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Official Cost of Processing UK Graduate Student Visa In Nigeria (2023)

The cost of processing UK student visa from Nigeria has been recently reviewed by the UK authorities. This means Nigerians who have the intention of studying in the UK will have to spend a more to get the VISA done.

However, this is in no way an indication that the UK authorities are targeting Nigerians; in fact the Visa fee increase is a general upward review, affecting several countries. Nigeria just happens to be included in the list of countries who have to pay more.

The price of the Visa has now gone up by about 34.99 percent, and the law goes into effect on October 4, 2023, despite having been made on September 15Official Cost of Processing UK Graduate Student Visa In Nigeria ([year]) 1

Breakdown Cost of Processing UK Student Visa

The official fee of UK Student Visa is now £490 which is around Four Hundred and Fifty Nine, Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty Naira (N632,100) going by the prevailing exchange rate of Pounds to Naira (1,290). This does not include the cost of processing a passport, or the cost of the flight ticket.

Please note that various travelling agencies will charge different amounts for the service of procurement. Therefore it should not sound strange to hear that some people are paying up to two million for the visa.

Other related fees are as follows:

The fee for the UK Child Student Visa has been updated to $485 (N454,445).

The fee for the UK Short-term Study Visa has been updated $259 (N242, 683).

Once again, this is the total cost of UK Student Visa in a tabular form.

ExpenseCostIn Naira
Visa Fee£490N459,130
TB Testing N60,000
Total N958,110

The fees above are for the student visa processing only. It does not include the cost of the air fare.

Those who are going for short courses have a slightly different amount of money to pay. It is calculated below.

ExpenseCostIn Naira
Visa Fee$259N242, 683
TB Testing N60,000
Total N522,179

For those bringing a family member, this is the total cost for the family member. If they are more than one, then just multiply their number by the total cost.

ExpenseCostIn Naira
Visa Fee$485N451,051
TB Testing N60,000
Total N730,541

There are other fees that will be required, but that is down the road. Now that we have understood the cost of processing UK Student Visa from Nigeria, let us discuss the procedure so as to point out how to go about obtaining the UK student visa.

Let us start with the requirements for UK student Visa.

Requirements For UK Study Visa

To obtain a student visa the stipulation is that you have to be 16 years old or over.

You need to have been offered a place on a course by a licensed institution which will serve as your student sponsor.

You will need to show proof of funds to support yourself and pay for your course – the amount usually varies but examples will be provided later in this post.

You will need to show that you can speak, read, and write the English language.

For Those Applying For Child Student Visa

Those applying for Child Student Visa will need to be between 4 and 17 years old.

They must have an unconditional offer of a place on a course at an independent school in the UK.

They must show that they have access to enough money to support themselves while in the UK, and also to pay for their course of study.

They must be able to prove that they have the consent and support of their parent or guardian to study in the UK. That can be proven with a simple letter. Parents may even accompany their children to the interview.

Student Visa (Family Members)

Student Visa Applicants who want to bring their Families along will need to meet certain requirements. This is for their families when they attend the interview.

However, you must fall into one of the following categories:

You must be a full-time student on a postgraduate level course (RQF level 7 or above), and your course of study must last 9 months or longer.

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You could either be a new government-sponsored student, and your course of study should last longer than 6 months.

Alternatively you can be a Doctorate Extension Scheme student.

If you fall into any of the above categories then your partner and children (‘dependants’) may be able to apply, so that they can join you in the UK, or even stay longer in the UK.

Documents Required for UK Student Visa Application

There are several documents required so that one can qualify to study in the UK, and be granted the UK Student Visa. They are highlighted below.

1. International Passport:

The number one document needed to apply for a Visa to study in the UK. Remember that the Visa will be attached to your passport, and that needs to be available. Furthermore, a valid passport serves as your primary identification document. It is important to note that the validity of the passport should extend beyond the period of study. If your existing passport does not meet this, then perhaps the next step should be talking with your travel agent for guidance or getting a new passport.

2. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS):

You must obtain a CAS from your UK education provider. This CAS is an electronic record that confirms your admission to the course. It is important to get this document before starting the process of application for the visa. Remember that you are applying to study in the UK, therefore you have to show that you have been accepted by a UK institution to study.

3. Proof of Sufficient Funds:

Applicants also need to show that they are financially capable. Usually this includes showing the bank statement that proves without any doubt that the student can pay for his tuition, it is advised by immigration experts that UK student visa applicants pay at least 60% of the total tuition fee before applying for Visa and also pay for your feeding and clothing expenses, including housing and transportation.

Sometimes, evidence of scholarships and bursaries are also used.

4. Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) Certificate:

This is only required for student who are studying certain courses that require technological knowledge to a certain level. If the course of study you are about to go for requires this, then ensure you secure it beforehand. This certificate will prove that you are capable of studying the course in question.

5. Parental or Legal Guardian Consent (Under 18):

Of course this is applicable to those who are under 18 years of age. Such applicants are required to get written consent from their parents or legal guardians. This document should clearly state their approval of your travel and stay in the UK in order to study.

6. Proof of Relationship to Parent/Guardian (Under 18):

Applicants who are 18 years old or younger, in addition to the legal consent described above, will also need to provide a document that shows their relationship with their parent or guardian. A birth certificate is usually sufficient if it is a parent signing the consent. Otherwise, other documents need to be obtained such as adoption papers, or a sworn affidavit.

7. Tuberculosis Test Results:

Applicants will also need to do a Tuberculosis Test at a recognized health facility such as a hospital or clinic, and the test must show that you have a clean bill of health. This is not only for Nigerians; citizens of many countries, especially those in Asia and Africa have to undergo this testing.

