Elma Mbadiwe: Biography, Age, Movies, Marriage, State, Phone Number & Net Worth 2024

Elma Mbadiwe is a Nigerian actress, TV Presenter, Director and Producer. She is a woman of proven talent, and has earned her celebrity status through hard work and dedication. Elma Mbadiwe has made her presence felt in the Nigerian movie industry by taking part in many important and highly rated movies either in the capacity of an onscreen personality, or as part of the production team, or both.

Elma Mbadiwe keeps it real; she maintains a natural persona on screen, in real life, and on social media. Her acting prowess has won her the love and admiration of fans all over the country and beyond, and she has also gained recognition in the form of awards and nominations.

Elma Mbadiwe: Biography, Age, Movies, Marriage, State, Phone Number & Net Worth [year] 1

Elma Mbadiwe Profile

Real NameAbizz Kenechukwu Mbadiwe
Date of BirthJanuary 28, 1988
OccupationActor, Writer, Director, Brand Influencer.
State of Origin Imo State, Nigeria
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth30,000,000 Naira

Elma Mbadiwe Biography

Elma Mbadiwe is a Nigerian celebrity, who started as a writer, before becoming an actress, and then quickly metamorphosing into a director and producer. Elma Mbadiwe catches your attention with her ravishing beauty; but 5 minutes into the role you see that she is the embodiment of grace and talent, a true star actress in the making.

She has featured in a number of movies starting from around 2016, and some of the movies have turned out to blockbusters; drawing in reviews and accolades from all over the continent, while also bringing all those who worked on their sets to limelight, and to fame.

Elma Mbadiwe still has many rivers to cross before attaining legendary status; but if there is anything she lacks, it is certainly not talent.

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Early Years

Elma Mbadiwe was born in Imo State, Nigeria, to the Mbadiwe Family; a wealthy and influential family from Owerri. As with other children born in Owerri; she received a Christian upbringing, and attended church with her family from an early age. Her passion for acting was kindled there in church; she participated in Church Dramas, and such presentations.

Elma Mbadiwe attended both Primary and Secondary school in her home state, but when it was time for higher education she spread her wings and left her comfort zone. She attended The Redeemer’s University Nigeria, which is located at Ede, Osun State, and there she got a degree in Mass Communication.

She also studied Acting for Screen at the Royal Arts Academy, Surulere, and she obtained a diploma in that discipline.

Career Development

Having had a passion for acting from her youth, and polished her skills at renowned places of learning, she proceeded find her place in the industry. She started with a job at Consolidated Media; producers of SoundCity- she worked there as a writer. It was there that she started building the connections to get into the movie industry.

She made the move to acting back in 2016; her first movie was The Audition. That movie remains memorable in her career as one of her earliest appearances on screen, and her performance was impressive as showed great calmness and professionalism. From there on directors took notice of her talent, and the opportunities kept coming.

After winning the attention of directors, she needed to win over the audience, and she did that in spectacular fashion with the movie Unbroken (2018), in which she played the lead role- Talluah. The movie became quite popular, and her face with it. That was how she became one of the hottest talents in the Nigerian movie industry.

In her career so far she has worked with some of the biggest names in the business such as Chiwetalu Agu, Norbert Young, Jide Kosoko, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, and Tina Mba. She revealed in an interview that she was not yet accomplished; it remains her dream to share a set with the legendary Genevieve Nnaji.

Elma Mbadiwe Movies

Without You (Year 2016)

In-Line (Year 2017)

Alter Ego (Year 2017)

E.V.E.-Audi Alteram Partem – TV series (Year 2018)

Bridges (Year 2019)

Caught Up (Year 2019)

Rekindle (Year 2019)

Finding Hubby (Year 2020)

Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story (Year 2020)

Elma Mbadiwe Marriage

Elma Mbadiwe has not yet announced a marriage which leads many people to suggest that she is not married. Perhaps these rumors are fueled by male fans who want to try their luck, and see if they have a chance of getting her attention. However, we must warn that it will not be easy because there is already a man in her life; for one thing she has added his surname Aluko to her name, and even on social media.

Elma looks quite happy with him if the pictures she shared on her social media handles are anything to go by; she shares happy smiles with him, and seems totally at ease. Unfortunately though, she has not deemed it fit to share any details about this mystery man, and so we eagerly wait to know more about him.

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How Old is Elma Mbadiwe?

The search for Elma Mbadiwe’s age is on the rise. The fast rising actress is sure gathering new fans daily. She’s got the charisma and personality that makes you want to know her more. Elma Mbadiwe was born January 28th, 1988 in Lagos state. She is 35 years of age.

Elma Mbadiwe: Biography, Age, Movies, Marriage, State, Phone Number & Net Worth [year] 2

Elma Mbadiwe State of Origin

Elma Mbadiwe is from Imo State, which is in the eastern part of Nigeria. She also grew up in that state, and only left when it was time for school. She lived in Lagos during the time when she worked with Sound City.

Elma Mbadiwe Phone Number

Fans who want to find Elma Mbadiwe’s phone number will have to try harder; her phone number is not available on public domain. However, it is possible to contact her on instagram; her handle is @elmambadiweofficial, and she has about 205 thousand followers. However, it appears that messages will be filtered.

Elma Mbadiwe’s Net Worth

Elma Mbadiwe is estimated to be worth around N30 million; the money comes from her many movie appearances. She has also done several TV Drama series which have been the property of Multi-choice (DSTV), and they are the biggest payers in the whole of sub Saharan Africa.

That is how much we can take about this talented and hardworking actress Elma Mbadiwe. It is interesting to see the direction she takes in her career in the near future. She certainly has the talent to shoot for the stars.