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Juliet Njemanze: Biography, Age, Parents, State, Movies & Net Worth 2023

Sizzling with beauty and carriage, Juliet Njemanze is one of the new breed of Nollywood actors who is poised to reshape the Nigerian movie industry. A rare combination of grace, beauty, and natural talent, she has already shown herself gifted with everything it takes to become a world famous movie star, and to take Nollywood to greater heights.

Having seen her acceptance among movie aficionados, Juliet Njemanze has become a poster girl; her face is plastered to the wall in every movie theatre where Nigerian movies are sold or promoted.

Juliet Njemanze: Biography, Age, Parents, State, Movies & Net Worth [year] 1

Juliet Njemanze has become a phenomenon; she is sweeping across the industry like a rainstorm, shaking everything in her path. Do you want to know more about her, and how she came to become a star? The paragraphs below will tell you everything.

Juliet Njemanze’s Profile

Real Name: Juliet Njemanze

Also Known As: Juliet Njemanze

Occupation: Actress, Model, Entrepreneur

Date of Birth: 17th of February

State of Origin: Imo State, South East, Nigeria

Net Worth: 20-30 Million Naira

Juliet Njemanze Biography

Juliet Njemanze is a Nigerian actress, model, social media influencer, TV Host, and Entrepreneur. She has featured in around 50 movies, and has played a wide variety of roles. She is one of the stars to look out for in the movie industry, having gained the love of the audience, and becoming the face used to sell the movies.

As it happens naturally, she has leveraged her beautiful face to become a social media influencer, therefore working with brands to advertise their products and services, and also to announce coming movies.

She is a CEO in her own right; a boss lady with her own brand. Juliet Njemanze is a confident young lady; an example of success at a young age, and worthy of emulation by the younger generation. She also has an interesting background story.

Juliet Njemanze Early Life

Juliet Njemanze was born in Kano state, to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Njemanze who hail from Imo State. She was raised among 3 other siblings, they were all given a loving, Christian upbringing. She is the first child among them, and she is also the only girl among them.

Juliet Njemanze attended primary and secondary schools in Kano State, and then she attended Nuhu Bamalia Polytechnic, Zaria, Kaduna State, where she obtained her National Diploma. From there she went on to study Public Administration at the National Open University in Delta State.

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Unfortunately, there is no record about when she graduated, but it seems very likely that the possible time of graduation coincides with her earlier appearances in the movie industry. It is therefore safe to say that she stated acting while she was still studying.

Juliet Njemanze: Biography, Age, Parents, State, Movies & Net Worth [year] 2

How Juliet Njemanze Started Acting

Juliet Njemanze relocated from the north to Delta State in southern Nigeria so as to pursue a degree in Public Administration. That was when she became introduced to the movie industry; and started attending auditions.

Of course, with her beautiful face and curvy body, she was always going to get noticed, but it was her abundance of acting talent that really helped her create an impression in the minds of the directors.

Going forward; she got her shot in 2013 when she featured in director Okey Ifeanyi’s movie titled “Tears in My Heart.” That was a good opportunity because it introduced her to the audience; showing what she could do, even though it was in a lesser role.

She got a bigger role in the 2019 movie “15 Years Of Slavery” in which she played the role of a Maid. That was a widely successful movie, and everybody who participated in it benefited from the exposure, including Juliet, especially as her role was quite prominent. She played a humble and sorrowful role in that movie, and that performance earned her praise.

She then went on to play an even more prominent role in the 2019 movie “Divine Lies.” She played a lead role in that movie, and that cemented her position as one of Nollywood’s most promising talents; a girl with everything it takes to go for the long haul.

Since then she has recorded success after success in the movie business; and has established herself among the top tier of Nigerian actors; rubbing shoulders with the higher echelon.

Juliet Njemanze Movies

Juliet Njemanze is a prolific actress; she has already featured in a vast number of movies since making her debut in 2013. Although the full catalogue of her movies is not available at the moment, the following are some of her movies.

Tears in My Heart (Premiered in 2013)

Divine Lies (Premiered in 2019)

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Agunnia the Warrior (Premiered in 2021)

No Better, No Worse (Premiered in 2022)

15 Years of Slavery (Premiered in 2015)

Beyond Beauty (Premiered in 2023)

African Gods (Premiered in 2022)

No Better, No Worse (Premiered in 2022)

Bitter Honey (Premiered in 2022)

Game of Fate (Premiered in 2022)

Ben from Downstairs (Premiered in 2021)

Agunnia the Warrior (Premiered in 2021)

Love Thy Neighbour (Premiered in 2020)

Divine Lies (Premiered in 2019)

5 Wives (Premiered in 2017)

Gloves of Passion (Premiered in 2015)

Juliet Njemanze Awards

Juliet Njemanze is still in the early days of her career; the beautiful and talented actress still has some distance to cover. Some would argue that the best indicator of something that will be glorious is a good start.

Whatever the case, she has already distinguished herself with a few accolades as presented below.

Best Of Nollywood (BON) Awards 2022; Revelation of the Year. (won)

Juliet Njemanze, aside from her movie acting career, is also a model, entrepreneur, a TV personality, and a social media influencer.  In an interview with a popular Nigerian newspaper she revealed that she has several side hustles to diversify her sources of income.

She has a hair extension business in which she sells beautiful wigs and attachments of different types. It is not clear whether it is purely an online based venture, or whether she has physical locations as well.

As a celebrity she is always posing as a model; most would not understand that the modeling work is mostly for herself; she mostly promotes her hair extension business.

Juliet Njemanze’s Age

Juliet Njemanze was born on 17th of February, but she has stubbornly refused to reveal her exact date of birth, and as a result, it is not possible to ascertain her age accurately. Nevertheless, from her appearance one can easily estimate that she is around 27 years of age, with a give or take of 2 years.

Juliet Njemanze’s Parents

Juliet Njemanze was born to Mr. and Mrs. Njemanze, who gave birth to her in Imo State, and then moved to Kano State, where they had three more children. Nothing else is known about them except for the fact that both parents are alive and well, and that she has their blessings and support to focus on her acting career.

In an interview with another popular newspaper she stated that her father stopped her from acting at one point, but it was the sheer stubbornness of her mother that saved her because her mother kept on pushing her to do what made her happy, and to keep at it regardless of the obstacles.

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Juliet Njemanze’s Husband

Juliet Njemanze, at the time of writing this report is not yet married. Furthermore, she is not in any committed relationship as far as it is known to the public. She has not revealed anything about her love life, not in any of the interviews she has granted, nor on her social media network accounts.

However, there is an interesting thing to note; she once stated in an interview that sex is an important factor in her love life. In her words; “if you don’t satisfy me in bed I will cheat on you.”

Juliet Njemanze State of Origin

Juliet Njemanze was born in Imo State, which is her state of origin. However, she grew up in Kano State, and now she is based in Delta State which is like a base for Nollywood.

Juliet Njemanze Contact Information

Juliet Njemanze is very active on social media; her preferred platforms are twitter and instagram. Therefore, fans, suitors, and potential business partners can contact her on any of those social media spaces. The information is provided below.

Twitter: @julietnjemanze


Juliet Njemanze Net Worth 2023

Juliet Njemanze is estimated to be worth around N30 million, the money comes from her acting roles, hair extension business, successful television soap opera, and of course gifts from fans.

That is all there is to know about Juliet Njemanze, the superstar actress who is taking the Nigerian movie industry by storm. Of course she has participated in more movies than what was stated in this post as it was not possible to get all the movies she has featured in.

She certainly has everything it takes to reach the stars in her chosen career, and she also has the desire to achieve success. We wish her every success in her journey

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