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UNICAL School Fees For All Courses 2017/2018 (New & Old Students)

The management and school authority has released the school fees of the University of Calabar (UNICAL). There were rumours of a proposed hike in school fees but the school authority has assured students and stakeholders that UNICAL school fees for 2017/18 academic session remains  unchanged for now, therefore all normal school activities should go on unhindered.

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We have tabulated University of Calabar, UNICAL School fees schedule 2017/18 academic session for all courses in this post for both freshers and returning students.

Just like most state and Federal universities, University of Calabar, UNICAL School fees reduces as students go higher in levels, so students are therefore advised to read through to get all vital information needed in paying their fees on time.

Late payment would attract extra charges of 3,000 Naira and failure to pay the fees on time would lead to the student inability to seat for their semester examination.

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Upon reading of this information, you would be clear about the following;

  1. UNICAL School Fees for new and returning students
  2. UNICAL School Fees For All Courses
  3. UNICAL acceptance fee for new students
  4. UNICAL school fees for medical students for both new and returning students.

Just go through the table below and you would be clear as to what is required by the school authority on fees payments.

University of Calabar School Fees Schedule For 2017/2018 Academic Session

All undergraduates (New and returning students are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2017/2018 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.

UNICAL School Fees Schedule For All Courses 2017/18 Session

1 Fresh Students
Science Students 35,250
Non-Science Students 34,250
MBBS Students 42,750
Nursing Students 42,750
2 Returning Students
Science Students 31,500
Non-Science Students 30,500
MB Bch Students 39,000
Nursing Students 39,000
3 Final Year Students
Science Students 34,750
Non-Science Students 33,750
4 MB Bch Students 42,250
Nursing Students 42,250
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The university management has designed UNICAL school fees to be paid into into some designated banks based on the faculty. Below is the table containing fee payment per faculty into the designated banks, locate your faculty and trace the designated bank for your school fees payment.



Hope you found what you visited this page for? if you have any question as regards UNICAL school fees for new students 2017/18 academic session, simply scroll down to the comment section as seen below, send your questions and we shall respond in no time.

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  1. What is the full meaning of MBBS?

    1. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery, it is the first professional degrees in medicine and surgery awarded upon graduation from the university.

  2. please what is the skul fees for medcine and surgery?

  3. What of us that didn’t not write post utme exams and didn’t choose unical as our institude of study?

  4. What the post utme cut off marks…pls answer me

    1. Post utme cut mark average is 160

  5. I am a Cameroonian please I would like to know the school fees for medical and surgery for foreigners in the University of Calabar

    1. Will work on that and get back to you. Sorry for the late response

  6. what is the tuition fee for medicine regular student,,,,,,,,, and i also want to know how much for my course acceptance fee too……….. because i plane coming to unical next year 2018…….. please portal help- update me on this fact….. than you very much and i appreciate

    1. UNICAL School fees for regular student (Returning Students) is 28,000 Naira
      UNICAL Acceptance Fee is 15,000 for freshers. Hope your questions have been answered

      1. Unical acceptance fee is #25,000….its confirmed at unicalmicrofinance bank

        1. Thanks for the update Esther.

  7. please what is the school fees of medical lab

    1. UNICAL School fees for Med Lab Science is 35,250 Naira.

  8. Total amount that fresh students will pay…?

  9. Pls when is supplementary form coming out

    1. As soon as they are done compiling the list.

  10. pls wat the cut off mark for accounting

  11. I score 180 in post utme my course is accounting did I pass

    1. 180 is not enough to give you admission to study Accounting in UNICAL

  12. please what’s the fees for social science?

    1. New or returning students?

  13. When is the admission list coming out. I scored 320 in post utme, I hope It qualifies me merit list for public health.

    1. Impressive! Congratulations Pat. Be rest assured your name is definitely going to come out on the Merit list. What course did you apply for?

  14. When will merit list be released

    1. Soon. Just be on the look out. Check UNICAL official portal daily

  15. I scored 110 in post utme can i get any course in unical even if it through supplementary

    1. It also depends on your faculty

  16. is 195.5 going to give an english n literay studies in unical an admission

    1. Eng and Literature cut off mark in Unical is about 240. So you see, your score is not up to the cut off mark

      1. Pls what is the fee for MPH?

  17. Pls what is the cut off point for law.

  18. Hello pls I am a Cameroonian and applied for public health through DE. What are the procedures to gain admission and when is the admission list going to be out. What is the fees for foreign students. Thanks

    1. Birth Certificate, WAEC Certificate with a minimum of 5 credits in relevant subjects which applies to all West African students and ND Certificate with a minimum of Upper Credit

  19. I scored 200 in post utme, will i be admitted for business education in unical?

    1. Competition for Business Admin in UNICAL is tough though you still stand a very slim chance

  20. I will like to know the school fees of UNICAL and also their cut off mark.
    What is required for somebody to gain admission into UNICAL?

