List of Best Postgraduate Schools In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2024

This is one topic that crosses the mind of all postgraduate aspirants. Usually questions like”what are the best postgraduate schools in Nigeria”? What are their requirements? What is their school fees? Questions like this pop up in our comments section which is what inspired us to come up with the list of top 10 best postgraduate schools in Nigeria and and their school fees. The information provided in this post would go a long way in helping graduates with the following information:

A) Help in making informed decision as regards which of the schools of postgraduate studies to select as it relates to his or her proposed PG programme.

List of Best Postgraduate Schools In Nigeria And Their School Fees [year] 1

B) Since school fees forms a core part of this article, prospective postgraduate candidates are able to plan an effective budget for their programmes.

C) In terms of your postgraduate courses, you want to be sure you are graduating from if not one of the best postgraduate schools but one of the most recognized postgraduate schools in Nigeria.

This list was not easy to come by, after due consultations, research, distribution of questionnaires and personal visits to some under listed postgraduate schools, we have been able to come out with a list that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

On the contrary, many would assume that being regarded as the best postgraduate schools in Nigeria, their tuition fee would be off the roof, remember the saying “the best gift comes in small packages” It would be worthy to note that their fees are very affordable for the average Nigerian.

The best 10 postgraduate schools and the school fees payable by fresh students listed here would be ranked in a descending order, we will rank the list of PG schools from the least best to the best postgraduate school in Nigeria, that is to say we will start from the 10th best to the number one (1) or better put, the best postgraduate school in Nigeria. We decided to arrange the schools this way because many would be shocked at number one as this is not another random list uploaded online.

Now to the bone of contention.

Top 10 Best Postgraduate Schools In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2024

10) African University of Science And Technology (AUST), Abuja 

I can bet my bottom dollar that 70% of readers have not heard about this university. If you are searching for a postgraduate school with the best science and Engineering related programme, this PG school is for you. AUST as it is popularly regarded is strictly a school of postgraduate studies that focuses strictly on science and technology based programmes, AUST do not offer undergraduate programmes.

The university was borne out of Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s call for the African Continent to have a postgraduate school that would be aimed at fostering science and technology and since the world is going global, Africa should not be left behind.

As for their fees, though many may frown at its affordability, not to worry, scholarships and grant have been made available for all programmes aimed at assisting candidates who are financially challenged.

AUST PG School Fees

African University of Science and Technology postgraduate school fees are paid in dollars for both Day students and residents. Residents pay $8,760 while day students pay $16,060. Both fee translates to N3,162360 and N5,797,660 respectively in Nigerian currency (Naira) You can check out postgraduate school fees for African University of Science and technology to view the breakdown and give your thoughts.

AUST comes out on the 10th position in the ranking of the list of best postgraduate schools in Nigeria.

9) UNICAL (University of Calabar)

The university of Calabar postgraduate school stands as one of the best school of postgraduate studies when it comes to ranking. They stand out for their fast academic session, ample learning environment, cost of tuition fee, lecturer to student relationship are some of the basic ingredients that qualifies the University of Calabar to be on this list.

They offer both full-time and part-time postgraduate programmes in PGD, Masers and Ph.D level. Usually. You can read more to get full access to all postgraduate programes offered in UNICAL.

Their full time masters degree programme runs for 3 to 6 semesters while part-time degree programmes runs for 6 to 10 semesters as this depends on the course. One guarantee is the speed and in-depth knowledge passed down to PG students.

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Known for its cheap school fees here, you can eat you cake and still have it.

UNICAL PG Tuition Fee

UNICAL PG Tuition Fee is between N90,000 to N120,000 for both part time and full time students. Check HERE to get full access to the tuition fee for all their PG programmes.

UNICAL postgraduate school occupies the 9th position on the list of best postgraduate schools in Nigeria

8) University of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN)

UNN sits on number eight (8) on this list. This postgraduate school represents the eastern part of Nigeria, aside being number 8, it is rated as the best school of postgraduate studies in the east.

Known for its speedy academic session, learning facilities to foster assimilation and give the students the practical know-how, relationship between lecturers and students and a lot more stands UNN out.

Just like other recognized postgraduate schools in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria Nsuka offers postgraduate programmes in practically every sector. You can read more about the available postgraduate programmes offered by the institution.

UNICAL School Fee

UNN postgraduate school fees are very affordable, usually fees pose as major challenges to PG aspirants but in this case, such is history. Their postgraduate school fees if between N75,000 to N115,000 per student per session as this also depends on the postgraduate programme being offered.

7) University of Port-harcourt (UNIPORT)

Some would argue this school to be on the list of top 5 postgraduate schools in Nigeria. Yes you might be right but we do not base this list on sentiments, rather, on what qualifies it to be on the list.