8. Sponsor Consent Letter:

This is a subjective requirement. Nevertheless, if your education and living costs are being taken care of by someone else, then that person is your sponsor. Your sponsor will need to provide you with a formal letter.

This letter should spell out how far he is willing to go with sponsorship. He should indicate the time frame of your sponsorship, and any other financial commitments.

The letter should be specific, it should be written in a tone that shows that your exact circumstances are understood. A travel agent may help in this regard.

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Specific Details on Financial Requirements for UK Student Visa

There are some financial requirements involved. Outside the money spent on the Visa and Passport, and the money that will be spent on the flight, students need to show that they have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses.

It is therefore required that applicants show that they have:

Euro 1,334 per month (for nine months). That is if they will be living in the city of London.

Euro 1,023 per month (for nine months). That is if they will be living outside London.

Please note that this money will not be taken from you, it is just something that you will need to show. The reason is that there are many who have travelled to the UK, but have not been well supplied, and so find themselves pressured about where to live and how to survive.

Remember that there many people on the streets, who have nowhere to go. Furthermore, this requirement is not specific to Nigerians or Africans in general. It is applicable to people from even first world countries.

The next step is to go about the process of obtaining the visa.

Step By Step Analysis of the UK Student Visa Process

In order to avoid any hitches, it is better to prepare ahead, and to start the process at least six months before the course is scheduled to start. The key points of what to do are presented below. However, they may be executed as presented, or in a similar fashion.

Apply for a Nigerian Passport:

This is a crucial step, especially in today’s Nigeria where passport applications can sometimes take one year to be processed and produced. If possible, steps can be taken to expedite a speedy processing of the passport. Remember that this is your primary identification document, and also that the Visa will be affixed to it.

Applying for a course at a UK University:

Hopefully one can do this after obtaining the passport. However, even if the passport has not been obtained, one can go ahead to apply at any of the many UK universities. This is mostly done online.

Receiving a CAS from the university:

As mentioned earlier in this post, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study is a necessary document which will allow one to get the Visa. This document shows that the applicant has been accepted to study a specific course at a UK institution.

Applying for the UK Student Visa:

After applying for, and getting confirmation from the institution in the UK, the next step is to apply for the UK Visa. This is mostly done online, although it may also be possible to do it offline.

Pay Your Health Insurance

Every student is expected to pay his or her IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) fee. You will be required to pay a fee of £470 for visa application of 6 months or more. Family members applying for a dependant visa will also be required to pay the surcharge. The IHS fee is in addition to your visa application fee.

Paying the UK Student Visa application Fee:

The cost of the UK student visa for Nigerians has already been highlighted. The next step is to pay that fee as stipulated. The fee should be paid online using a credit or debit card, and then a confirmation should be printed out.

Arranging all the Documents:

Depending on the age of the applicant, and also on whether one is on a sponsorship from a third party, the documents to arrange may differ from person to person. Nevertheless, no matter the individual circumstances of each person, the documents to prepare have all been highlighted previously.

All the documents should be neatly arranged in a file.

Submitting Your Document Online . This is the crucial part of obtaining the visa; remember that a visa is issued at the discretion of the interviewer, it is something that is granted to successful applicants, and not bought with money.

Therefore it is important to have the correct documents, ensure you have paid at least 60% of your tuition fee

These are contributing factors on what can make the visa application successful.

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What To Avoid When Applying For UK Student Visa

The first thing to avoid when it comes to getting a UK student visa is falling for a scam. There are so many fraudulent people who go around parading themselves as agents or “plugs” who assure their clients or victims of success when it comes to applying for visas.

If one must use an agent then the agent must come highly recommended by a trusted person. If possible, the agent should only offer advice or guidelines, while the applicant should make all the moves by himself.

Ensure that the institution you are about to study at is an accredited place of study. Please note that the UK high commission will not issue student visas to applicants who have applied because they wish to study at non accredited universities or colleges.

Try to holding off on paying the school fees. If this can be avoided then it should be avoided because not all student visa applications are successful. It is important to note that the interviewer has been given the power to accept or decline applications.

Receiving huge funds in your account shortly before the interview. This is usually as red flag; remember that a statement of account is part of the documents that will be presented at the interview. When said statement shows that a huge amount of money has been recently paid into your account it will be believed that the applicant does not have the required amount of money, but is only trying to deceive the interviewers.

Passport trouble. It is a terrible idea to go through the process of getting the UK student visa without first getting a passport. There are reports of people who have missed their interviews and had their travel plans scuttled because of the delays experienced in relation to obtaining their international passports.

It is therefore essential to obtain the passport well in advance of making your travel plans because the Nigerian Immigration Service has been known to delay passport applications for several months.

How Long Does UK Student Visa Take To Process?

After the date of your interview it may take 3 weeks for the consular office to review your visa application. Dates may vary, and it may even take longer although that may be as a result of some peculiar circumstances.

After the decision has been made, you will be contacted by the consular office of the UK high commission.

What To Do In Case The Application Is Denied

A decision letter which may be sent to you will explain why your application was denied. It will also tell you if you have the right to appeal the decision or not.

Since there are other visa categories, most people do not border to appeal, but instead they just apply again for another type of visa.

However, you can appeal the decision, and it can be done via post. Remember that a reason will be provided in the decision letter. It is based on the point highlighted in the decision letter that you will make your appeal.

However, please note that it may take several months for the appeal to be treated, and the opportunity to study the course you have in mind could be lost.


The above is the cost of UK student visa, as well as everything else that one needs to know about going about the process of obtaining a student visa enabling one to study in the UK. Please ensure that you start the process well in advance of the time when the course of study is expected to start, and that you follow all the procedures and precautions.

It is also necessary to prepare all the necessary documents and double check them before the interview. The interview the main thing, but most people do not realize this, and so they fail.

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