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WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English 2024/2025 Academic Session

Literature in English is regarded as a very important subject especially for arts inclined students in senior secondary school level. Why it is so is simply because the subject is requirement for admission into higher institution for those category of students. All courses in universities, polytechnics and colleges of education require Literature in English as an O’Level requirement.

Literature in English is a subject offered by Art students in all Secondary schools in Nigeria. The subject is a major admission requirement for studying courses like Mass Communication, Law, English language, International Study and Diplomacy/International Relations and other core courses in the field of arts. I though it necessary to make available for free, the approved WAEC syllabus for Literature in English in a PDF downloadable format for all potential WAEC candidates.

WAEC Syllabus for Literature in English [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

To pass Literature in English candidates must be aware of how the examination is set because this would help him or her in focusing on the right topics and know what is expected of them by the examiner. Two of the strategies of passing Literature in English as a subject in WAEC for the candidate to be aware of the approved WAEC syllabus for the subject and tips on how to answer to questions on literature in English.

So far, I have been able to identify the need for students to have at their disposal, the 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for Literature in English for the current academic session and work alongside the information provided in the syllabus as this would assist WAEC candidates to channel their energy towards the most likely examination questions.

Literature in English syllabus for WAEC is simply a guide on how to approach the examination, what to expect in the examination and how the examination will be set so students are not caught unaware. Until now when internet was a big deal, WAEC candidates could hardly place their hands approved WAEC syllabuses for Literature in English, it’s a different situation now because the internet has been flooded with valuable materials for students to download at their disposal.

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The current 2024 WAEC syllabus for Literature in English is largely required by students in SSS (Senior Secondary Schools) since they are preparing for their West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) however, this is not to rule out the fact that it cannot be used even before the exams, to be better prepared, having the WAEC syllabus at your disposal before the West African Senior Secondary Certification Examination proper is at the candidate’s advantage because it will serve as a guide and help you streamline your reading pattern and know where to focus your strength based on the topics and sub topics with the highest marks and lastly it would give you a list of recommended reading text books not just for Literature in English but their respective Authors.

Based on our online and offline poll survey, I have been able to draw a conclusion that more than 50% of potential WAEC candidates who stick to the approved WAEC syllabus for Literature in English usually come out with distinction than those categories of candidates who just read for the examination. To encourage them, I though it important in taking extra steps in making this material available online for free in PDF document, that is, candidates can now download for free, the approved WAEC syllabus for Literature in English with no extra cost attached nor hidden charges.

I have already made available on our blog, the 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for General Mathematics, Economics, Government and Biology and other subjects and you can download them all for free too as they are all available for free in PDF format and it is most beneficial for all students. I have made available, the complete WAEC syllabus for all subjects offered in secondary school but we shall be focusing on Lit in English language for the purpose of this content.

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WAEC Syllabus For English Language 2024/2025 Session


There will be three papers – Papers 1, 2 and 3. Papers 1 and 2 will a composite paper and will be taken at one sitting.

Paper 1 will be a multiple choice objective test. It will contain fifty questions distributed as follows:

  • Twenty questions on General Knowledge of Literature;
  • Five questions on an unseen prose passage;
  • Five questions on an unseen poem;
  • Twenty context questions on the prescribed Shakespearean text.

Candidates will be required to answer all the questions within 1 hour for 50 marks.

Paper 2 will be an essay test with two sections, Sections A and B. Section A will be on African Prose and Section B on Non-African Prose.

Two essay questions will be set on each of the novels prescribed for study. Candidates shall be required to answer one question only from each section within 1 hour 15 minutes for 50 marks.

Paper 3 will be on the Drama and Poetry components of the syllabus. It will be put into  four sections, Sections A, B. C and D as follows:

Section A:  African Drama

Section B:  Non-African Drama

Section C:  African Poetry

Section D:  Non-African Poetry

There shall be two questions on each of the prescribed drama texts for Sections A and B. There shall also be two questions for each of the poetry sections ie Sections C and D.

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Candidates shall be required to answer one question from each of the sections, making a total of four questions. The paper will take 2 hours 30 minutes to complete and will carry 100 marks.


(i)  The Unseen Prose passage for Paper 1 shall be about 120 – 150 words long.

(ii) Only context questions shall be set on the Shakespearean text. The context questions will test such items as theme, characterization, style and setting in the Shakespearean text.

How To Download The 2024 WAEC Syllabus For English Language

To download the syllabus, simply click on the link below and you will be directed to the PDF document of the complete English Language syllabus for WAEC.


When you enter the above link, a preamble of the syllabus is the first information before you will see the aims and objective of the 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for Literature in English, furthermore, a detailed marking scheme and marks allotted to various topics have also been described in the syllabus.

Lastly, the WAEC recommended text books for Literature in English is also made available, this helps candidates focus and align with what is expected of them in the examination which in turn makes marking easier for WAEC examiner.

I hope the above has been helpful so far? Hence, you are satisfied with the information. Questions are however entertained here so if you have questions as regards the WAEC 2024 Syllabus for Literature in English, kindly get through to us through the comment section below and I shall respond accordingly.

Best of luck to all students.