UNIPORT school of postgraduate studies is without doubt well respected amongs it peers. In the 90s, graduating from UNIPORT stands you out, UNIPORT postgraduate degree back in the days seemed like an automatic passport to good life, but that has fast changed, not because UNIPORT academic standard is lowered but the influx of other schools of postgraduate studies has made competition stiffer so UNIPORt dropped in the pecking order.

Uniport PG programmes covers practically every field from Masters in Business admin, Sciences, Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences and the likes and their school fees as usual is cheap when compared to other state universities with lesser academic prowess.

UNIPORT PG Tuition Fee

UNIPORT is one of the few Federal University with a Business school. You can check out the fees payable HERE.

6) University of Iolrin (UNILORIN)

UNILORIN on the list of best postgraduate schools in Nigeria. Do you doubt this? If you have been opportune to stumble on the top 10 universities in Nigeria, UNILORIN sits comfortably on that least, talk about universities in Nigeria with the fastest academic session, Unilorin also comes up in the list so tell me why anyone would still be surprised at UNILORIN making this list.

Known for her  fast academic session, discipline amongst lecturers, if you are planning on going to UNILORIN for the purpose of buying your way out, we would advice you look out for somewhere else. Lecturers are well paid and disciplined in carrying out their duties, this is not to say cordial relationships do not occur but they know where to draw the lines.

Unilorin is located in Yoru-Fula, a city well seated in the heart of Ilorin in Central Nigeria, armed we standard learning facilities, environment and well tutored and experienced young professors, you are on the verge of getting the best out of the school.

They offer full-time and part-time postgraduate programmes that cuts across every field. Admission requirements here are strictly by merit, candidates must meet their general entry requirements for him or her to stand a chance of gaining admission into the school. You can read up UNILORIN admission requirements for all postgraduate programes ranging form PGD to Masters and Ph.D in order to be well informed as regards their postgraduate programmes


In as much as the school ranks on the list of postgraduate schools in Nigeria with the fastest academic session, it has nothing to do with their cost of living and school fees. On the contrary, cost of living as a PG student is low in UNILORIN, accommodation and food items are cheap when compared to cities like Lagos, Port-harcourt and other neighboring cities.

UNILORIN PG school fees is estimated to be between NGN130,000 – NGN200,000, this amount is relatively cheap when compared to the above, this assist students can easily make in informed budget for the academic session.

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With the above facts and figures, UNILIORIN postgraduate school is undeniably one of the best school of postgraduate studies in Nigeria anytime anyday.

5) Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State

This is the first and only private university offering postgraduate courses that comes on this list, thus is not to conclude that other private universities with postgraduate schools do not fit in. CU as it is fondly called has a pedigree for discipline, accountability and learning facilities which helps in fostering a balanced academic session both academically and otherwise.

Covenant University offers postgraduate programmes covers far and wide, gone are the days when lecturers used to teach at the university on part time basis. Today CU lecturers are one of the highest paid in the tertiary institution. They offer their best to students, sorting or blocking in this university is at your own risk, students have been expelled just for attempting to engage in such unacceptable practice. One major stand out between covenant university postgraduate school and others is in terms of numbers. Students are so few and this gives a one on one interaction between students and lecturers. Here lecturers are able to apportion quality time accurately to PG students, this helps a great deal in bringing out the best out of each student.

CU PG School fees for Fresh Students

Tuition fee ranges from N500,000 to N1,000,000 per semester depending on the PG programme.

4) University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Great Unibest as alumni of the institution fondly calls it. The university is known for adding style and class to everything. Known for its pioneering nature, Uniben is the first University in Nigeria to go online. They started with online course registration, application of hostel accommodation, and then payment of school fees. The University of Benin put so much efforts in bringing out this best in their postgraduate school. Equipped with sound and experienced lecturers with PH.D,  PG aspirants are sure to gain knowledge beyond class room but  practical experiences from their lecturers.

Are you searching for one of the best postgraduate school for Engineering, Social and Management science courses or programmes? Then your best bet is the University of Benin. One of the school’s unique features are the standard and culture which they have upheld for decades. The topographic layout of Uniben is a memorable sight to behold, talk about medical department, UBTH covers your needs, Engineering faculty is well equipped to meet current technological needs, then under social and management sciences, Uniben postgraduate programmes still stands out. The only challenge here is admission into UNIBEN postgraduate school is quite tough due to the rush for admission slots. Way back in 2008 application into UNIBEN undergraduate degree programme took one third of 1/3 of the total number of candidates that registered for UTME.

As for Uniben postgraduate programmes, after UNILAG, they rank as the school with the highest number of postgraduate programmes in Nigeria tertiary institution, they are truly a force to reckon with.