  21. please, what’s the actual fee for a direct entry candidate into medical lab science course (acceptance+tution fee)???

  22. ebimobowei Thank God

    I have 7 credits in neco but I have D7 in maths and E8 in chemistry can I apply for industrial chemistry or there is any other way to apply

  23. Pls i had lower credit of 2.89 in my diploma course and i want to apply for food science through direct entry. So i want to ask if i can be admitted.

    1. Its not going to be easy but give it a try

      1. So pls sir which university can i apply for with a lower credit, for food science

  24. Sir is the post utme exam/ screening still on pls, cos I don’t knw when they started the screening exam, as my choice school is unical. Can I still write the screening or is there any other alternative should they have closed.pls I need ur reply as soon as possible.thanks

    1. Sorry Bro. First batch admission list is out already.

  25. pls I credited all my WEAC result this 2017, and I plan on studying nursing, sir please can u tell me the total amount I will pay to gain admission into UNICAL, and the requirement pls I am desperate to study nursing.

  26. I Score 158 In Jamb, 200 In Post Utme Average Score Is 179, Can I Get Admission In Unical To Study Accounting

  27. unical direct entry form?

  28. what is the cut off mark for nursing

    1. 262 and above would be fine


  30. AND what is the cut-off mark? urgent response please

  31. how much will direct entry students pay in unical

    1. Same as UTME students

  32. Pls how do I pay my acceptance fee? If through bank, wat bank?

  33. Has other candidate started paying acceptance fee? I was given admission wen I checked jamb portal. Should I wait till d sch upload d list on d sch site or I should proceed to d sch for payment?

    1. Yes you need to hold on. See your name on the school’s admission list before you proceed on any form of payments

  34. Wat is the total wen u ar give addmision

  35. Wen will the supplementary list 2017/2018 be out

  36. i got 179 in jamb and 400 in post utme would i get admission to study medicine and surgery urgent reply sir

    1. What’s your aggregate?

  37. please when should fresh student start paying their acceptance fee nd when is their resumption date.

  38. when can I pay my acceptance fee..I was offered admision

    1. Congratulations. You can pay ASAP

  39. Is payment of Acceptance fee on in UniCal?

  40. please when will the payment of acceptance begin and when will it end?

  41. I got 179 in jamb and 250 in Postume, do I stand a chance to get admission in sociology?

  42. Wat is the cut off mark for Public Administration and the entry fee for 20117/2018 student

  43. Sir,can 230.5 average give me admission to study medlab in unical?if no, how can I get the supplementry form?

    1. Can’t guarantee if that can land you admission to study Medical Laboratory Science at UNICAL. But as for the supplementary form, you ll have to buy the form when it is out

      1. I wants a reply

  44. Please how much is the acceptance fee, and the main school fee for freshers in social science dept, social works specifically?

  45. Pls wen is anoda list coming out…… Nt d merit list. Will it come out b4 school resumes next yr

  46. how much is the direct entry form

    1. For instance you study public administration can the still give you admission in 200level in political science or psychology

  47. please I had an aggregate of 156.5 do I have a chance to study computer science …if no what is the supplementary form about….how can I get it…..and how much is it
    I would be extremely grateful on your reply to this

    1. 156 can’t land you admission to study computer science. If Supplementary forms are being sold u can get from the school.

      1. do you think supple entry would be best or I should do change of course if its possible… please I need ur answers it would go a long way

        1. Supple entry is better. Change of course or institution at this stage is not guaranteed. But the final decision lies with you Koy

  48. Mary Richard Loveday

    can o’level holder apply with D.E in unical

    1. O’Level holder with DE? i don’t understand

  49. pls what’s the school fees for medicine/surgery for non-indiginens

  50. Is unical accepting 2 sitting Of Waec result?

  51. i was offered admission by jamb in the school,is it accepted?

  52. i was offered admission by jamb in the school,is it accepted?,cus I heard it is not accepted

    1. The school admission is actually more authetic

  53. Please what is the jamb cut-off mark for Unical. What is d cut-off mark both for utme and post utme For someone who hope to study history and international studies. Hoping to hear from u

  54. Freshers resume by Jan 5th and clearance starts by 8th…buh unical hasn’t upload list in sch site?? Jamb has given me admission already buh can I go to sch by jan5th?

  55. jamb offered me a different admission from schools own,which one should I choose

    1. How do you mean? were you given admission into a course different from what the school offered you? Kindly be explicit

  56. Please is the admission list for faculty of law out?

    1. Not yet out. Still awaiting the list

  57. wat is d cut of mark 4 both nursing and optometry students and he much is the school fees 4 both fresher’s and Starlights 4 both subjects respectively

  58. wen will second list be released.

