparison in the past 5 years. Most of our federal university lecturers still lecture at the state level. Yes they sometimes joggle their jobs!

Our top 10 best state universities for 2018 were chosen by two major factors which are by rankings and by popularity.

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I never arranged them but just listed them as I discovered that its easier this way. I believe that you will find the best state universities in Nigeria useful.

Top 10 Best State Universities in Nigeria 2018 And Their School Fees

In no particular order:

1. Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST)

The Rivers State University of Science and Technology School fees is withing the range of N25,000 to 27,000 for indigenous students and double the amount for non-indigenous students.

2. Lagos State University (LASU)

Gone are the days of recurrent strikes by students and lecturers, Today Lasu stands as one of the top 10 best state universities in Nigeria.

Currently Lasu School fees is N25,000.00, Acceptance fee, N10,000.

3. Plateau State University (PLASUN)

Who says the middle belters are not educationally sound? they boast of some of the best lecturers in various disciplines which automatically ranks the institution as one of the best state universities in Nigeria. Students Indigenes pay 50,000 Naira While Non-Indigenes pay as much as – 100,000 Naira.

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4. Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma Edo state

Talk about years of experience in the field, AAU has it. They are particularly known to be one of the best universities in Nigeria to study Law as a course. Their school fees is within the ranges of  40,000 to 60,000 Naira pending on the course.

5. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

They fall within the top 10 best state universities in Nigeria according to NUC, their school fees is N124,900 for all levels and 10,500 late payment.



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    1. Well, ABU Zaria is not on the list of best state universities in Nigeria. It was once there but has been dethroned. This list changes from time to time

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