Yinka Quadri: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography (2022)

Yinka Quadri is a Nigerian Yoruba Language actor of legendary status. He has attained the type of fame and international repute that most young actors can only hope to attain, and his works have made him a case study on what it takes to succeed as an actor in Nigeria. Yinka Quadri’s face on a poster is enough reason for the movie to be a hit; he has a robust fanbase that reaches into the regions that do not even speak the Yoruba language.

His persona these days is usually that of an accomplished businessman, an employer, or some other person who gets entangled in problems with the younger generation. His movies often teach good moral lessons; they motivate viewers on the importance of doing good; so that ones’ family does not suffer the consequences of one’s actions. He also plays the role of a spiritualist who sometimes does some evil, and has to live with the repercussions.

Yinka Quadri’ has the looks, voice and personality of an accomplished old man. He is an actor, and producer of great repute.

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Yinka Quadri Biography

Yinka Quadri’s real name is Yinka Quadri and he was born on 6 September 1959, in Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. He is a native of Oro, in Kwara State, Nigeria. He was born into a wealth family, and attended the St. Catholic School, Idumagbo, Lagos and Christ High School, Ebute Elefun, Lagos respectively.

Yinka’s who is also known as Fagbamila started his acting career in 1976 when he and some of his friends including Taiwo Olayinka formed the drama group called Afopina Theatre Group. They performed at theatres in Lagos, and gradually turned to television with the series called Agbodorogun. Since then he has not looked back; Yinka Quadri’s career has been growing in leaps and bounds. On April 27, 2014, he launched his biography Yinka Quadri: Scent of a Legend. The book launch coincided with the anniversary of his 36 years in the Nigerian film industry.

Yinka Quadri Net Worth

Yinka Quadri’s Net worth is estimated to be in the region of $5,000,000, although this estimate is largely conservative; it is quite possible that he is worth a lot more than that. His sources of wealth include salaries from Television and movie roles; royalties from movie sales, production fees, and brand endorsements. Yinka Quadri has been courted by several social and political elites, and has been paid handsomely to make appearances at their events.

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He has social media presence but it is not clear how or if he has monetized them.

Yinka Quadri Wife

Yinka Quadri’s wife is Alhaja Sadiat Quadri, and they have been married for more than 32 years. They have 5 grown children, and the family is still going strong despite all the pressure of celebrity life. Alhaja Sadiat Quadri is a very quiet person, and she prefers to stay out the public eye.

Yinka Quadri Age

He was born on was born on 6 September 1959 making him 63 years old.

Yinka Quadri House

Yinka Quadri lives in a beautiful detached house in the Ebute Meta area of Lagos. A fire incident occurred there sometime in 2019, but there were no casualties as the fire was quickly put out.

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Yinka Quadri: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House and Biography ([year]) 2

Some of Yinka Quadri’s Films Include:



Ilekun Olorun





Egbinrin Ote



Bolode O’ku

Èebúdolá Tèmi



Odun Baku

Ojo Idajo


Niwoyi Ola


Owo Blow

Qinka Quadri has featured in more than 100 films, ands has several awards including Best Indigenous Actor in a Lead Role (Yoruba) and Best Actor in a Supporting Role. (Yoruba)


Yinka Quadri is a Nigerian Yoruba language actor, writer, and producer and director. He has featured in over 100 films, and won several awards for his efforts. Yinka Quadri is the President and Co-Founder of the Odunfa Caucus; which is a group of top Yoruba actors. The group is located in Ebute-Meta, Lagos State.

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