  59. is the admission list for all nursing department out

    1. No but you can confirm your status for now via JAMB CAPS

  60. how much is school fees, acceptance fee, admission letter,clearance fee, portal charges, departmental fee for medical radiology in unical

  61. I score 230 in post utme my course is political science did I pass

    1. Confirm from the link provided if you meet the cut off mark for Political science

  62. Pls is DE admission list also out?

  63. Pls am my is shortlisted for admission what the next step pls. Direct me on what to do next. Thank you.

  64. I’m so confused cos unical hasn’t text me on wen to come for clearance and d sch calendar says, registration starts by 8th. Wat should I do?

    1. Have you seen your nane? Moreover registration would be on until the admission lists are exhausted

  65. I saw my name via jamb caps

  66. Pls when is fine art first list cominq out.

  67. please for newly admitted direct entry student, are they paying acceptance fee?

  68. does uncal offer course??

  69. will unical accept two sittings in medicine/surgery courses in 2018/19 set…

  70. pls ways fee for physics students

  71. Am a fresher i went to school to ask how much are we paying for acceptance fees some say is 25,000 and others say is 15,000 pls how much are we paying

    1. I confirmed it is 10,000 except it has recently been increased.

  72. Please is direct entry list out

  73. Pls help me out…I got admission from d school via jamb portal buh wen I checked unical admission portal, it showed me jamb no yet to be admitted..pls I’m confused Wat should I do? A student should drop his/her no lets chat

    1. Wait for other admission lists, your name could be in one of them

  74. Is there any fresher in skul now? I was told non academic staff are on strike in unical.

    1. of course, it is one of the major reason for delay in release of other admission lists

  75. plz how much is unical acceptance fee

  76. please i scored 264 in jamb and 140 in utme can i be admitted in computer science??

    1. What is your average?

  77. what is the cut-off mark for pharmacy student

  78. Pls help me out!!! I got admission via unical admission portal but i saw “sorry you have no admission yet” in the jamb portals
    pls help me,wat sud i do?

    1. Go ahead with your registration

  79. Pls help me out!!!……..i got admission via unical admission portal but when i checked the jamb portal,i saw”SORRY NO ADMISSION HAS BEEN GIVEN YET”. What should i do,should i wait,advice me pls. I will be glad if you answer me

    1. Go ahead with your clearance

  80. Please what is the cut off mark for banking and finance in jamb

    1. What session are you referring to?

  81. Good morning admin… I’m a graduate of federal polytechnic nekede with HND in marketing with CGPA of 2.9.. And I will like to apply for my PGD in marketing…. Please do i have chances of gaining the admission
    My wage result is very clean.. Please communicate back to me or beta still let’s chat on what’s up 08138728071… Add me up to any of the school what’s up group

  82. Good morning sir… I’m a graduate of federal polytechnic nekede with CGPA of 2.9 please do i have any chance of gaining admission into unical… My waec is very clean.. Sir I would like to chat with you on what’s up or better still add me up on any of the school what’s up group… Here is my number 08138728071

  83. What is the tuition fee for Micro-Biology

  84. And What is the Jamb UTME Cut-off Mark for UNICAL?

  85. Here is my jamb subjects for 2018, English Language, Biology and Economics, Can I read Micro-Biology with it?

  86. Here is my jamb subjects for 2018, English Language, Biology and Economics, Can I study Micro-Biology with it?

  87. pls when is d second list coming out,i scored 230 in jamb nd 220 in post utme pls do i have chance to study banking nd finance

    1. Yes though not assured

  88. Good evening, please I want to know the current breakdown of fees for Medical students at Unical. Thanks

    1. UNICAL School fees as seen in the post is the official fees for all freshers 2017/18 and 2018/19 academic session

  89. Schoolings Pls When Is D Seplementary Form And Second List Coming Out.

    1. Hopefully this February, it should be out

  90. Schoolings pls, i got an admission letter from jamb that I’ve been offered a provisional admission into unical. I also went to jamb website and saw congratulatory note from jamb. but if i go to unical portal and type in my reg no it’ll reply that my reg no dose not correspond. now my question is which other way can i confirm my admission? thanks.

    1. You can only confirm via JAMB CAPS or UNICAL website

  91. When is the deadline for registration and acceptance fee

    1. No deadline has been fixed. Another admission lists would still come out

  92. pls does unical hold aptitude tests for DE students?

  93. does unical hold aptitude test for DE candidates?

  94. How do i pay acceptance fee

  95. give me the unical website where i can check my admission, pls schoolings

    1. UNICAL website is currently unresponsive. The website on our blog is their official website

  96. Pls how much is the school fees for Faculty of Education Fresher’s?


    1. Unical school fees for Education abd Social science is on the school fees schedule table.

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