UNIBEN Tuition Fee

UNIBEN postgraduate tuition fee is cheap judging from their status in the ranking. Being among the top 5 bet postgraduate schools in Nigeria, one would assumed a mind bowling school fees. UNIBEN PG tuition fee for fresh students ranges between 100,000 to 200,000 Naira, this fee covers amount paid by both full-time and part-time postgraduate students. You can read more to view full breakdown of UNIBEN postgraduate school fees for fresh students 2024/2025 academic session You can check out their full school fees breakdown for postgraduate students here.

3) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU Ile-Ife)

Despite being known for persistent strike actions by her students, it is not enough yo deny OAU a spot on this list. Over the years, OAU has turned out reputable graduates  both under the umbrella of undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Known to have some of the highest number of Professors, OAU has been able to carve a niche for itself in this field. OAU provides one of the best environments for learning, it is till date one of the most beautiful universities in West Africa. Have you physically visited OAU? if you have you would agree with me that the Landscaping of the university is a sight to behold, their learning facilities for postgraduate students are top notch, known for her flexible academic system, both part time and full time programmes are adequately catered for. You can read more on the list of postgraduate courses offered in OAU and their admission requirements.

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OAU PG Tuition Fee

OAU postgraduate school fees is as follows:

PGD programmes costs 120,000 Naira per semester

Other Masters and Ph.D programmes costs between 130,000 and 250,000 Naira per session, this is excluding acceptance fee.

You can view the full breakdown of OAU postgraduate school fees here. With the above information, no eyebrow would be raised as regards OAU being among the list of top 10 best postgraduate schools in Nigeria.

2) University of Lagos (UNILAG)

UNILAG deserves special accolades for maintaining a very high level of educational credibility in her school of postgraduate studies. Being the 2nd most respected, recognized and unarguably one of the best PG schools in schools in Nigeria. To whom much is given, a greater amount of accountability is expected.

UNILAG School of postgraduate studies was established in 1981 by Senate of the institution to organize, coordinate, develop and grow research studies through a formalized University-wide programme. In the process of living up to this standard, the school has trained over a thousand staff in various sectors of the Nigerian economy, other higher institutions both within and outside the shore of Nigeria as well as CEOs of some of the best private establishments currently operating in Nigeria.

UNILAG SPG (School of postgraduate studies) has the highest number of postgraduate programmes currently. Their scope of work covers far and wide into every sector of the economy, not surprised at all, their staffing capacity is up to the task. See all postgraduate programmes offered in the University of Lagos, you can confirm the availability of your proposed PG programme.

Located at the heart of Lagos mainland, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, the university is known for its flexible system, in the sense that both workers and unemployed academic needs are well taken care of.

Lagos generally is one of the most expensive cities after Abuja in Nigeria so do not expect cheap outside the school environment.

UNILAG PG Tuition Fee

Cost of UNILAG postgraduate school fees for all programmes under PGD Masters and Ph.D is between 250,000 to 400,000 Naira per student, per session.

1) University of Ibadan (UI)

Finally, on the list of best postgraduate schools in Nigeria and their school fees, UI emerges as the best school of postgraduate studies in Nigeria. This is a position that the school has held for over a decade, this simply speaks of her world class educational standard. UI is the first university in Nigeria that is gradually converting from offering undergraduate programmes to strictly full time postgraduate school. This is a process that is still on going, currently the quota for admission for postgraduate students at UI stands at 70% as against 30% for undergraduate admission.

The school’s affiliation with top universities around the globe stands it out of the crowd.

Like UNILORIN, University of Ibadan is also her fast academic calendar, They offer postgraduate programs in in the following faculties; Arts, Social Sciences, Technology (Engineering) Agriculture, Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Business Management, Education and the likes.

Situated in the city (Ibadan) cost of living for postgraduate students is cheap, accommodation is easy to get, road network is also very accessible.

Though admission into the university of Ibadan is the major challenge most candidates face. Being the best postgraduate school in Nigeria, don’t expect to get anything at your beck and call. Admission into UI PG school is strictly by merit you are advised to read up and digest the entry requirements and available pg programmes offered in UI as this would help facilitate your admission process into the institution.

UI PG Tuition Fee

UI postgraduate school fees vary from programmes to programmes, PGD, Masters and Ph.D programmes tuition fees are different. We have provided our readers with a table containing UI postgraduate school fees for fresh students, you can view the link for the full school fees break down but for the sake of this post we are giving an estimated fee which covers for all postgraduate programmes offered in the University of Ibadan. UI PG fees is between N120,000 to N200,000 per PG student.

As the saying goes, the fullest drum makes the least sound. We rest out case here. Feel free to air your opinion on this. via the comment section below.

Thank you.


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