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Peggy Ovire: Age, State, Biography, Child, Husband And Net Worth 2023

Peggy Ovire is a Nigerian movie star; among the new generation of Nollywood Actresses she is one of those who have captured the hearts of the audience with her good looks, clear and authoritative voice, and natural acting skills. Without any doubt, she certainly has all it takes to go very far in the movie industry because she has the physical appearance and the skills, and she has this persona- this carriage which shows that she is aware of her gifts and very confident in her abilities.

Peggy Ovire

In this article we delve into the life of the beautiful soul, and find out all we can about her life, including how she came to be an actress, her family, age, tribe, and love life.

If you are a fan of Peggy Ovire, or a fan of the Nigerian movie industry, then you have come to the right place to get information about this wonderful actress.

Peggy Ovire Age State Biography Child Husband And Net Worth

Peggy Ovire Profile

Name:  Peggy Ovire Enoho

Date of Birth:     21 October, 1982

Place of Birth: Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Occupation:        Actress, Movie Producer

State of origin:  Delta State, Nigeria

Peggy Ovire Biography

Peggy Ovire Enoho is a thorough media and entertainment person. She has her hand in almost every aspect of the industry; acting, modeling, and movie production. Her talent stands out so much that as far back as 2015 she was already named the “Most Promising Actress of the Year (English)” at the City People Entertainment Awards. Since then Peggy has not looked back; she has cemented her place among the finest quality of actors in the country.

Peggy Ovire: Age, State, Biography, Child, Husband And Net Worth [year] 1

Early Life and Education

Peggy Ovire was born in Surulere, Lagos. She is the sixth and last child to be born to her parents, making her the last born of the family. She hails from Ughelli in Delta State, Nigeria, but she has lived most of her life in Lagos where she was born.

She attended the Itire Nursery and Primary School and then at the AUD Secondary School, both of which are located in Surulere where she was born. However, for her tertiary education she went to Delta State University, Abraka; and then the Ambrose Alli University, where she studied Banking and Finance.

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Peggy Ovire Personal Life

Peggy revealed in an interview that she understands that many people look at her as a difficult person. She says she is a friendly person, but she has trouble making new friends because she likes to take her time and study a person before opening up her heart because she has learnt some bitter lessons in the past.

She says she has very few friends, and most of them are the same people she was friends with before she started out in the movie industry. She says fame has not gotten into head at all, and that she relates freely with her old friends from her childhood days, the only problem being that she is very busy from one set to another.

Nevertheless, she makes out time to call them whenever she is free, so that she can catch up with them, and see them whenever possible. She also makes sure that she supports their dreams and aspirations as best she can, and she treats her team (fashion and production) as part of her family.

Peggy Ovire Career

Peggy actually started as a model. It was even during her time in school that she started working as a runway model for fashion shows and such promotional work. After her university program she embraced the industry more fully, working as a fashion model, as a poster model, and as a model for beauty products.

As a daring and entrepreneurial mind she even went further to open a fashion business which she still manages today. Peggy Ovire has an outlet where she sells custom designed outfits for women, as well as popular pieces of fashion from popular designers. She stated in an interview with Punch Newspapers that Fashion Designing is her first love; she enjoys seeing her creations come to life, and seeing people admire the clothes she has designed. She continues to run her fashion outlet.

While working as a model she started to look for other ways of taking her career further by taking advantage of her beautiful face.

The opportunity came in the television industry as she appeared on Uche Nancy’ television series; Husbands of Lagos. This appearance brought her to limelight; she impressed with her performance on the show, and really got to show what she could do.

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Fame followed shortly, as several other television producers started to court her for roles so as to grace their productions with her beauty and talent. Ovire gained fame and a bit of notoriety within and outside Nigeria for her acting because she often plays the villain.

Peggy Ovire’s Movies

A Long Night

Royal Switch

Husbands of Lagos (TV series)

Playing with Heart

The Apple of Discord

Last Engagement

Game Changer

Second Chances

Ghetto bred


Loving Ellen

11th thought

Marry Me Yes or No

A taste of grief

Long shadow

Hell proof

Baby boy

For better for trouble

Rising Sun

Awards And Nominations

Peggy Ovire has produced several outstanding performances over the years, and she has earned accolades for her work. Some of the awards she has received include City People Movie Award For Most Promising Actress in the English category (2015). Also, she received the City People Movie Award For Best Actress In A Supporting Role (2019).

Movie Producer

As mentioned above she is not just an actress and model, Peggy Ovire is also into the making of movies. Some of her productions include films as Ufuoma, Fool Me Once, and The Other Woman.

Peggy Ovire: Age, State, Biography, Child, Husband And Net Worth [year] 2

Peggy and Freddie Leonard

Peggy Ovire Husband (Freddie Leonard)

It all started with a rumor spilled by Instagram blogger Cutie Juls who stated with a hint of certainty that Peggy Ovire was going out with famous Nollywood actor Freddie Leonard.

In the usual feminine style she resisted the rumors with all her might; posting on social media that she was single and not romantically involved with anyone. Nevertheless, the rumors persisted, and when it seemed like people were accusing Fredrick of being gay, he owned up the relationship in style.

When Peggy celebrated her birthday on 21 October 2022, Frederick took to Instagram to post her pictures and to confess undying love for her. It was then revealed that he had plans to spend the rest of his life with her.

To further buttress the truth of his words, he went on to reveal the date of the wedding which took place in November 2022. Therefore Peggy Ovire’s husband is Frederick Leonard, a top Nollywood actor. It is interesting to see this movie couple tying the knot and signing the dots. As celebrity weddings go this one has had its share of pomp. The two of them look good together, and if they are as committed to the marriage as they look, then there is no reason to believe that the marriage will not be successful.

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Peggy Ovire Age

Peggy Ovire was born 21st October, 1985 which makes her 38years of age in 2023. She got married at the age of 37.

Peggy Ovire: Age, State, Biography, Child, Husband And Net Worth [year] 3

Peggy Ovire State of Origin

Peggy Ovire hails from Delta State, in the town of Ughelli to be specific. However, she was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, and has lived there all her life. She could therefore claim dual state-hood; Delta from origin, and Lagos by birth.

Does Peggy Ovire Have a Child?

Peggy Ovire has deliberately trolled the public by posting pictures of herself with a prominent belly. There are also pictures in circulation in which she is carrying a baby.

Regardless of all that, the fact remains that Peggy Ovire does not have a child at this time. She does look like she would make a great mother someday. It is exciting to see how many children she is going to push out of that beautiful body especially as she and Frederick cannot seem to keep their hands off each other.

Peggy Ovire Net Worth

Peggy Ovire is estimated to be worth around N40 million. The money comes from her modeling, acting, and fashion design work. Do not forget that she is also a movie producer, which means you do not have to see her on the movie set for her to make money.

Another plus that comes with being a beautiful woman in show business is that they often get covered in gifts. Peggy Ovire has probably received millions of naira in gifts from fans and admirers, probably boosting her net worth.

Peggy Ovire is one of Nigeria’s biggest sweethearts of the Nigerian movie industry. She is a model, actress, and movie producer. However, she stated in an interview that fashion is her first love. Peggy took the headlines in November 2022 when she married another one of Nollywood’s sweethearts Frederick Leonard.

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